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An algorithm is a methodical approach for solving a problem.

For Example:

1) The algorithm to multiply "A" by "B" is to add "A" to itself "B" times.

2) The algorithm to compute the average of "N" number is to add them up and then divide by "N".

What is Nested Loop Joins algorithm?

Nested loopjoin
for each tuple trinr{
for each tuple tsins{
if (trandts satisfy the join condition 0){
add tuple( tr*ts)to the result set 
} }}

1) A nested loop join with the outer relation r and the inner relation s can be used to compute a theta join 

2) The nested loop join algorithm requires no indices and can be used for any join condition

3) A nested loop join is expensive since every pair of tuples in the two relations has to be examined.

Tuple-based nested loopjoinalgorithm:
FOR each tuple sinS DO
For each tuple rinR Do
IF randsjointo make a tuple tTHEN 
output t;

Properties of Algorithms

  1. Specified Output
  2. Definiteness
  3. Specified Input
  4. Effectiveness
  5. Finiteness

Some of the popular methodologies are:

  1. Deterministic or non-deterministic
  2. Divide and conquer method
  3. The greedy method
  4. Dynamic programming
  5. Linear programming
  6. Reduction of complexity
  7. Randomized algorithm
  8. Search and enumeration
  9. Exact or approximate
  10. Logical
  11. Deterministic or non-deterministic
  12. Serial, parallel or distributed

Black based nested loops:

  1. Assume B(S) <= B(R), and B(S) > M
  2. Read M-1 blocks of S into Main memory and compare to all of R, block by block

For each chunk b of R DO
FOR each block  b of R DO
  FOR each tuple t of b DO
  Find the tuples of S in memory that joinwith t
Output the joinof t with each of these tuples

Example: Black Based Nested Loops