New Business System For The Coffee Stop Assessment Task 2 Answer

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Assessment Task 2 – Case Study

Assessment Task 2

Instructions to complete this assessment task:

Case Study

Read the scenario below and answer a series of questions. Alternatively, you are able to use your own project provided prior approval has been given by your trainer/assessor at Albright Institute.

Terri owns The Coffee Stop – a small sized corner café located just outside a metropolitan train station. The café has been running for nearly four years, starting off as a take away coffee shop evolving into a café where people can now sit and have a coffee, including a small cake or pastry on their way to work. The majority of the customers who come past are corporate city workers, who usually grab a take away coffee whilst on their way to the office. Business is doing well and the café has experienced a steady growth in revenue per year. Terri knows who the regular customers are quite well and new customers are seen coming in every day. The busiest times for the business are between the hours of 8-11am and 2pm-3pm Monday to Friday. Their most popular orders are their signature coffees which include The Short Max, Craving Caffeine, A Longer Shot and The X-Press.
The way The Coffee Stop has grown is through word of mouth, a good quality product, having a prime city location and strong branding. Because the business has not needed to spend large amounts of money on advertising Terri has been able to save on some finances, which has been re-invested towards other areas of business development. One of the areas Terri has thought about is around how to improve the ordering process. Terri wants something new and innovative to offer their customers. During the busiest times Terri has observed that people are often left waiting for a lengthy period for their coffee, standing around and crowding the space. He has a staff of four people on at a time, Lucy who takes orders, John and Amy the baristas, as well as Terri’s fiancé and business partner Jean, who is mainly involved with managing finances and operational activity. If they are understaffed Terri and Jean jump on the machines to help out with coffee making or customer service. Terri is convinced that the challenge with the ordering process is not due to staff skills or service, it is due to a natural growth in their business and customer base.
Terri has done some research into other city cafes who are equally busy and has come across a system some of them use where their customers can order their coffee or menu items before actually getting to the store. Those cafes have their customers use an ordering application on their smartphones. This means that when they arrive, their order is all ready to go eliminating the need for them to make a payment exchange and wait around. Looking further into this new ordering application, it seems that the feedback from users and store owners has been quite positive. Terri discusses the idea with his team to see what they think and wrote down their feedback from the discussion.
Jean – “I don’t think our customers would like a new system because one of the reasons thecome back is because of the customer service and interaction The Coffee Stop provide on their way to work. Most of our customers enjoy having a quick chat and I don’t think changing the
way we do things will improve the process, it will just frustrate them. Besides, we are not even sure how much it might end up costing us and how long it might take us to have a new way or

system which works.”

Lucy – “I think it would be a great new way for our customers to order their items, especiallcoffee! I love new technology so I think people would definitely take to using it because they like our brand. It would definitely help reduce the stress in the mornings for me! Apps are

everything these days so I don’t think people would be opposed to using it if it looked good and

was easy to use. I also see this reducing customer complaints about wait times for sure!”

John – “Being on the coffee machine, if it worked it would help out my job! Then Amy and I wouldn’t feel so under the pump in the mornings. It’s so easy for us to get orders mixed up when there’s a mad rush. So if it makes what I have to do easier than I’m all for it. I mean, peopleShow More

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