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Review and research the subject learning resources and broader internet and select one large scale infrastructure project which involved a public private partership and provided significate value to the community in terms of its triple bollom line sustainability criteria. The project must also have significate depth so that it will provide sufficient contextual information to satisfy the requirements for the case study analysis.

Aspects which should be considered when making the project selection include:

- The complexity of the project and the challenges faced in terms of the sustainability criteria,

- Any controversial impacts or related-side effects from the project on the key stakeholders,

- Leadership challenges associated with project execution,and

- Its strategic value in meeting stakeholder expectations.

Based on the information gathered, students are required,in the first instance, to provide an overview of the selected project and analyse the following requirements:

1) The demand for the project and the projected benefit(s) to stakeholders. Did the project provide strategic value and were the expectations of the stakeholders met?

2) What impact did the project have on the environment and/or society? What did the project leadership do to address any impacts or side effects?

3) Were there any environmental-impact or other factors (triple bottom-line related) that were overlooked  in the planning stage and if so, what were they?

4) Was there any scope for improvement in project execution?

5) Were there any leadership lessons to be learnt from the project?

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Answer :

Project background

The following project depends upon the New Royal Adelaide Hospital project to be analyses in terms of their infrastructural achievements that were further undertaken by the State. The following project further accounts the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders of the concerned New Royal Adelaide Hospital. Moreover, the improvements and proceeding made by the concerned firm is discussed with the help of the proposed project. Thus, the background of the project depends and relates to the management arrangements and an initiative that tends to affect the project governance of the hospital. In addition to the above discussion, the information related to the complexity of the project along with leadership challenges, lessons and strategic values have been analyses. 

Complexity of project in terms of sustainability

 The complexity faced for the project in terms of sustainability deals with the presence of different strategic driver of the project of New Royal Adelaide Hospital. However, the initial complexity being faced by the project deals with the standardization of the safety that is provided to the service users. The project complies for the adaptation of technology and the best practices that is further undertaken by the firm. In addition to the above discussion, other sustainability factors relate to the advanced access through the multiple entry points. The embracement made for the concept of ‘hospital in a park’ also marks to be modified as per the new designing themes best suited for the firm. 

Controversial influences key stakeholders

The influence of stakeholders on the progress of the project can be marked in terms of the access that is granted to the management team of the project management of New Royal Adelaide Hospital. in additional to the discussion, the stakeholder takes efforts to manage the activities of every department that worked separately within the same project. Moreover, an issue in terms of unity is faced in terms of the stakeholders. As the stakeholders are the base of an organization, the activities that are further catered within the firm is always consulted among the key stakeholders. However, in case of New Royal Adelaide Hospital, the key stakeholders marked are the service users, the service providers, the family members of the service users, the health care professionals, suppliers along with the government. 

The case study has highlighted the effective attributes of public-private partnership and they have maintained the arrangement in such a way that the hospital can able to get the attention and the parties will participate and support for better infrastructure and provision. As it is operated through a business venture so partnership of government and the private sector is a necessary form of service. Under a specified term and service the company can able to maintain their stream of service with asset procurement. 

Each stakeholder in the business has shown their interest and their involvement make the project a successful one. The internal and the external stakeholder analysis will help to culminate the entire project in an appropriate way. With the help of government the hospital can take their management in a new level as they will get the support and the protection of government. The government has able to initiate in the legal and some of the rules that help it to achieve their future prospect (Attard, Gauci & Mamo 2017). The outer stakeholder played an important role as many of the private sectors have invested their money in the project and made it successful. The managers and the employees with their deliberate coordination of things and by the help of effective communication create a powerful management basis that generates a long term progress for the hospital. 

The local communities after seeing the service of the hospital has taken help of the team so they can able to cure their problem in a small amount of time. The suppliers and other partners have put their feet forward as they have collaborated each things properly to help the management and supply things within time so that the management process can be maintained and they can able to serve perfect help to the customers. Other media and academic trade bodies, some of the social groups have shown their interest in making the project a successful one as it successfully process things and create a better environment for the people to work and supply good things to the customers (Fusaro et al. 2017).  New Royal Adelaide Hospital need to create a new standards in delivering the patients a perfect health related solution so they can able to get the support of the customers and by the interest of the stakeholders it is very much possible to fulfill the need pf the customers. The internal stakeholders include the professional, management and the non-professional staff those who internally get connected with the hospital. 

With sufficient inducements in gaining continual and effective contribution from management attempts the internal stakeholders are the most important part of the organization. The stakeholders are the main person who determine the inducements and the supplied things are perfect and sufficient for the organization or not and if the organization need something more to fulfill each of its criteria then they will supply that for the benefit of the patients as well as to the customers (Felix & Ogbor 2014). Other than that the contribution of the internal stakeholders require a valid justification and help after judging appropriately the alternative contribution that come partly from the outer competition. On the other hand the external stakeholders perfectly conduit for information and they help to determine different parameter of information that suggested for better work in the organization and giving a consistent support to the patients so that their purpose can be fulfilled. The resource investors who works with the external stakeholders together help the organization to meet with their objectives perfectly. 

Different stakeholders as working with each other within the organization so it is obvious that they meet with various conflicts and it is the responsibility of the organization that they solve this kind of problems and maintain a healthy relationship with each other for the long term success of the organization. Project management process can infuse various interest of the stakeholders so conflicts arises between them and they face various problems regarding this. Managing carefully all the issues and solve them with strategic implementation of appropriate plan can help the organization for gaining better prospect in fetching development. For the management of every issues the project managers need to get each information as they need to solve the issues by make them aware of the problems. The senior executives of the organization need to look forward and solve each issues with their management insight and it will be a contributing factor for the successful completion of the project. The business executives provide their information and the project managers getting aware of the current views of the organization and they manage the possible situations in a way so that company’s performance can be maintained in a positive way (Xuet al. 2016). 

Each view in the organization will create a sound value of the fulfillment of the project and it will help to generate a value. A positive outlook need to maintain and it will help to generate the best practices for the organization that can hold the interest of the customers and take care of the customers’ need in a perfect way. In order to maintain the customers’ interest it is essential to taking perfect care of the organization to ensure success with a long term commitment with the customers. Conflict of interest increase when each of the stakeholders including internal and external holders different prospective about the project and they follow their own path in order to fulfill their own need and organization’s project management team help to solve this problem. Several rules, legislation process, policies and certain code of conduct and ethical implications getting consider top fulfill each criteria of the stakeholders those who are involved with the project if the requirements are authentic and valid enough to fulfill in order to support the customers in a perfect way as well as to maintain a position for the organization. 

The stakeholders need will be fulfilled by the help of organizational insight that how it can able to deliver certain requirement of the stakeholders as they are the main necessary resource of the organization. By managing all the works and create a division between the requirements can able to deliver powerful prospect that the organization can achieve like they can put their interest in solving things one by one by justification of each requirements (Soja, 2015). The stakeholders are the integrated thing of the organization and the public and private sectors will get the information regarding organizational requirements and they are all working to meet the same objective.


The different opportunities that infused with the organizational development that maintained with stakeholders interests are balance of the organization in a positive way, maintaining work culture, balance of finance in the organization, maintaining customer orientation, increase of asset, handling the management in a proper way will develop a better understanding of the entire organization. The stakeholders create a positive phrase for the organization so that the customers can able to get their proper support from the management.

Leadership challenges on execution of the project

The leadership challenges faced by the stakeholder off the project on New Royal Adelaide Hospital, the challenges faced in terms of the leadership activities are marked as per the analysis that undertakes the pathways relevant for the management of the overall project. In order to execute an infrastructural project efforts are given more in terms facilities provided for the maintenance of the infrastructure of the hospital. Moreover, the impact of unity among the team members of the project, always requires some strong base that further makes the firm adaptive in nature as the project relates to the service users the responsibilities of a leader is high, in order to manage the activities being catered within the workforce. 

Strategic value in meeting stakeholder expectations:

It is important to have a detailed idea and opinion regarding the stakeholder and their expectations. The Hospital attempts to have a detailed analysis regarding their talents, skills and experiences that will help in monitoring the activities easily. The initiative taken by the hospital is to assess the individual commitment towards organizational goals and objectives. When there is an internal issue, it is the responsibility of the stakeholders to coordinate and mutually solves it without causing any further tension. If there is proper training and development, the company will be able to strengthen the existing performance and engage in unified work structure. 

Strategic value of the project:

The project aims at providing preparing further scopes of research in developing the productivity. It is important to gain funds towards implementing new strategies and adopt technologies. Being a health care organization liability, security and acre are important towards benefiting the customers and clients (Holweg & Helo, 2014). The project expands the usability of the existing funds and is responsible towards integrating the financial planning towards infrastructural growth, operational costs, amenities, communication activities, clinical requirements, environmental supports, and project management plan and customer service. 

Impact on environment:

They have been highly inclined towards safeguarding the environment through campaigns and programs that alerts the customers and the staff in continuing the process without affecting the resources of the environment. There activities do not deplete the environment and the society rather they are conscious regarding social awareness and management. They have their management team who delivers knowledge regarding environmental safety and protection to the customers and the staff (Bergstrom & Randall, 2016)

Leadership lessons:

With the help of the management procedure, strategies applied, customer service, variables, training and development, productivity help in determining the role of leaders. The leaders are the most important figure within the organizational structure. The leaders through the different ups and down, conflict and modification, failure and success, training and assurance helps in gaining possible insight to the organizational demands and customer interest (Bolman & Deal, 2017)The leader needs to be inspiring that will motivate the staff and eth healthcare team to perform better. It sit eh role of the leader that encourages and conduct the employees towards better acre and establishment of strategies. Therefore, the leader need to know how to manage and control eth health care staff and the personnel and train them to provide appropriate care and treatment ensuring growth of the hospital. Occupational safety, environmental protection, consumer needs, technological needs are to be maintained for facilitating social growth (Chuang et al. 2016).