Nike case study 

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About Case Study 

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The Company 

Nike is a high profile sportswear, fashionable sports footwear and sports equipment supplying company based in the USA. It was originally established in the year 1962 and was known as Blue Ribbon Sports. It is the current world leader in the manufacture and distribution of high quality sportswear and activity gear. It is currently operating on more than 47 global market shares all across the world. Nike is a very popular brand that manufactures an extensive range of sports equipments like running shoes, football, sportswear, basketball, golf, tennis, etc. 

Nike is ever popular as it pursues the worldwide fashion trends that are well received and admired by the youth meshing well with their current hip hop culture to providing them with some highly fashionable products.

Things that can be used as case study :


  1. Distribution
  2. Promotion or Advertising
  3. Price
  4. Market Target and Segmentation 


  1. Intense Competitors
  2. Pricy
  3. Influence of spokesperson


  1. Change in Consumer Tastes or Preferences and Market Trends
  2. Fast changing Nike’s products
  3. Expanding Overseas


  1. Difficulties Faced By Nike When Compete With Adidas 
  2. Marketing Strategies of Nike
  3. Adidas or Reebok Reputation and the impact of Finances
  4. The ways in which Adidas Competes with Nike
  5. Developing the Product Line of Small Computer Smart Shoe 
  6. Implementation or Rebranding of Reebok Program
  7. Expanding The Sponsorship Program of Nike
  8. Change in Consumer Perception on Nike Products
  9. Encouragement of Nike Product Customization
  10. Focus on Nike’s Emerging Market

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