NIT2112 Object Oriented Programming: Coffee N Roll Sanwich Shop Answer

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NIT2112 Object Oriented Programming

 “Coffee N Roll Sandwich Shop” Programming Assignment Due date: Sunday 16th of February 2020 at 11:59 PM

Marks: The assignment is worth 15% of the total unit mark.
You are to work with a partner, 2 students per group is the maximum. Group must submit for both students, only

one copy of the assignment. Submission details are at the end of this document. The assignment has two parts.

Problem Description

Coffee N Roll is a small-town Sandwich Shop in rural Australia. The population is small so the Sandwich Shop sells only a small but select gourmet products. It sells five products only. Each product has a name and price.

The programming team require to demonstrate basic Java programming techniques, specifically using classes and objects. The aim of this assignment is to develop a top-down design and to write a program to be used as a cash register by the Coffee N Roll Sandwich Shop.

The assignment is composed of two parts. In Part 1, you are to write a Command Line Interface (CLI) cash register application and in Part 2 you create a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the same cash register.

Part 1 Application Requirements

For our Java program simulation, a purchase transaction is sale and payment of a single product. For each sale, the program should prompt and get a numbered item corresponding to the product name and quantity of product purchased. The total cost of the purchase should be calculated and displayed. Then the program should ask the amount of money paid by the customer. The calculated change will be displayed in dollars and cents as well as the currency denominations in banknotes and coins needed to make up the change in the most efficient way

For example, if the amount of change is $17.35 than the customer would be given 1 x ten-dollar banknote, 1 x five-dollar note, 1 x two-dollar coin, 1 x twenty-cent piece, 1 x ten-cent piece, and 1 x five-cent piece.

At the end of the day the cashier enters Done to end the simulation. The program should then display the total amount of sales in each of the five categories and terminate. The five product menu is shown if Figure 1.

Figure 1: Coffee N Roll Menu

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