NRS276 Nursing Workplace Learning Assessment Item 2 Answer

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NRS276 Nursing Workplace Learning

Assessment item 2 - Case Report

Value: 50%

Length: 1800

Group Assessment: No


In this assessment you are required you to write a report based on the case scenario which appears on the NRS275 Interact 2 site within the Assessment item 2 tab. Using the case scenario please address:

  1. The value assumptions that are evident in the case study; and
  2. How the principles of transpersonal caring can be applied to improve the interactions in the scenario.

Please structure your report as follows:

Introduction (approximately 150 words):

Include an introduction that sets out the overall structure of the report and outlines the value assumptions evident in the case scenario.

Question One (approx. 750 words):

Provide an explanation of the value assumptions that are evident in the case study.

Question Two (approx. 750 words):

Describe how the principles of transpersonal caring can be applied to improve the interactions in the scenario.

Conclusion (approximately 150 words):

Include a conclusion that describes how the principles of transpersonal caring address the identified value assumptions, thus improving the interactions in the case scenario.

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