NRS277 Application Of Clinical Reasoning Cycle To Given Case Scenario Assessment 2 Answer

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NRS277 Assessment item 2 - Clinical Reasoning Cycle

Value: 60%

Length: 1800

Group Assessment: No


This assessment task requires you to apply the following stages of The Clinical Reasoning Cycle to a case scenario and is to be completed in the template provided on the subject Interact2 site.

collecting cues processing information

identify problems / issues, establish goals take action

evaluate care

Review the case scenario provided on the subject Interact2 site and complete each of the tasks below. You will need to refer to the following reading in order to complete this assessment task:

Levett-Jones, T. (Ed.) (2017). Clinical Reasoning: Learning to think like a nurse, (2nd ed.) Pearson Australia.

Collect Cues

Recall knowledge: Review the patient information and assessment data provided in the scenario and explain the underlying pathophysiology of the patient’s presenting problem (400 words).

Process Information

Interpret: Identify abnormal assessment findings and compare these with normal findings (not included in the word count).

Relate and Infer: Explain the clinical implications of the abnormal assessment findings. To do this you will need to consider how pathophysiology of the presenting problem leads to the abnormalities (300 words).

Identify Issues and Establish Goals

Synthesise: Based on your interpretation of the assessment findings, develop two (2) nursing diagnoses for the person in the scenario (50 words).

Describe what you want to happen: Develop one (1) SMART goal for each nursing diagnosis (50 words).

Take Action and Evaluate Care

Select a course of action: Identify one (1) nursing intervention for each goal and provide a rationale that explains why each intervention is required in this scenario. Interventions may include nurse initiated interventions, or interventions that would be implemented following medical review (400 words).

Evaluate: Explain the key steps the registered nurse would take to evaluate the nursing interventions provided(200 words).

Your work should be supported by at least (5) credible sources. All sources must be correctly referenced in-text and in the reference list in accordance with the APA 7th Edition referencing style. Credible sources for this assessment include:

peer reviewed journal articles; peer reviewed text-books;

clinical guidelines, pathways, policies and protocols; government documents.

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