NRS82005 Chronic Disease Management: Case Study A Assessment Answer

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 NRS82005 Transformative Clinical Practices

Case Study A: Chronic Disease Management Case Report

Weighting: 50% of overall grade 

Length: 1500 words 

Individual Assignment 

For this assignment students are required to write a Case Study Report based on the following patient case study: 

Patient profile 

Mrs Maria Rossi is a 76-year-old Italian female, with English as her second language. She lives independently and is an active member of the community, regularly volunteering with the local ‘meals on wheels’. She also keeps herself busy and active with gardening, playing cards with friends and walking her two dogs. 

Three days ago, she experienced severe abdominal pain and was admitted to the local hospital with a suspected exacerbation of her diverticular disease. She is being treated with intravenous antibiotics, though her last dose is tonight. She was unwell on admission and required intravenous fluids and an indwelling catheter (IDC). She is recovering well and is due for discharge tomorrow, a friend is coming to stay with her for a few weeks.

At the commencement of the day shift you meet Mrs Rossi and take a set of observations which appear normal. She states she feels well and is very excited about being discharged tomorrow. You discuss with Mrs Rossi that you will go and confirm with the doctor that the IDC can be removed, in preparation for the plan to discharge home tomorrow.

A few hours later you return to Mrs Rossi to discuss her discharge and to prepare to remove the IDC as per the doctor’s instruction. She seems confused at the idea of going home and looks a little dazed. You do a set of observations which are not within the normal limits for her. There has been a definite change in Mrs Rossi’s condition, and you suspect she has a urinary tract infection. You will need to do further assessment. In this assignment you will aim to identify your actions in assessing and managing this situation with Mrs Rossi.


  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Diverticular Disease
  • Hypertension

Objective data 

  • Blood Pressure 102/60
  • Heart Rate 120 bpm regular
  • Respiratory Rate 26
  • O2 sats 95% on room air
  • Temperature 37.9C
  • Blood Glucose 11.2mmol

Social History and Diet

  • Family visits once a week, and together they prepare a lunch of fresh pasta, salamis and red wine – An Italian tradition.
  • Moderate exercise and socially active.
  • Does not drink very much water but watches what she eats to keep her diabetes under control.


  • Metformin 500 mg modified release. Daily.
  • Perindopril 4 mg. Daily.

This Assignment will enable students to:

  • Demonstrate their ability to outline patient’s health issue/s in order that the patient receive comprehensive, appropriate and timely care. 
  • Determine how the topic relates to professional nursing practice in Australia and will enable students to critically review the evidence that informs and underpins nursing management of a suspected urinary tract infection. 
  • Consider how evidence in the literature can inform and underpin nursing practice 
  • Further develop and utilise literature searching skills.
  • Further develop academic skills in: academic writing, critical analysis, evaluation and referencing.

TASK: Case Study Report

PART 1: Patient Presentation

  1. IntroductionIntroduction: (100 words) You will provide a brief introduction explaining the content of this report and the scope of the discussion. 
  2. Aetiology of the Disease Process: In this section you must explain the pathology of urinary tract infections. This will include the risk factors and physiological effects. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your critical thinking in linking clues found in patient history and the information that you find in the literature. All information provided must be sourced from high quality literature.

PART 2: Nursing Care and Education

  1. Nursing Assessment: You must critically discuss the systematic clinical nursing assessment methods that you will use to assess this patient. 
  2. Nursing Management: You must also discuss the nursing management strategies you will use that are relevant for this patient. You will demonstrate how these strategies will improve patient safety and improve outcomes. 

Note: All information must be supported with evidence-based research sources.

PART 3: Interdisciplinary Management

  1. Interdisciplinary Management: As a nurse you are required to understand the role of the interdisciplinary team that need to be involved in a patients’ care. Discuss and support with literature who is identified as an important member of this team for this patient. This will include: what role they will play and why this is important for the patient.
  2. Conclusion: Conclude the assignment by summarising the content of the assignment and the role of the nurse in managing chronic disease.

PART 3: Reference List

Your assignment will also have a reference list at the end. Ensure all references that appear in the Case Study assignment are listed in your reference list.

  1. The Case Report must include at least 5 reputable references to support your statements.
  2. The articles will be no more than 5 years old.
  3. Use APA 6th reference style. 
  4. Ensure the reference list is on a new page and they are listed in alphabetical order 

Submitting your Assignment:

Formatting your Work:

  • Your assignment must be submitted via Turnitin from the link on the Blackboard learning site. No assignment will be accepted via email attachment. 
  • It must consist of 1500 words. Excessive words will not be marked. A leeway of +/-10% total words will be acceptable. 
  • Use these Headings provided above for each article’s annotation 
  • Attach a Coversheet to the beginning of your assignment. This coversheet will be available from the blackboard learning site in the section called “Assessment Details.” Do not submit the coversheet as a separate document from your assignment. 
  • Your assignments must be submitted as either Word documents (with .doc extension, or .docx). PDF / Note pad assignments will not be accepted. No handwritten assignments will be accepted.
  • Include either a Header or Footer with your name, student ID number and the page number 
  • Use size 12 Calibri font throughout the assignment 
  • Use either 1.5 line spacing or Double spacing. 
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