NRSG 374 Narrated PowerPoint Presentation Assignment 1 Answer

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NRSG 374 Assignment 1 Presentation Guidelines

Descriptions for Presentation Options – Choose From Option 1 OR 2

Option One

Narrated PowerPoint Presentation

Format and Length8 – 10-minute narration of a PowerPoint presentation (8 – 10 content slides + reference slides)
  1. Instructions on how to record a slide show with narration and slide timings in PowerPoint are available here: us/article/record-a-slide-show-with- narration-and-slide-timings- 0b9502c6-5f6c-40ae-b1e7-e47d8741161c
  2. Oral presentations that consist of only reading the content of the PowerPoint slides will receive very few marks. The purpose of the PowerPoint slide is to give a dot-point overview of concepts (with APA references), with your oral recording further expanding on these points.
  3. Academic references must be used to support the discussion. Avoid using consumer resources. The use of consumer resources significantly impacts on the quality of support for the discussion, and significantly reduces the ability to score marks for content sections requiring literature support.
  4. A minimum of 15, high quality resources are to be used, and no resources over 5 years old


Option Two


Format and LengthA portfolio of information related to an identified topic can be provided
for this assessment.


Format and Length (Booklet)A booklet in word document proving an overview of an identified palliative care related topic.
  1. Booklet presentation will be in landscape format with evidence-based content being presented in two columns. So that the Booklet can be folded in half if printed and compiled as a booklet.
  2. Diagrams used within the booklet are to be professional, linked to the content and referenced appropriately.
  3. Headings can be used throughout the booklet to guide the structure and information presented.
  4. The content for the booklet is to provide a series of focussed points highlighting aspects of the identified topic.
  5. Intext referencing is to be used to support the provided information
A.P.A. 6th ed or 7th ed will be accepted. Styling for all in-text references and reference list. Library resources on referencing are available here:


Writing requires skill and being able to write within a specified word limit is an essential component of professional and academic work. Reading and writing critically are fundamental skills which demonstrate an understanding and an ability to make judgements and solve problems, hence why only 10% of a word count should be direct quotes. That is, if the word count is 1500 words only 150 of those words should be direct quotes. Word counts provide students with an indication of the amount of detail and work required for each assessment item.

What is included in a word count?

Essentially, all text within an assessment item from the introduction through to the conclusion is counted in the word count. This includes all in-text citations, direct quotes and headings.

What is not included in a word count?

The word count does not include the following:

  • Title page
  • Reference list
  • Appendices
  • Tables
  • Figures and legends
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