NRSG266 Narrated E-poster On Importance Of Social Connections Assessment 1 Answer

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School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine

Faculty of Health Sciences Australian Catholic University

NRSG266 Assessment 1: Narrated E-poster

3-minute narration of an e-poster. E-poster word count 300 words +/- 10%
Assessment Criteria
Appendix 1 of NRSG266 unit outline

Learning Outcome
LO1 critically analyse the concept of healthy ageing and its promotion at an individual and community level; (GA4)
LO3 demonstrate advanced knowledge of pathophysiology related to the ageing process; (GA5)
LO5 implement the Levett-Jones’ Clinical Reasoning Cycle across a range of settings, to plan safe, evidence-based, culturally sensitive, person-centred nursing care for the older adult; (GA3, GA4, GA5, GA8, GA9)

Topic and Aim
Students are to choose one of the following contemporary health and wellbeing issues relevant to the older adult demographic: medication management, importance of social connections or age related vision problems. Students are to then create an educational e-poster on this topic. The aim of the e-poster is client education. In particular to raise awareness of the issue, possible consequences and prevention for older people.

Target Audience

You are invited to present to a community group of older adults. You will need to consider appropriate language and communication style for the audience to promote healthy ageing. The group meets weekly for morning tea and to listen to guest speakers. You are the guest speaker.

The e-poster content should engage viewers and provide evidence-based information about the health issue and simplified key messages to address the topic. The e-poster should use communication techniques that are positive and non- judgemental and needs to be designed with the target audience in mind. In-text citations are needed on the e-poster.

The 3-minute audio recording should contain the following:
  • An overview of the topic (CRC1)
  • A brief explanation of pathophysiology (CRC2)
  • A discussion of the impact the topic may have on older adults (CRC3)
  • Identification and rationalisation of two (2) key health promotion messages related to your topic (CRC 4)
  • Justification of one (1) example SMART goal and associated action/s (CRC 5 and 6)
  • Where to get more information or assistance

Technical Aspects
Design your e-poster and record audio using PowerPoint (or similar). Save file as a PPT show to decrease file size for submission. PowerPoint is to contain two slides only – the e-poster, and a separate slide for reference list. Scripts are not required to be submitted.

APA 7th Edition as per the ACU study guide.
References must meet the academic standards of recency, relevance and reliability. Minimum of four (4) current (within five years), credible references are to be used.
Intext citations are needed on the e-poster, with your reference list on slide two. Images require a source citation on the e-poster.

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