NRSG371 Health Problems As Societal Issue Assessment 2 Answer

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Assessment type: Written assignment - Essay

This assessment task addresses health problems as a societal issue. It requires you to integrate the role of the nurse with the building of healthy communities in order to expose you to the reality that nursing practice environments reach beyond the hospital setting into the wider community.
Length2000 words +/- 10% (includes intext citations, excludes reference list)
Assessment RubricAppendix B of unit outline

LOs Assessed

LO3, LO4, LO5

Describe how nurses can work in partnership with the community of your choice (within Australia), using a strength-based approach, to address one of the following topics

Topic and definitions Homelessness
Homelessness in Australia is a widespread and largely preventable issue. This public health concern presents a systematic flow on affect to the wider community (Australian Government Department of Health, 2019).

Infectious diseases
Infectious diseases have the potential to cause devastation to an entire community at any given time and without warning (Australian Government Department of Health, 2020).

Knowledge of clinically significant sex and gender differences in screening, risk factors, treatment and prognosis are emerging across a broad range of diseases, and differences are identified for those conditions conferring the
greatest health burden in Australia and globally (Wainer & Carcel 2019).
Target AudienceHealth care professionals

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Level 2 HeadingsFlush left, bold, capitalize each word (12-point Calibri or Arial)
StructureIntroduction, main paragraphs, conclusion, reference list
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Referencing StyleAPA 7th
Minimum References10-15
Age of ReferencesPublished in the last 5 years as this area of knowledge is rapidly developing
List Heading“References” is centered, bold, on a new page. (14 point Calibri or Arial)
Alphabetical OrderReferences are arranged alphabetically by author family name
Hanging IndentSecond and subsequent lines of a reference have a hanging indent
DOIPresented as functional hyperlink
SpacingDouble spacing the entire reference list, both within and between entries

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