NTW100 Designing A WLAN And The Security Approaches Assessment 2 Answer

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Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
TrimesterT3 2020
Unit CodeNTW100
Unit TitleIntroduction to Computer Networking
Assessment TypeGroup Assignment 2
Assessment TitleDesigning a WLAN and the security approaches
Purpose of the assessment (with thelearning outcome Mapping)The purpose of the assignment is to analyse the routing protocols and evaluate them in terms of Quality of Service. Students will be able to complete the following ULOs:
  • Identify and discuss key networking protocols and wireless technologies
  • Identify and describe key elements and components of networking systems
Total Marks90
Word limit1500 words

Assignment Description

IT network is the backbone of any business as many services are provided over the network infrastructure. This infrastructure connects all its computers and related devices together, allowing staff to work more efficiently across within the organization. Network design is the planning phase a company’s IT infrastructure must go through before it is implemented. It involves evaluating and understanding how all the elements of the network link together (from routers, switches, APs and servers to desktops, and laptops) to achieve a high performance network.

Wireless communication technology can have a significant impact on business allowing senders and recipients to access information while on the move. Because of raising growth of wireless technologies, allow access to the networks for the workplace community. So that customers, clients and employees want network and service from different places of the company. There has been considerable interest lately for all businesses to set up mobile computing workplaces for their employees and also mobile computing for other functions of the business from distributors, suppliers and service providers.

The assessment requires the students to design a wireless LAN using Packet Tracer for a big organization.

The students are required to submit a report, which address the following criteria:

Analyse the requirements i.e., network hardware/software and QoS to make sure the following criteria is met:

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Integrity
  3. Availability
  4. Authentication
  5. Authorization
  6. Explore the architecture of the wireless network based on the requirements.
  7. Discuss and analyse the security issues and the countermeasure that you have designed.

The tutor will need to form the groups of maximum 5 students. The students in each group should be from the same lab.

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