NUR2300: Evidence-based Practice Report

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Evidence Based Nursing Practice ASSESSMENT TASK 2 - Assignment

Task description:

Evidence-based practice report

What you need to do:

Part 1. (500 words) – Evidence Search


You will integrate your knowledge and understanding of concepts and principles related to evidence-based practice and contextualise this to an inconsistent clinical practice that you have observed, or a clinical issue or local health need. Specifically, you will define a problem, identify a need for change, and demonstrate understanding of significance of the problem or issue to nursing knowledge and practice reality.

  1. Identify and discuss an inconsistent or little-known approach to clinical practice, a clinical issue or local health need, or a controversial policy that you wish to investigate, to determine whether it is based on evidence, tradition or misconception (What is the problem?).
  2. Summarise the context for the clinical practice or health policy you wish to investigate.
  3. Justify and support your rationale for selecting this area of concern to investigate and identify a need for change (What is the significance of the problem? Why do we need to do something about it?)
  4. Then, express this area of concern as a searchable question using the PICO (or other) format. Identify the domain in which your question fits and the best design to answer the question.
  5. Formulate a search strategy using relevant key search terms and search for the best available evidence to answer your searchable question.Attach a one-page printout of your search history as an appendix.
  6. Identify five (5) – 10 (ten) research articles that represents the best available evidence to address your question about the inconsistent/little known practice, policy, or issue. For each article, identify its place on an hierarchy of evidence (e.g. JBI, NHMRC). Attach a one-page evidence summary table containing the relevant details from each article.
  7. Justify and support your rationale for choosing each article, addressing the PICO terms and question domain. Note: One of these articles MUST be a systematic review or an evidence-based guideline that you will use in part 2 of this assessment.


What you need to do:

Part 2. (1500 words) – Evidence Report and Recommendations


You will synthesise the body of research knowledge. Then, you will apply standards/criteria for review and evaluation of the state of the research to critically appraise the highest level of evidence in the topic area that is relevant to your clinical question. Finally, you will formulate recommendations for practice and research and present your argument for change into an evidence summary report.

1. Synthesise the body of evidence from the five to ten research articles you found ending discussion with your conclusion or ‘bottom line” about

NUR2300 Evidence Based Nursing Practice


what the evidence tells us.

  1. Identify the evidence that is the highest level of evidence addressing the
    PICO question. Justify and support your rationale as to why this is the
    best evidence and how it addresses your PICO question.
  2. Identify and select an appropriate tool to appraise the evidence.
  3. Critically appraise the highest level of evidence relevant to your chosen
    clinical practice or health policy. Justify and support your rationales for your appraisal findings.


Total Length:

2000 words (note: 10% either side of the word limit will be accepted).

Note: Cover sheet, reference list, appendix not included in word count.

      Expectations of assignment:

  •   That you locate, retrieve and appraise quality evidence using well defined search terms
  •   Your evidence is recent (ideally last 5-10 years, unless seminal work in the area
  •   You attempt to locate and retrieve information that is relevant within an Australian context
  •   The evidence is relevant for addressing the health issue within a nursing context
  •   You include a complete reference list (APA format at the end of your assignment
  •   You address all elements in the assignment task sheet
  •   You adhere to appropriate standard of grammar, spelling and referencing
  •   Your assignment is submitted on or before the due date – unless otherwise negotiated with the Course Examiner


Description of writing

style: critique

A critique is a type of academic writing that briefly summarises and critically evaluates a work or concept. Critiques can be used to carefully analyse a variety of works such as:

  •   Research –policy documents, journal articles, systematic reviews, theories, models and frameworks
  •   Media – news reports, feature articles
    The writing style is like a literature review in that the literature itself is the subject of discussion. The writing style is also like an essay, in that a critique uses a formal, academic writing style and has a clear structure, that is, an introduction, body and conclusion. However, the body of a critique includes a summary of the work and a detailed evaluation. The purpose of an evaluation is


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