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Assessment 2

The Assessment task:

You have recently started a new nursing role at a community health centre in your local suburb, town or city (where you currently live as a student). The community health centre has recently received a grant of $100,000 to provide a health promotion program that addresses the local health needs of the community at the commencement of 2021.

Part of your nursing role will be to provide this health promotion activity to your local community; however, you do not yet know the current health needs in your community. To identify the specific health issues in your community for next year’s health promotion program (NURBN2009), your manager (the lecturer), has asked you to undertake a review of the local suburb, town or city in order to understand the complex elements that contribute to the health status within the area, and then develop a report of what you have found. There may not be a lot of information available about your community, so you may also need to examine your Local Government Area (LGA).

Under normal circumstances, your manager would ask you to visit the suburb, town or city in order to conduct a field study of the various elements that impact health; however, this can take a lot of time and resources. Further, given the current COVID-19 situation, the manager has asked you to perform a “Desktop Audit” and then develop a Community Profile Report. This approach is not ideal; however, it is sometimes necessary when resources and time are limited or there is a risk to your own health or the health of others.

The manager has given you a report form to complete in three (3) months’ time. You will investigate your community via your computer and report on the twelve (12) elements (which are in 4 groups) outlined in the report template (below). In addition, you must identify at least three (3) health issues from your findings, which the financial grant could be used to address. Instructions and prompts have been provided in each section to help you – these are in REDRead them carefully.

The final Community Profile Report must be no more than 10 pages in length (Front Cover, 12 elements, a discussion of the 3 health issues). This report will support the development of your health promotion program in 2021.

  1. of the twelve (12) elements completed AND 2) a separate page containing a signed peer review report for the manager to review.

Peer Review report

The peer review must be completed by up to two (2) other nursing students who are also in the NURBN1004 course. The peer review of your work is important to make sure you are on the right track. Also, by peer reviewing the work of others, you can identify areas you need to improve in your own work. It is expected that peer reviewers show each other courtesy and respect. You are expected to review at least one (1) other student’s work. You should not review more than two (2). You will need to use telephone, Moodle forum, or other communication methods to find another student to peer review your work – this is YOUR responsibility, not your manager’s.

The peer review process is a great time to reach out to others in the course to support them and have them support you, as you would hope to see in a nursing setting. The peer review form is located with the Community Profile Report template in the Assessment section in Moodle and does not count towards the final page count in the Community Profile Report. The peer review form must be uploaded as a separate document by the Week 8 deadline and must be physically signed by the peer who reviewed your work.

Please note: if you successfully upload the Community Profile Report (50% or more complete) AND your peer’s review of your work separately, you will automatically receive 10% of the overall grade. However, if the report is less than 50% complete and/or you do not supply your peer review signed report, then the 10% cannot be awarded.

Lastly, we are using the Turnitin similarity checker at the end of the semester to detect any copying of others’ work. If a student copies another student’s work, it will be picked up by Turnitin and may lead to automatic loss of marks and/or failure of the course.

Community Profile Report

1.1. History

Please include the following information AND include only the headings provided:

This element is about exploring the history of this communityBackground

Give information and data about the community. If applicable, compare with data from the Local Government Area (LGA)

These questions will help you think about how to report on the history of this community:

When was it established? What determined the name? What significant buildings exist? How did the population come to be here? What was the community founded on- industry, geographic location, etc? What significant events has impacted on the development of this community today? How long have residents lived here- long term or transient population? Can you discover anything else that

‘paints a picture’ about the history of this community?

Impact on health

  • Answer this question: What does this history tell you about the people in your community? Can you see any indirect links to health?

Resources and references

  • Resources and references for this section

1.2. Demographics

This element is about exploring the key characteristics of the population in this communityPlease include the following information using the headings provided:


Give information and data about the community. If applicable, compare with data from the Local Government Area (LGA)

Investigate the people who make up your population. Refer to the LGA data of the wider population to understand the demographic. Consider the following characteristics:

  • the spread of ages across the population- young /old,
  • gender,
  • marital status,
  • household composition -single parent family/extended families in one dwelling, etc.

*How does YOUR population compare to other LGAs or to Victoria as a whole?

Insert tables that reflect the most interesting aspects of the population of the town (example included). Use the tables to write about key demographic information, for example, compare and contrast data for the different locations (town/LGA/State).

Age group
0-4 years
567 (12.1%)
45,000 (10.0%)
436,000 (9.8%)
5-? years


Marital status


Impact on health

  • Answer this question: What do the demographics tell you about the people in your community? (link back to the data in the tables above

Resources and references

  • Resources and references for this section

1.3. Culture and/or Religion

This element is about exploring the culturally diverse populations in this communityPlease include the following information using the headings provided: Background

Give information and data about the community. If applicable, compare with data from the Local Government Area (LGA)

Explore the culturally and religious diversity of your population. Identify the ethnicity/race of the people (country of birth), what languages are spoken, what religions are followed or celebrated, cultural festivals held, presence of cultural or religious buildings, shops and restaurants, etc., in your community. Does your community consist mainly of one culture or many cultures? *How might this compare to other areas or to Victoria as a whole?

As per the demographic element 1.2, insert tables that reflect the cultural diversity of the town/LGA/State.

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