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Assessment 4 - ePortfolio - 65% (2500) 

Instructions: The student will create an ePortfolio using the chosen software (e.g. Wix or Weebly). The completed ePortfolio will follow/address the plan submitted in the ePortfolio plan that you previously submitted, as well as suggestions from your lecturer/tutor. This should contain all required elements/artefacts outlined in the rubric below as well as goals, your nursing philosophy and reflections.

Your final assignment must be submitted through TURNITIN and contain these following items:

1. A title page in APA

2. Your ePortfolio weblink/hyperlink from Wix or Weebly 

3. A Word document using APA format which contains the following elements: (only these elements are counted towards your 2500-word count) • Philosophy of Nursing • Long-term and short-term goals • Reflective journals in total- 2 NEW reflective journals, and 1 journal on patient centred care • References (not included in word count)

4. Evidence that you have shared your ePortfolio with a stakeholder prior to submission.

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Nursing Philosophy

Nursing Philosophy

A philosophy of nursing is a statement, sometimes written, that declares a nurse's beliefs, values, and ethics regarding their care and treatment of patients while they are in the nursing profession (Eng, 2015).

Interconnected care

My main nursing philosophy is providing holistic care and developing a transpersonal relationship. The main focus is on my transpersonal relationship and how to develop a relationship with the patient. The nursing philosophy has aimed to provide a better care system that could aim in terms of my own needs (Brown, 2016). This could be centered, and aimed over my ability to maintain interconnections that could help to understand how to treat the patient, practice setting along aiming to have a better action developed to increase. As interconnected care has aimed to develop over the caring and it can help to provide the care of the patient.

The only a patient can be cared for and be understood is through the close closeness of the interconnectedness, and at the same time, it would be my responsibility that could help to patient expands to a broader perspective as well. It would be aimed to integrate my professional nurse that could provide a concrete responsibility to society as a whole. Nursing philosophy is all about how one can influence healthy practices that could be reviewed as humanity care adhering to the standard nursing profession (Garneau, 2016).


My nursing philosophy is adhering to professionalism and at the same time, it has to be at the due respect to attain professionalism to a high level of education and is evidence-based. Nursing philosophy would be abided by the standards as observed in the professional's compatibility and have to adhere per the accounting standards that could consider it as an independent decision making. Form the lens of the nursing scope of the standards, the nursing model has to obey and visualize as per the occupation-profession model. Another way to think is how the nurses could aim and be able to adhere to the professional standards that need to honor a responsibility concerning each other (Lestander, 2016). In my opinion, it would be as per the obeyance of the high standard of behavior. My nursing philosophy is to ensure, that professionalism is also adhering to the professional organizations, along with obligating as per the motivation to do and adhere per the one another role to another professional role. 

To understand how as a nursing function, I also ensure, that my nursing foundation remains obligated to abide by the nurse's function as per the code of ethics. This would also be centre to the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses that could help to identify how one can ascertain as per the Interpretive Statements. It has to be also the Scope and Standards of Nursing Practice, that got values as per the RNs focusing with the country.7 My nursing duty as per the professional duty that would focus as per the obligation in terms of the practice which would obligate to stand at par that can fine-tune as per the nursing practice. Another way to think about my nursing philosophy is to adhere to the philosophical beliefs that can focus on professionalism (Miraglia, 2015).

Developing a personal philosophy

To attain a nursing philosophy, I have ensured I aimed for the nursing practice that could help to relate and build a career accordingly (Pai, 2016). For this, personal nursing philosophy was focused on deriving a valuable educational and attainment of the reflective experience along with focusing on the nurses that can be patient-focused. As a nurse, the goal would be aimed at caring for the whole patient. It would include a personal integration of being compassionate and also feeling following the flexibility to face of change. It would also follow as personal nursing philosophy that could help to attain and discover in accordance with the nursing philosophy which would help to make it grow in the profession.

Long term and short term goals

Being a nurse comes with the agenda of adhering to the protocols and at the same time, it has to be followed to develop into a concrete plan of action in accordance with the future. Being a nurse, one has to visualize as competent, caring and kind, and also have to ensure in accordance with the patient's needs. As a nurse, one has to aim and be develop with the future insight that could focus on the high versatility that would aim to develop in line with different ways. It would also aim to ensure, that a nurse, I can ensure, that  I can abide by the endurance rate in the deliverables and be able to systematically be adjusted to the kind of fatigue which would help to ensure that there is a  nursing burnout. As a nursing goal, one has to ensure that all sort of the goals attained during the nursing career has to be in accordance with the smart goal-setting and persistence (Brown, 2015).


While the short term goals are leaving nursing school and ensuring attainment of professionalism and having a lucrative mid-career change. The long term goal is aimed to complete my professional degree and be able to set myself towards a major-term goal, it even includes a portion of the programs or scholarships that could help to achieve and be able to complete my long-term goal of accomplishment of the degree. Another short term goal,s is to make my independence of adhering to the professional degree through the short attainable tasks that would help to make my career progress and be able to advance during my nursing career.

Following the S.M.A.R.T goals

S.M.A.R.T. goals are adhering to the fun acrostic goals which can be channelized into one of the goal-setting. As noted, the nurse can create S.M.A.R.T. goals which are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. For this, one can have specific goals that would help work towards it. It can be specific such as the improvement in the knowledge while measurable would be how am I progressing towards it (Ramos, 2015). The attainable goals are how systematic one has driven towards self knowledge and can help to build a derived knowledge. Another goal would be how to concretely elevate in line to the realize it plans such as to completely be honest with oneself and how to timely complete the goal which would be attaining the degree at the set time and value-adding through the advanced degree.

Self-assessment and future goals

Another way to define one own goal would be based on the career goals, that have to be focused over the derived one own sense of strengths and weaknesses. Nursing would also be planned out following something that would suit the personality. It has to be linked in accordance with the planning devised for the future nursing career (Brown, 2015). This has to be ascertained by the aspects of nursing that would make them happiest. Another way to look at it is how there can be an ability to create goals, which would change as per the future.

Education and experience

To attain lucrative nursing career goals, my aims and goals are also linked to the additional education, and it would solely be dependent on the previous experience that can qualify in accordance to the new or different positions (Brown, 2015). For example, how one can visualize and see oneself part of the particular unit or hospital can also be supportive by the potential employer, form the experience and through continuous nursing education.

Support network

As we do not remain in a vacuum, our main goals would be dependent on the nursing outcomes and how one can nurture and create a value-based system in terms of the derived burnout is a real problem. It also focuses on the long and flourishing nursing career that would be done through a support network system and can help to grow professionally and personally (Brown, 2015)

Reflective journal Patient-centred care

In my nursing journey, I experienced an instance, in which I was supposed to abide by the Nursing standards of providing a  ‘Better Health, Better Care’. The goal was to provide the highest quality of care (Schmidt, 2016). This has to be ascertained in line to the objectives that could obligate and would focus on providing consistent care to the person-centered and also to focus over the clinically effective, and safe nurturing environment that could provide an equitable patients care that can focus on the clear communication concerning the conditions and treatment. To obligate as per the patient-centric approach to ensure a proper channel of state communication skills this would help to make healthcare that could help to deliver effectively.

Being part of the system, during my management placement, I came across a patient-centric approach of taking care and obliging per the methodology. It was a good experience, as not only I learn the art of providing clear communication, but at the same time, it was over providing patient-centered care that could be linked to the Quality Strategy along with focus over the people’s priorities. The nursing practice has to be obligated and focus in a structured way that could help to attain with respect t to the critical learning and development that can follow the experience and would ensure a future practice. It was an instance, during my transition from student nurse that could follow the staff nurse.


It was during the involvement with the taking care of the 78-year-old lady who was facing a medical issue and was inpatient for the 10 days after being diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage. It has resulted in the left-sided weakness and as I was personally taking care of the patient, I observe that she was feeling uncomfortable and a reduced oxygen saturation level. I quickly checked the previous and the current readings and then understanding the parameters of her levels. She complained of the pain in her chest on account of the left jaw. I quickly call the special doctors assigned for the emergency, and they came rushing along with the senior nurses. As they have checked the situation thoroughly and stabilized the patient, my mentors praised me for the quick action and ability to think. During this time, my mentor was able to take control of the situation and also helped to assist the situation.


During this case, I feel I went back and numb for a minute and later, just understood how to regain my conscious and bank upon my judgment Itw as my past learning and adhering to the standards, I understood that what would be likely the situation and how to quickly call the doctors and the  feeling of how the patient would be experiencing, had automatically alerted me of the situation. It was a hard situation and could be obligated to abide by the guidance. It was only due to my effective communication and telling the information quickly to the doctors, my team members, senior nurses, and the mentors, the patient care was obligated and followed. EVALUATION

During the deteriorating case od the patient, there were initially some missed signs and the symptoms, which was missed out and should have been avoided.

It was a positive learning experience and it was an opportunity that could have been dealt in a better manner. My mentor was able to praise me for the control of the situation and at the same time, for being competent in the communication, following all the standards and also be able to positively deal with the situation. It was also a situation that had helped me to learn the outcome (Siles-González, 2016).


As a nurse, my goal was better linked to the goal of the improvement and also dealing with the areas. This was better aimed at providing and sorting the priorities that can aim for the caring and compassionate. In my opinion, to have clear communication skills has to be adequately be followed and also be transited in a better manner. It would help to build over an effective collaboration that could be better aimed at the clinicians, patients, and others (Walker, 2016). The nurse must provide a clean and safe care environment and also be obligated to have a continuity of care; along with following the Clinical excellence.

Reflective journal


It was an incident during my placement in serving an elderly patient having stomach cancer. As I was assigned duty of the patient care, I was terrified to see her condition, such as her inability to do simple and daily chores. It was a difficult scenario, as I had learning difficulties and how to open verbal commination. It was also how to ensure, one can make the situation calm, compassionate and be able to obligate per the individual needs. It was an important set up as the patient showed multiple signs of the distress and I have to calm her down.


In my mind, I was obligated to remain professional and not to remain carried with the emotions. But after seeing the patient's condition, it was due to my confidence and experience, which helped me to deal with the situation in a better manner. It was my analysis, that through effective communication, I can make the patient feel in a better manner.


As the experience of the physical examinations was to evaluate the user condition and how to dissect their problems while reading their signs and symptoms, it was a tough situation but at the same time, it was a learning experience. My mentor told me to take a close look at the signs and symptoms of the patient physically, but mentally and emotionally the patient was feeling challenged, my goal remained in making the patient feel strong and overcome the hurdle.


It was a great learning experience and how to be adaptive to the difficulties. This can also be approaching the person through the lens of the personal matter and overcome their problematic behavior, outside one own comfort zone. My mentor was happy with my ability to handle the case with the utmost professional communication and also how I was able to include verbal and nonverbal communication.