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What exactly is Ocaml?

Putting it briefly, Ocaml is simple and easy to use Programming language that accent on quality and safety. It is most used version of Caml Language.

Some of the important features of Ocaml are:

1. A Powerful System with parametric, polymorphism and type interference.

2. Automatic management of memory

3. It is a sophisticated module system

4. Object-oriented layer

5. Compiler that generated efficient machine code.

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More About Ocaml Language and Tools

l It is a considered safe language because the program is first verified by compiler and then executed.

l It is functional Programming language.

l Full array of imperative features are available with Ocaml language.

l Error Recovery features are present in this programming language.

l Ocaml has several built-in data.

l This programming language is not restricted to one platform, rather it is active in different platforms.

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 Some of the exceptional features of Ocaml Programming are:

1. Modules are organized in sophisticated manner.

2. Object-oriented Layer that is expressive.

3. It offers a compiler that generates efficient machine code.

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