Online Discussion Of Research Papers: Assignment 1 Answer

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Assignment 1 Internet discussion of research papers

Description/Focus: : Online discussion of research papers


This assignment establishes the foundation for Assignments 2 and 3 and is designed to drive your study of research in EMG 505. 

For Assignment 1 you are required to select one of the following four themes that best links with your research interest and focus that you would aim to pursue in other MEDI units. The four themes are the same as for other units in the MEDI:  Teacher Education and Teaching;  Well-being and Sustainability;  Digital Education Futures; and  Identity, Language and Culture.

The focus of the assignment is to produce an annotated bibliography of research papers and other key works that focus on a particular issue:

Part 1 

You are required to work with other students who select the same theme to identify a particular issue(s) of research. There is a separate forum for each of the four themes in the Discussion Board on the EMG505 Learnline site, and you should use this for discussing your areas of research interest, establishing similarities and differences in your research ideas, and sharing knowledge and resources so as to include both on-campus and external students. The focus of part 1 is to:  Identify issues of interest to theme members; and  Identify relevant research papers and other key works related to the issues. Sometimes it may be possible to locate one or more review articles on an issue that will identify many relevant research papers, but the theme group should always seek to expand on this by adding other relevant papers.

Part 2

You are required to develop an annotated bibliography of research papers and other key works on a particular issue discussed in your theme. The assignment can be produced as a group, or individually. If you happen to find others who have a similar research interest, you may jointly produce the paper. Please note that the assignment is 1000 words equivalent for each individual, not per assignment.

This paper should be used as a basis for deciding on a specific research paper to critique for Assignment 2 and for proposing a new research project or evaluation for Assignment 3.


The final paper should be presented as an attachment on the EMG505 Discussion Board under the theme in which it originated. It also needs to be submitted via LearnLine Assessment as outlined below in the section “Submitting Your Assignment”. The Assignment needs to include the following:  A title that characterises the issue, followed by the author(s) name(s)/those who contributed to the paper, and the date;  A brief introduction to the issue including: a. A brief statement as to why the topic was chosen; and b. The significance of the topic  A overview discussion of the literature in either of the following ways: a. In chronological order (e.g. who did what research, when, and why to find out what?) with discussion of how each piece of research contributes to the overall significance of the topic. This option requires the reference details as a heading for each piece of research; or b. In the form of a literature review that outlines and discusses key themes and how these themes relate to the topic. This option would cite the literature using author-date citations.  A reference list, giving full bibliographical entries for the literature discussed above.

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