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What is Oozie?

  1. Oozie  is workflow scheduler system to manage apache hadoop jobs
  2. Oozie is integrated with the rest of the Haddop stack supporting serveral types of Hadoop jobs out of the box as well as system specific jobs
  3. Oozie is a scalable, reliable and extensible system
  4. Oozie is a workflow/cordination service to manage data processing jobs for Hadoop.
  5. Oozie is a Java Web Application that runs in a Java servlet container.
  6. For the purpose of Oozie, a workflow is a collection of actions arranged in a control dependency DAG. "Control dependency" from one action to another means that the second action can not run until the first action has completed.


Oozie -why use it ?

  1. It is designed for hadoop
  2. It is open source
  3. It is designed for big data
  4. It allow you to design task work flow
  5. It allows you to interact with jobs
    1. Stop, start, suspend, resume, rerun
  6. Highly scalable
  7. High availability
  8. Hue Integration

Many Problem using Oozie i.e:

1) Doing something on the grid often required multiple steps

  1. Mapreduce job
  2. Pig job
  3. Streaming job
  4. HDFS operation

2) Multiple ad-hoc solutions existed

  1. Custom job control
  2. Shell scripts

3) Cost of building and running apps were high

  1. Development and applications engineering
  2. Support, operations and hardware

Oozie Workflow Example:

<workflow-app name='wordcount-wf'>
<start to   ='wordcount'/>

<action   name='wordcount'>
<name-node>   hdfs://bar.com</name-node>
<value>$(inputDir)   </value>
<ok to ='end'/>
<error to   ='kill'/>
<kill   name='kill'/>
<end name   ='end'/>