Organizational Operation And Decision Making Assessment Answer

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  1. Students are required to form a group of 6 members.
  2. Each group is required to explore and select an organization/business in any industry in Malaysia. During Covid-19 pandemic, most of the organizations/businesses are facing difficulties in survival and their operations.
  3. You are required to do an analysis report of that organization/business in the context of their decision making related to operational cost, strategies and other relevant matters.
  4. The purpose of this assignment is to give an experience to the students in order to explore in depth the business environment such as operations function of an existing organization. By completing this assignment, it is expected that the students will be able to understand on how a business operates and the importance of decision making tools in helping the managers to make good decisions.
  5. In preparing this assignment, the following items must be included:
    1. The background of the organization.
    2. Details on how the organization operates the business.
    3. Analyse and evaluate the business environment of the organization.
    4. Students need to identify the areas that need to focus for the improvement especially during the critical period of Covid-19 pandemic.
  6. Students must give some recommendations to the organization to help them to improve their business by applying the suitable decision-making tools that you have learnt in this course.

Submission (WEEK 14 TH) :

  1. VIDEO (10%) – Content of the video should include the following:
    1. Problem identified
    2. Decision analysis
    3. Suitable decision tools applied
    4. Conclusion and Recommendation
  2. REPORT (30%) - Content of the report should include the following:
    1. Introduction
    2. Organization Background
    3. Nature of Business
    4. Problem(s) Identified
    5. Analysis and Findings
      1. Decision analysis
      2. Suitable decision tools applied
  3. Conclusion and Recommendation
  4. Reference
  5. FORMAT:
    1. Video:
      1. Duration between 5 - 8 minutes ONLY.
      2. Each of group members is COMPULSORY to participate in the video presentation.
  6. Report:
    1. Font Type: Arial, 12
    2. Pages: Maximum 20 pages
    3. Spacing: Double
    4. Front page

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