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PAQM321: IS Project Management at Third Avenue Software

COURSE: Bachelor of IT/Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Accounting
   Unit Code: PAQM321
   Unit Title: Project and Quality Management
Type of Assessment: Assessment 2 (Project Plan – Group Assignment ) N/A
 Unit Learning Outcomes addressed:
1. Identify and explain alternative models for information systems project management and how these can be applied in practice in different styles of global organisations
2. Work effectively as part of a professional team in the production of a project plan for a global organisation
3. Discuss the Project Management Body of Knowledge and how this relates to the planning, scheduling and control of information systems projects and their change management plan
4. Explain the need for and the basic principles of professional and ethical software and project quality assurance principles in the design and management of a complex information systems project
5. Identify the objectives of and describe the phases of systems and software testing in the development of an information systems project
 Students are advised that submission of an Assessment Task past the due date without a formally signed approved Assignment Extension Form (Kent Website MyKent Student Link> FORM – Assignment Extension Application Form – Student Login Required) or previously approved application for other extenuating circumstances impacting course of study, incurs a 5% penalty per calendar day,
calculated by deduction from the total mark

Assessment 2 is a Project Plan, proposed solution will describe expected benefits, project methodology, project scope, project schedule, risk management and ethical quality assurance plans, and testing strategy. It will refer to the appropriate project management standards throughout the planning. You need to write equivalent to 2000 words. You need to work in group of 3-4 students.
Third Avenue Software is a relatively young company that develops mobile applications for phones. The company is still trying to find its corporate identity and permanent footing; it has released several moderately successful products but is still looking for a best-seller. Likewise, the company is still trying to determine which internal systems work best for its employees. Project management is among these systems. The company has used a few agile principles in previous projects with some success; its new project will use agile and Scrum whenever possible.
Many of Third Avenue’s products thus far have been designed to serve niche markets, so thecompany’s cofounders instructed their marketing staff and programmers to identify markets that have more universal customer appeal. A couple of programmers quickly turned their focus to the field of health care, which affects everyone directly or indirectly. The programmers drafted an idea for an appthat could serve as a “one-stop shop” for customers’ health-care information and needs. The app’sname is to be determined, but it will contain the following features and information. Because Third Avenue knows from experience with agile projects that software complexity ratings can be useful for later time and cost estimates, management asked the programmers to include initial complexity estimates for each major feature set.
  •   A fitness tracker that allows customers to record and track their blood pressure readings, cholesterol levels, exercise regimen, calorie intake, and other related information.
  •   A medication tracker in which customers can enter their medications and schedules for takingthose meds. This “electronic pillbox” will contain a calendar that displays the customer’s medication schedule and an alarm that sounds whenever it’s time to take one of the medications.
  •   A physicians list that is essentially an electronic address book for the customer’s health-carecompany, doctors, nurses, and physician’s assistants. The list will include controls that allow customers to quickly incorporate existing entries from other contact lists in their phones.
  •   An emergencies list for storing vital phone numbers and addresses. This list will provide quick access to local in-network hospitals, urgent care clinics, and children or friends who can be relied upon to provide transportation in an emergency. As soon as the customer enters and saves an address, an interactive GPS map becomes available in a new window, with voice and text directions.
  •   An emergency information list in which customers store important information about themselves, such as medical conditions (e.g., the customer is diabetic), allergies, adverse reactions to drugs, and other personal information that a physician, nurse, or other concerned party might find useful in an emergency.
    Kent Institute Australia Pty. Ltd. Assessment Brief ABN 49 003 577 302 CRICOS Code: 00161E RTO Code: 90458Version 2: 11th October, 2019 Page 2 of 6 TEQSA Provider Number: PRV12051

  •   A resources feature that lists links to other popular online health sites, such as WebMD. The customer will have the option to add links to the list.
  •   A payment feature that tracks the customer’s medical expenses and allows customers to make medical payments through their phones.
    The budget for the project is $350,000, and Third Avenue management would like to see a finished application available in four months.
    Scrum will be the preferred approach to managing the project’s development because Third Avenue wants a working version of the application quickly but does not yet know the full scope of the project. This working version will be released for review and testing well before the planned official release in four months. Remember that agile projects involve numerous iterations and software versions before the final release. These versions should be responsive to the concerns expressed by all stakeholders.
    For example, programmers assigned to the app’s development might be needed to provide support forother company projects, and more functionality might be added to the app after various stakeholders have had an opportunity to evaluate the first working version.
    Usability will be extremely important, as customers will tend to be older than those who download and buy the majority of mobile apps. For example, the app will require a prominent control for increasing the text display size. Such controls are available in a phone’s Settings feature, but many older users tend not to explore such “hidden” settings.
    The features mentioned above need to be immediately available and easily accessible when the app is launched.
    Another usability issue is crucial: How does the app balance customer privacy against the need to share some of the customer’s information in an emergency? For example, the emergency information list might be of no use in a medical emergency if the customer’s phone access is blocked by a passwordthat only she knows.
1. Review the seven processes of project integration management and identify which processes are needed to begin planning the project from an agile perspective. Briefly explain your reasoning for including and excluding processes. The processes are listed below and explained in more detail
Processes and criteria of project management
  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
Develop the project charter
Develop the project management plan Direct and manage project work Manage project knowledge
Monitor and control project work Perform integrated change control Close the project or phase
       2. Begin developing
take four months to finish and have a budget of $350,000. Sample project charter in above
a project charter for the health-care app project. Assume that the project will
 Kent Institute Australia Pty. Ltd. Assessment Brief ABN 49 003 577 302 CRICOS Code: 00161E RTO Code: 90458Version 2: 11th October, 2019 Page 3 of 6 TEQSA Provider Number: PRV12051

table if you need assistance. Project personnel have not been determined yet, so do not be concerned for now with this area of the charter.
  1. Third Avenue first needs to identify a good project manager. Remembering your study of agile concepts in the text, by what title is the project manager known when using a Scrum approach? What skills and qualities must this person/s possess in order to lead the project effectively? How do these skills and qualities differ in a Scrum approach versus that of a more traditional project management style?
  2. Next, the person identified in Task 3 must form a team and establish a project framework within which the team will create a successful app. Describe at a high level how the team and framework will function, using as many relevant terms and concepts from Scrum as possible.
  3. After identifying a manager, team members, and project framework, Third Avenue needs to research the market to determine what competing apps might exist and how they operate. Your task here is to locate a similar mobile app or online program and then get a feel for its content and users. Use a targeted Web search to find the app or program and then spend a half-hour or so reading about it to get an idea of what the Third Avenue application should be able to do. Describe your findings in a bulleted list. Is something important missing from the preceding list of features for the health-care app.
  4. Once the team has studied the app or program in Task 5, an initial meeting is necessary todiscuss the features and content needed for the software’s first software iteration and to assigntasks to team members. The team also needs to establish schedules for project milestones and subsequent meetings. List your ideas for conducting the initial meeting and for creating an initial high-level schedule, using as many relevant terms and concepts as possible.



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