PDR201 Product Distribution And Revenue Management: Case Analysis Report Assessment Answer

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ASSESSMENT 1- Case Analysis Report 

Subject Code and Title: PDR201 Product Distribution and Revenue Management

Assessment Case Analysis Report 

Individual/Group Individual 

Length 1,200 words (+/- 10%) 

Learning Outcomes a) Explore the global and local environment and trends and evaluate an organisations market position. b) Discuss how revenue management is influenced by supply and demand forecasting and revenue management theories. 

Weighting 30% 

Total Marks 100 marks

Context: Identifying how organisations in the hospitality and tourism industry are positioned in the market and against competitors is critical for the formation of successful product distribution strategies. Good revenue management strategy is underpinned by the ability to understand opportunities within the market and against competitors and is influenced by supply and demand forecasting and revenue management theories. This assessment is aimed at consolidating knowledge from modules 1, 2 & 3. It supports students in developing their skills in research and knowledge of the distribution systems and revenue management in tourism and hospitality industries.

Instructions: Students are required to compile a case analysis report on an organisation in the tourism and hospitality industries. Students should select one (1) of the below organisations on which to conduct their analysis:


- Hilton (if you choose this organisation,select either the property in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Cairns or Perth)

- Park Hyatt (if you choose this organisation, select either the property in Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra)


- Jetstar Airways 

- Virgin Australia Airlines

Students will compile a report in which they address the following:

• Provide a brief overview of the chosen organisation and its position in the market. • Conduct a simple competitor analysis, identifying a minimum of two (2) competitors. • Prepare a SWOT analysis of the chosen organisation. • Outline two (2) revenue management strategies that could be, or are currently used, by the organisation to overcome one of the threats or weaknesses highlighted in the SWOT analysis. • In a table, summarise the prices for the organisation (sourced from either the organisation’s website or Expedia.com) for the last 2 weeks of either June or December (whichever month is closer to the present). Suggest how supply and demand forecasting may have influenced the organisation’s pricing strategy (consider time of year, local events, seasonality, location, etc).

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