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L/601/1743 Programme:BTEC Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management

Unit Title and Number:The Developing Manager (Unit 7)

The purpose of this assignment is to gain understanding of behaviour management principles and gain skills to review your own managerial potential, roles and responsibilities as well as create a career development plan.

There are four learning outcomes to this unit:

1.Understand principles and practices of management behaviour

2.Be able to review own potential as a prospective manager

3.Be able to show managerial skills within a business and services context

4.Be able to create a career development plan for employment within a business and services context

The assignment will analyse the theories of management behaviour, then assess your own management potential before reviewing your management skills.

To succeed in this unit, you are required to follow the assessment criteria.

Your assignment should demonstrate your understanding of how your research links coherently to these aspects of management. Your assignment should include evidence of your research with reference. This includes linking research coherently to your writing and using referencing (Harvard model), such as bibliography, citing and quotes.

Task A:    


Write a report based on a specific organisation in the hospitality industry. You are required to demonstrate your understanding of development of  a manager by applying the theories and practices of management behaviour with the following

Compare and contrast 2 different management styles that are used in a hospitality organisation (ref1.1).

Discuss the leadership characteristics of a manager in hospitality organisation that he should possess to conduct his role successfully (ref 1.2).

Evaluate the communication process within the organisation (ref 1.3).

Analyse organisational culture and change in a selected business organisation (ref 1.4).

How could a manager in an organisation lead and motivate the team to achieve an agreed goal or objective (ref 3.1).

Justify managerial decisions made to support achievement of agreed goals and objectives and recommendations for improvements (ref 3.2). 

Task B:   Individual Portfolio attach to the report and submit on turnitin

Produce a portfolio filling in the work sheets attached to this assignment. The portfolio must document your own potential as a prospective manager and create a career development for employment within the business and service context. 

To achieve more than a pass you have to include an in-depth explanation for each of the worksheets. The portfolio should cover the following points:

Assessing your own management skills performance (ref 2.1). 

 Analysis of your personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (ref 2.2). 

 Set and prioritise objectives and targets to develop your own potential (ref 2.3).

 Explain how your own managerial and personal skills will support career development (ref 4.1).

Review your career and personal development needs, current performance and future needs to produce a development plan (ref 4.2)

2.1. Assess own management skills performance

Professional Skills
Current Level
1 = weak
Best Current Example

Ways to Improve
Communication Skills

Listening Skills

Leadership Skills

Planning and Organising

Presentation Skills

Problem Solving

Professional knowledge

Self- Management

Team work

Technology Skills

Time Management


Undertake a personal skills audit (SWOT analysis), identifying preferred learning style and which focuses on the skills required for effective management and leadership.

List attributes (including preferred learning styles) you have which will help you achieve goals

Identify areas that concern or disappoint you. In what way do they not meet your expectations(or those of others)
What opportunities exist in your current work role? How could you build on your strengths? How could you fully use the knowledge and skills gained on your learning programme?What threats are there to your current position? How might your weaknesses be exposed? How can you fill any gaps in your knowledge and skills?


  1. Targets and Objectives

1, Aim and time frame

Objectives Time frame

     2, Aim and time-frame

Objective Time-frame

4.1 Professional Development Plan

Career Ambition

What do you want from the BTEC HND?

What will you do immediately after?

What do you want to be doing in 2 years’ time?

What do you want to be doing in 3 years’ time?

What do you want to be doing in 5 years’ time?

 Work Experience

What areas have you worked in? e.g. catering; sales; admin; restaurant service; bar service, life-saving; taxi-driving; football refereeing; personal care; cleaning; carpentry; security; labouring; book-keeping; childcare; housewifery; yacht crewing, cooking, dressmaking etc.

Current Employment Status

Are you currently working?  Part-time or full-time?; occasional?; vacations?

Work Skills Profile 

What skills can you offer an employer? e.g. organisational, sales, responsibility; punctuality; reliability; team playing; computer; administrative; analytical; numerical; report-writing; negotiating.

How will you skills play a role in becoming a manager?

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Answer :


In this highly competitive market, it is important for the manager to develop them continuously so they can guide their sub-ordinates effectively to achieve highly productive organisation. The main purpose of this assignment is to understand the requirements that any managers are required to make them competent with the competitive business environment. This assignment mainly describes a personal development plan for the managers by which they can develop their existing skills.

Task A:

  1. Compare and contrast different management style:

Organisations have some managers whose tasks are to manage the organisation. The main role of any managers is to handle different situation in the organisation according to the style of the management (Wart, 2013). By comparing the management style of two different g\hospitality based organisation Marriott hotel and Hilton hotel it can be said that the management of the Hilton hotel mainly follow the strict administration for their employees that all of the employees need to follow to save their employment in the organisation. On the other hand, the management of the Marriott hotel follow an effective and flexible administration for their employee that helps them to work in the friendly working environment (, 2016). The effective management style in the premises of Marriott hotel helps the employee to provide their opinion to all of the organisation strategy that motivates employee in highest extent.

As stated by Thomas (2012), there are several management style that are followed by the management of any organisation are autocratic, democratic, transformational, transactional, Laissez faire etcetera. Among those management styles, the management style of the Hilton hotel are fall under the category of autocratic management style. Under this style, the management mainly takes all of the decisions and expects that the sub-ordinate of the firm will follow the decision of the management (Yukl, 2011). In case of Marriott hotel, they mainly follow participative and transformational leadership style. By applying the democratic leadership style, the management of Marriott hotel provides the opportunity to employee to state their own opinion in the decision making process of organisation. This management style is extensively effective to generate highly productive human resource because this management style motivates employee in highest extent (Egri and Herman, 2010). Along with that, by applying the transformational leadership style in the organisation, the managers mainly works with the subordinate employee for the identification of the required change, creation of vision and execution of the change in company.

1.2 Characteristic of the leadership of a manager in the hospitality organisation:

Leader is the person who is followed by a set of employee in a firm because that person has the effective capability to handle the situation and the individual also directs all of the people to achieve certain goal in any firm (Turner and Müller, 2015). Therefore, in order to be a leader  it is mandatory to earn faith from the sub-ordinates, along with that, a leader should have some extraordinary capability that differentiate them from another people in the company. For being an effective leader, it is required to have the below mentioned characteristics:

  • A leader in Marriott hotel must consider the people as the first priority and they need to develop some strategy that can motivate those employees
  • Leader in the Marriott hotel must have the capability to express their own vision to the other people that are under them (Turner and Cochrane, 2013). For facilitating this, the leader in Marriott hotel must have concise and clear communication capability.
  • It is mandatory for the leader to be honest ion nature because without honesty it is very difficult to achieve the trust of others. 
  • Every leader in the Marriott hotel must have a good work related ethics and they must keep all of their promises as well as their commitments that they made to the sub-ordinate employees in the company.
  • It has been observed that any person who is positive as well as cheerful in nature is more likely to put their effort in organisation (Burke et al. 2012). Therefore, leaders in the firm must have the capability to create a positive attitude among the people that are under their supervision.
  • Decision that any leaders generally takes should not be too simple always, it is important that the decisions must be creative in nature.
  • A leader should have a good sense of humour and they must be well capable to inspire their sub-ordinate employee. 

1.3 Evaluation of the communication process within company:

Marriott hotel creates an efficient and open communication culture in their organisation and here the management do not provide the preferences based on the organisational hierarchy. The management of hotel creates that work culture where the sub-ordinates can easily meet the higher level manager if it is required (Sveiby, 2011). Management of Marriott hotel provides equal opportunity to every employee and takes the viewpoint of the employee. After understanding the viewpoint, if they have observed that it is effective for the growth of hotel then they add that view in their organisation.

The Marriott hotel encourages their employee to communicate with the verbal communication method. However, in every hospitality based organisation, non-verbal communication method is important. All of the employee in the hotel have an effective body language, tone of voice, posture Electra so they can effectively communicate the customers (Myers and Sadaghiani, 2010). They follow the verbal communication method other than any formal communication method because they think that this communication method creates less amount of redundancy in company. The management of the Marriott hotel also arrange the video conferencing and business meetings for creating an effective communication with employee. However, through this communication strategy they mainly communicate the higher level staff (Shapiro and Nieman-Gonder, 2012).

1.4analyses of the organisational change and culture in the selected business:

As stated by Ruekert (2012), every organisation has their own and individuals set of the rules that they mainly set by considering their organisational objective. The culture among two different hospitality based organisation can never be the same. In the Marriott hotel, the core value of the firm is considered the employee as the assets rather than liability. They like to put their employees in the place of first preferences and then they embrace changes, acts with the reliability and pursue the excellence so they can achieve the competitive advantage. The management of the firm is very effective to motivate their staff and they generates that kind of culture for their worker by which they can learn different new things and gets different effective opportunity to progress the development of their career (Chand and Katou, 2011). This culture describe that the hotel Marriott provides an effective value to their employees so that it can lead to a productive organisation. The hotel ids also effective to provide an effective training to the junior employees so they can face every challenge associated with a business. The hotel Marriott implements changes in the organisation through different innovative way so it can create less amount of resistance from the employees. For implementing change in organisation they mainly involve the employees in the decision making process so they can understand the necessity of change. In this change implementation process, the senior level manager always ensures that all of the low level employees are always guided with the updated information regarding the change (Jones et al. 2013). After the implementation of the change they also provide some effective training to their staff so they can cope with the changes very easily.

3.1 Strategies by which any organisation can motivate and lead the team to reach the agreed goals:

The main objective of the hotel Marriott is preference, profitability and the growth. The below mentioned ways can motivate and lead the team and helps to accomplish the objectives:

  • For achieving the objectives of the organisation, it is important for the organisation to articulate their vision statements with the team so they can get a clear level of understanding regarding the creation of opportunity and understand the expectation of the firm.
  • After that, they must arrange an interactive session for the team members where they will be able to express their perception and the experiences. 
  • Next it is important for them to allot the individual targets to the team members, along with that, it is required to assign the individual responsibilities to each of the team member.
  • Then the manager must arrange an appropriate training session for their employees of the Marriott hotel so they can understand the duties that they need to perform in the team (Chiang and Jang, 2011).
  • After that, the manager must inform the staff regarding the incentive schemes and different types of constraints regarding the performance appraisal techniques of company.
  • Next, the low and middle level manager of Marriot must observe the performance of the employees very closely and they need to provide proper feedback to the employee based on their current performance so they can increase their effectiveness (Lee-Ross, 2012).
  • After this step, the manager of the firm must provide the perception to the employees that the productivity of the company is entirely dependent upon the hard work of staff so they can be encouraged to provide more effort.
  • The manager must interact with the employees to make them understand how they should interact with the customers to make them fully satisfied
  • For the achievement of the organisational objective, the manager must make them always available for the employees so they can contact the manager regularly and resolve different challenges.

3.2 Justification of the managerial decisions that are made to support for the achievement of the agreed objectives and the goals and the recommendations for the improvements:

Main aim of the hotel Marriott is to gain the bigger customer base by creating huge revenue. For gaining this objective in this highly competitive market, it is important for the managers to make several decisions (Ladkin and Riley, 2011). While achieving a high level profit as output, the manager must not maximise the profit level of the Marriott hotel. The management of Marriott must ignore the fixed costs while making different decisions regarding the maximisation of profit. For generating the pre-determined amount of profit, there firm must provide effective service to the customers for which the employees should have effective customer serving skills. Therefore, the manager must make good decision regarding the strategy of training by which the employees can achieve an effective customer service skill. 

The service in the Marriott hotel can be emphasised by controlling all of the cost that are unnecessary for the company. It is also important for the manager to apply the innovative services in the firm so that the customers can differentiate their services from the rival organisation (Harris and Watkins, 2012). For the improvement of the services the company must provide home like feeling to customers and they must provide some special offer to customers such as arrangement of events for the children or newly wedded couple, couple pass for restaurants and providing some discounts to lucky customers Electra. The mangers must also make effective decisions to improve the customer service by providing effective remuneration and incentives to the customers. For the enhancement in customer service, the organisation must provide autonomy to the staff in case of providing customer services. 

Task B:2.1 Assessment of the own performance regarding the management skills:

As i have an effective experience in the hospitality based organisation so i have an effective set of customer service skills, which helps me to satisfy the objective and gaols of the organisation for which i am currently working. The own performance regarding the management skills can be understood by the following table:

Professional skillsCurrent level of performancesBest current exampleWays to improve
Leadership and trait skills3Through effective leadership strategy recently i have handle the employee conflict in organisationI can improve the leadership related skills by getting inspired from positive thing, pushing away the negative thing, recruiting the positive people in the organisation.
Presentation skills4Recently I have presented an effective presentation to the client to create an effective acquisition.I can improve the presentation skills by facilitating more practice, by transforming the energy regarding the nervousness into the enthusiasm, by adjusting the surroundings and by utilising the positive visualisation.
Active listening skills2In the organisation I always listens the problem of the sub-ordinates so I can recommend them problem resolving strategy.Listening skills can be improved by maintaining the eye contact. I can enhance my listening skills by listening to the words of the speaker and trying to picture what \the speaker wanted to say.
Problem solving skills4I have effective handle the huge pressure of the customers during the seasonal time.I can enhance the problem solving skills by confronting more emergency situation in the market.
Team work3I have handled the pressure of the emergency situation with the effective team work in the organisation.I can increase the team work by involving myself in more team related environment. I can improve my skills by helping other team members to achieve their individual objective as well as the team related objective.
Time management2I have recently provide training to my sub-ordinates by effectively manage the working hours and training time.I can improve my time management skills by setting a deadline for the work, rewarding myself, utilising own downtime, delegating responsibilities Electra.
Technological skills2I have faced so many issues in the present time, due to not having the IT related skills it takes huge time to maintain different records regarding the employee.However, in order to work in the organisation, i mainly need some managerial skills and do not required any technological work but i need some IT related skills so i can maintain the organisational record effectively. I can improve these skills by taking any online course regarding IT services.
Different types of professional skills4By applying my present professional skill i have created an environment of the cooperation in organisation.I can improve my professional and personal skills by developing a cooperation, attitude, creativity, and optimism.
Organising and planning skills2With my planning and organising skills i have assigned the proper job to the proper people in my organisations.I can improve the organising as well as the planni9ng skills by scheduling some uninterrupted time, anticipating different possible problems and anticipating the sequence of the activities. 
Communication skills5With the present communication skills i have handle one of the arrogant customers.I can improve my communication skills by listening properly to the people, and maintaining the eye contact.

Table 1: Assessment of own performance

(Source: Created by author)

2.2 Analysis of the weaknesses, opportunities, weaknesses and threats:

  • I have a professional degree in managing human resources
  • I always prefer the needs of the employees before anything else
  • I have an effective capability to work in team environment
  • I have an appropriate and sufficient persuasion and motivational power by which i can gain a highly motivated workforce 
  • I make myself always available for my sub-ordinate employees so they can resolve any kind of workplace related problem right after its occurrences
  • I always encouraged employees not to follow the hierarchical process in Marriott because it always creates some confusion and delay the problem  solving process
  • I have some finance related skills that helps me to align the organisational process with the objective so it can be easily achieved by me
  • I have the capability to generate proper remuneration for employees based on their performances in organisation.
  • I have a good habit to make several assessments before making a decision. However, it is one of the good habits but it creates unnecessary delay.
  • I always considers so many things to make decisions and I cannot make  organisational decision based on only profit
  • I always try to avoid several big offers because those offers involve high level of risks. Therefore, i do not feel self-confident at the initial level by accepting those offers
  • I always take some times to make  decisions in organisation
  • I have effective capability to formulate some plans so i can get the opportunity to develop my career. I can get a highly productive team under me and achieve effective productivity in organisation. I can develop my skills and capabilities in the organisation and achieve promotion in Marriott.
  • I always face some nervousness during handling the emergency so it can negatively affect my capabilities
  • The employee conflict in my team negatively affect the productivity of my organisation
  • Misinterpretation of the objective by me can create an ineffective capability in organisation.

Table 2: Own SWOT analysis

(Source: Created by author)

2.3 Prioritise and set the target and objective for the development of own potential:

For the development of the own potential, it is very much important for any professional to develop set and prioritise their own objective. As stated by Ruekert (2012), prioritisation of the goal can help any individual to achieve the goal within the time and it helps to achieve all of the goals. The objective regarding the development of own potential of mine is as follows:

ObjectiveTime frames
I want to develop my skills regarding the handling of the emergency situation6 months
I want to increase my leading power so i can manage my sub-ordinates more effectively 1 month
I want to increase my organising and planning skills2 months
I want to develop my presentation as well as the personal skills1 month
Development of the information related skills are also required3 months

Table 3: Objective and time frame

(Source: Created by author)

4.1 Explanation of how personal and the managerial skills can support the career development:

Ambition in the career:

BTEC HND helps me to achieve different managerial skills that helped me to be a competent HR manager in the organisation where i work. I am continuing this course because i want to achieve a promotion in the organisation. As i am working in a organisation so after doing this course i will joint my organisation. After doing this course up to two years I want to do job in the organisation where I am now. However, after 3 years I want to change my company so i can increase my career more effectively. After 5 year I want to see myself in the senior most managers in the best hospitality based organisation in the UK.

Work experience:

Right now I am currently working as a senior HR manager in one of the leading hospitality based organisation in the UK. I have started my career as the junior HR manager two years ago. Therefore, I have an effective skill to manage the employees with more effectiveness. 

Current status of the employment:

Yes, right now I am working as the full time employee in a renowned hospitality based organisation.

Profile regarding the work related skills:

I offer my employer the strong interpersonal and communication skills so i can act as the bridge among the employee and employer. I also offer huge administrative along with the information technology regarding skills so I can create more productivity in the organisation. Along with those skills, I offer different problem solving skills, relationship building skills, team working skills etcetera. Moreover, i have an effective knowledge regarding the recruitment and selection, screening, making relationship with the employee, scheduling and on boarding. I provide a competent and competent workforce to the organisation by offering those skills to the organisation.

How the work related skills can helps me to be the manager:

By offering the team working skills i create a good team in my organisation and encourage them to achieve the organisational objective so the productivity of the organisation can be increased. Along with that, by showing my reliability to my organisation I can generate an efficient and loyal employee base that will be effective to handle the conflict by them. Moreover, my computer related skills helped me a lot to track the employee of the organisation and help to maintain the human resource in the organisation. All of the above mentioned strategy helped me to be a manager in my organisation. 

4.2 Development plan:

Learning objective or goalsExisting proficienciesThe target proficienciesOpportunities regarding the developmentCriteria for judgementTime scalesEvidence 
Handling emergency situationsMy existing capability to handle the emergency situation is averageI want to achieve excellence emergency handling skills so i can handle any situation in my organisation
  • I can develop this skills by encouraging employee to work hard in organisation
  • I can gain the goal by handling more emergency situation in the organisation
I want to judge this based on my own performance to handle emergency6 monthsThe evidence of this success of achieving objective is reviewing my performance based upon a predetermined standard
Developing the leading capabilitiesGood I want to achieve an extensive leading capabilities so that i can lead the sub-ordinates and involve them to achieve organisational objective with more effectiveness
  • I can develop this skills by maintaining effective communication
  • I can achieve this objective by understanding the skills of the employees
I want to judge this capability by evaluating the current performance of mine1 monthThe evidence of this goal is highly efficient employees
Developing the skills regarding information technologyNot effectiveI want an effective IT related skills
  • I can take an online IT related skills
  • I can attend different workshops of different organisation
I want to judge this capability based on the effectiveness to handle organisational software3 months

The evidence of success of the goal is handling all of organisational software
Developing my organising and planning related skillsAverage I want an extraordinary organising and planning related skills
  • I can develop this skills by involving myself to understand actual objective of organisation
  • I can develop this skills by involving in organisational policy making
I want to judge this skills based on the capability to create an effective plan2 monthsThe evidence of the success of the goal is success of plan that was created by me
Development of the presentation skillsGoodI want to achieve the high level of presentation skills
  • I can develop this skills by involving myself in more business meeting
  • I can develop my presentation skills by making different workshops
This skills can be judged based on the effectiveness to present the actual situation to the manager 1 monthThe evidence of the success of goal is to resolve the issues that was stated by me to management


This assignment provides an effective skill regarding the management style and communication method in the organisation that is important to achieve highly efficient human resources. This assignment provides a deep insight regarding the personal development. It is concluded from the above description that in order to achieve the loyal and efficient human resource, it is very much important for any organisation to have an effective manager who must have the capability to grow themselves day by day.