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Unit 7.3   Strategic Resource Management 

Level 7 15 Credits


For this assignment you will need to complete four activities which focus on the areas listed below:

  • Human resource management
  • Management of physical resources
  • Marketing
  • Information systems

You should complete all four activities using an organisation with which you are familiar and/or where you have access to the relevant information for the purposes of the research.   Alternatively the individual tasks may be completed using different organisations.  Where appropriate you may interview relevant staff and use the evidence to complete the tasks.  In preparation for completing this assignment you need to investigate possible options and identify the organisation(s) you intend to use.  You may wish to discuss your choices with your tutor before embarking on the work. 

Activity 1: Human Resource Management (HRM) 

Produce a document which demonstrates your understanding of the role of HRM in supporting business strategy and shows how to develop human resources in organisations.

The document should include

  • A consideration of the objectives for your chosen organisation and an explanation of how HRM contributes to their achievement AC 1.1
  • A critical evaluation of the role of HRM in your chosen organization AC 1.2
  • An evaluation of the  recruitment and retention strategies of your chosen organization  AC 2.1
  • A critical assessment of the techniques used to develop employees in the organization AC 2.2. 
  • An evaluation of the contribution these techniques make to ensuring the engagement of employees AC, 2.3.
  • A systematic analysis of the effective strategies an HRM department must use to support the achievement of organisational strategy. AC 2.4

Finally as planning human resource requirements is important for the success of businesses you must also appraise the processes your chosen organisation uses AC 1.3\

Activity 2: Management of physical resources

Create a table which identifies the chosen organisation’s objectives and shows the physical resources required to ensure achievement of each of these objectives.  Explain the resource management implications of the information in your table.  AC 3.1

Using the table above critically evaluate the role of physical resource management within the organisation and systematically appraise the processes that are used to plan the physical requirements of the organisation.  Your appraisal and evaluation must be supported with relevant theory and include recommendations where appropriate, to support and provide evidence for your work. AC 3.2, 3.3.

Activity 3: Marketing

In this section you must clearly show that you understand the role of marketing in supporting business strategy.  Produce a report on your chosen organization which:

  • investigates how marketing activities contribute to achievement of organisational objectives in the organisation AC 4.1
  • critically evaluates marketing operations in that organisation AC 4.2
  • appraises the  processes  that the organisation  uses to develop its  markets  

         AC 4.3.

Activity 4: Information Systems Management (ISM)

For your chosen organisation investigate and report on how ISM contributes to the achievement of the objectives of this organisation.  In completing this investigation you must also critically evaluate the role ISM plays in the organisation AC 5.1, 5.2. 

Finally as planning the requirements and place of information systems is important for the success of businesses you must also appraise the processes your chosen organisation uses to plan its IS requirements AC 5.3

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Personal leadership develops and utilizes the positive objectives of leadership required to guide our own life that reflects with mission goals and values. The effectiveness of leadership depends on self-evaluation and required regular reflection of the procedures and its effects. In Cliveden house, some measured strategic objectives are analyzed and created to implement a visionary strategic plan. This leadership strategic management also develops organisational and business plans for available resource allocations and meeting performance targets. In this report, the effective traits are evaluated for personality development and management skills in order to achieve the organisational goals and objectives. Some standard policies are implemented to meet all regulatory and legal requirements in the workplace of Cliveden house. This helps in providing essential resources such as performance reviews and workplace procedures, to enable efficient attainment and operation. Thus, personal leadership and strategic management development plays an important role in Cliveden house that creates a respectful workplace environment for the staffs, members and stakeholders.       

Task 1

1.1 Analyzing the impact of organisational objectives on the leaders and the management role

In this competitive world, it is important for an organisation along with management to play effective role in providing the best service to their customer. As mentioned by Terrell et al(2018), an effective way to align the value and goals of organisation helps in developing a culture which helps in encouraging employee to focus on high quality of service. However, Cliveden House have been put effective value to delivery their best service and manage the organisation in effective manner. In this regards, the main objective of the firm is to provide best and quality service to their valuable customer. Customer service team and other staffs of hotel play important to achieving the objectives of the firm. In this case, it is important for leader to address and implement the best way for achieving the goal. In this organisation, strategic leader helps to provide direction, purpose for growth and get success in this corporate market.

In order to achieve the organisation objectives, cultures and value, the leaders should follow certain basic steps 

Behavior and attitude  The employees follow the leaders so in the trait theory of leadership, the leaders of Cliveden House are well trained on personal qualities and maintains good behavioral relationships with the customers and the other employees. 

Creating vision to achieve company goals Every employee need a path in which they can believe and work on it to achieve company objectives. The leaders of the company are professional managers they create plans and show the employees of the company a vision by which they achieve the hotel’s desired objectives, 

Providing motivation among employees The leaders of this company led the employees  to the journey of accomplishing company goals. They motivate the employees and guides them through the path, they provide training to the newly joined employees.

Creating customer focused culture The leaders of the management role put emphasis on creating a customer focused culture. Their main motive is to make the hotel customer friendly. 

Providing proper information about the hotel The leaders of this hotel has knowledge on the background and history of the hotel. It is for the managers or the workers to know about the place where they work.

Observing power The managers of this hotel observe each of the workers working in the hotel. It is important as it lets them know about the weakness and strengths of the employers working in the hotel. 

Quick decision making The leaders of this hotel possess a quality of quick decision making. They don't detain any customer for accommodation or services requested by the customers.

Active social skills All the employees working in the Cliveden house hotel posse’s good social skills. The leaders and the managers are friendly towards the customers and the other employees. 

1.2 Evaluate leadership and management skills necessary to support organisational objectives.

Every manager should be a patient listener. They should put importance on what the customers want from them. Having a good work ethic is important for any managers. It makes them understand the importance of the work. A good manager must possess a good set of communication skills as the manager has to directly deal with the customers and the workers. Teamwork is the most essential key to achieve organisational goals. All the managers should team up with the employees of the organisation to achieve company goals. The managers of the company should understand what the hotel is offering and should work accordingly to it. 

The skills every manager should have to achieve the company goals are Interpersonal skills, it is the skill by which the managers interact and communicate with others. Interpersonal skills include listening, teamwork, responsibility, dependability, leadership and motivation. As stated by Lee (2017), a manager should also possess informational skills, it includes collecting information’s from other employers about the organisation, identifying the important information’s, analyzing it and taking proper course of action.  Decisional skills are a important skill a manager should must possess as he might have to take many decisions at many point of time. Observation skills are important for a manager to achieve success in the organisation, by having a good observation skill a manager can improve himself and the people working under him. As opined by Ansoff et al(2019), problem solving skill is the skill which will make a difference in the journey of accomplishing company goals.  The employees in a organisation follows their leaders so a managers should have leadership skills as that's a important skill for the manager as the manager has to led the other employees working under him for achieving the organisational objectives. In the modern world with the rapid change happening in the organisation a manger has to develop his self development skills. It includes improving self awareness, improving his knowledge level, developing his strengths and talents. A good manager must also possess the skill to control the team of which the manager is in charge and monitor them to the right path of achieving success as a good teamwork is the key to achieve organisational goals. Mentoring skills, a manager should be a good mentor to the employees working under the manager. Influenced by Antonakis and Day (2017), this involves giving training to them, advising and building their confidence and skills. As suggested by Fayol (2016), time management skill is one of the most efficient skills a manager must have as the manager is responsible for the completion of the job.  Conflict management skill, it is the skill every manager should have as to resolve the conflicts between the other managers or with the workers working under him. Stress managing skill is also the skill every manager must have as the manager solely has to control the subordinates working under him and to fulfill the organisational goals.  Motivating skill, it’s one of the important skills a manager must have as the employees working under them must be motivated and inspired to work better in order to achieve the company goals. Explaining skills it is the skill by which the managers explain the task to the employees working under him. Concision skills, it is the skill by which the manager sort out the unimportant works and gives tasks accordingly. It is a important skill as it prioritizes the importance of the organisational goals.

Task 22.1 Personal Leadership and management skills, identification of personal development

(Strong, Moderate or Low)
Personal ExampleAchieving organisational objectives
Good CommunicationIt is important as a leader to explain everything appropriately to the employees be it the goals to the tasks. A leader should have the required knowledge on various forms of communication starting from one on one to the departmental. Since a huge part of communication is primarily listening, a leader should create a proper flow of communication with the employees.StrongPreviously when I was working in some other organisation, over there a huge conflict arose among the employees regarding some workplace issues. I efficiently solved the issue, by listening to their problems first carefully and then gave them the best possible advice. Eventually, the issue got solved finally.
Communication is very important for Cliveden House as this particular leadership skill will do a great help to manage the employees and the customer service. 
Proper communication plays an important role in reducing the conflicts among the employees and helps them to build a strong connection with the other co workers which helps in achieving the goals.
Good decision makingNot only a leader must have a future vision, but having the ability to take a correct decision on correct time is also necessary. Decisions taken by the leaders have an intense impact on the employees. Hence it is important for the leaders of the Cliveden Hotel to think wisely before coming to any decision. It is also important to make sure of the fact that the decision taken by him is final and it won't change in any condition. LowI had quite a rough experience in taking a decision regarding wage management issues of the employees and the administration at my previous workplace. The employees had queries regarding the payment dates and amount. I tried my best to fix their issues regarding the time and amount of salary, but I couldn’t since it is obvious that the administration payment scale will always be higher than the employees due to their experience in the industry and not due to the working hours.Proper decision making is very important for Cliveden House, since it is one of the reputed hotels in the UK and managing so many employee hotels together is very tough. A good decision will solve the conflicts between the administration and the employees. It will also help in improving the quality of the customer service.
Positive AttitudeAn impressive and strong positive attitude can go way farther in the Cliveden Hotel. It is important to keep everything simple and stress free even when there are a lot of workloads. Little but important things like asking the employees regarding any plans in the weekend or during the month will help in developing a stress free and positive atmosphere. This will help in boosting up the confidence of the co-staff. StrongThe organisation where I use to work earlier had a lot of issues regarding the behaviour of the administration to the employees. I found this out after three to four months of my joining in that organisation. I later discovered that the administrative behaves harshly with the employees due to which there is a lack of friendly attitude, as a result, the employees were not being able to work properly. I managed to arrange a session between the employers and the administration to solve their issues by keeping their views and problems in front of each other. This eventually brought an end to this problem.Keeping a positive attitude is important for Cliveden Hotel as this leadership skill will help in maintaining a friendly and caring attitude towards the employers and the administration. 
MotivationIt is important for the leaders to motivate the employees to put extra effort for the Cliveden Hotel. Paying a handsome salary to the workers is not enough, motivating them by building self esteem by giving rewards is also important.StrongI succeeded in motivating the employees of my previous organisation by giving them proper recognition and reward, since I felt that they were not being properly rewarded for their efforts.Motivating the employees is necessary for Cliveden House as it will improve the service quality and the dedication of the employees towards Cliveden for making it a best and classy hotel of the UK.

2.2 Opportunities for the developing of leadership and management skills

It is important for a leader to imply all the necessary leadership skills in order to maintain the reputation of the Cliveden Hotel. Apart from improvising all the mentioned skills, there are various other ways and opportunities to develop leadership and management skills. As mentioned by Schultz et al. (2018), there are times when the motivation, decision-making skills and having a positive attitude don’t always work. Therefore it becomes necessary to opt for some other effective development and leadership skills. As mentioned by Bolden (2016), the primary need can be of an experienced leader in the management field. It is always good to take help from an experienced person who has knowledge in developing leadership and management skills in the Cliveden Hotel. These experienced leaders can be the individuals of the Hotel such as a senior manager, or a senior supervisor and so on. 

Workshops and seminars are another good way to focus on leadership and management skills. Training on management skills and sessions on leadership development skills can help a great deal in this matter. As opined by Pardey (2016), these range from hours to even weeks and meet all the specific areas which can develop the management and leadership skills of the administration of the Cliveden Hotel.

It is always good to know the other techniques of leadership and managerial skills. 

2.3 Managing personal development of leadership and management skills

Development objectivesPriorityWhat activities needed to achieve my objectives?What support/resources needed to achieve my objectivesTarget date for achieving my objectivesActual date of achieving my  objectives
Decision making 2Ability to make decisions, an 8-week program as organised by expertise or external professional learning center 
An agreement with my Manager regarding the external training with backup support while attending the training session.

Every week on Friday15/3/2019
Leadership1Includes strategic planning, thinking, and delivery of the proposed strategies, a 10-week program organised by the experts and the management head of the Cliveden HotelAn agreement with my administrative head regarding the seminars inside the Hotel premises.Every week on Sunday20/4/2019
Interpersonal skills4Demo interaction session between employees and administration and the customers, a 9-week program organised by the external professional learning center.An agreement with my manager regarding external training and backup support while attending the session.Every alternate week on Wednesdays and Fridays 12/4/2019
Cooperative Team Building3Developing the capability of proper team building to execute every work efficiently, a 4-week program organized by the administration of the Cliveden Hotel.An agreement with my administrative head regarding the sessions inside the Hotel premises.Every week on Saturdays20/3/2019

Task 33.1 Manage the personal development of leadership and management skills.

At the time of forcing the given plan, it is necessary to notice all the important and vital areas of the plan. As opined by Ferris et al. (2018), it will take almost one and a half years to make this plan work completely and it is important to make sure that the goals and objectives also get covered within that time frame. All the above-mentioned skills such as decision-making skills, leadership skills, cooperative team building skills, and interpersonal skills are important to achieve the organisation goal. Development of the decision making skill and the leadership skill takes almost a year and at the same time, it is important to allot team works to the groups to bring development in the team. This will enable them to perform as a whole and make decisions. As stated Ebrahimi Mehrabani, and Azmi Mohamad (2015), developing the interpersonal skills between the employees and the administration takes about six to seven months; this will help the entire system to work in proper order. In order to maintain the static leadership style, the whole process is maintained. As mentioned by Bolman and Deal (2017), when the team will perform, it becomes easy to assess the performance and the performance as well. This helps the manager to get a rough idea on the members of the team and their skills due to which he gains trust from and therefore he gives the decision making power to the team. As stated Shamir and Eilam-Shamir (2018), the whole process helps in the development of the team and the whole work becomes easy for the manager.

Coming to the next objective, the leadership skill, proper strategies, and plans are being made by the team head and then it is being communicated to the group members so that they can carry out their instructions efficiently. As opined by Haimes (2015), this will help the administration and the manager to understand the strategies and the planning that are being taken for the overall development of the team. When it comes to interpersonal skills, it is related to the interaction with the people, and whether one is good or bad in it.  As mentioned by Monczka et al. (2015), it is always good to main a good interaction with the employees as it will help them to teach about what is required to be done, helping the employees in their problems. Giving innovative ideas in easy language is also necessary so that the employees can easily understand and implement those in work for the required development. This will help the manager and the administration to understand the innovations and the plans which the leader has for its employees which will eventually lead to proper interaction at every level of management.

Cooperative team building is one of the important qualities that the team heads try to enforce in the co-staff to get a smooth and effective performance. As opined by Stead and Stead (2017), it is important to have open interaction with the team members in order to find out about their concerns. It is also important to learn about the co staffs issues or sometimes the innovative ideas that can be helpful to others. Communication among the team members is also required to avoid any kind of conflicts among the employees. This will help the whole team to work accordingly and with proper rhythm which will help in the overall development of the administration.

Task 4

4.1 Reviewing of the personal development against the original objectives

As per the above analysis, the personal development plan ensures systematic focus on behavioral learning and management. This requires the improvement in decision making and facilitating new ideas, by focusing on employee engagement in various meetings and seminars. This relationship management among employees and clients helps in continuous improvement of feedback skills and commercial awareness. As mentioned by Bolden (2016), the proper decision-making develops performance coaching, quality assurance and effective communication in order to articulate focus, strategy, vision, and desired culture. During some situations, the decisions implemented by leaders only solve the problem symptom, instead of solving the root cause of a problem. As stated by Frich et. al (2015), the reason for this is often a lack of deep knowledge and understanding for solving a problem and the lack of adequate initiatives to extract root cause of problem. The deliverance of a quality decision making and discussing a problem statement fosters a workplace environment with continued innovation or creativity in organisation, propelling team towards excellence. In the workplace, some leadership certificate programs that specially focus on quality decision-making skills are need to be evaluated for the employees. As suggested by Lussier and Achua (2015), for the attainment of operational and strategic goals, the leaders need to assign, engage and develop staffs by organising several meetings, conferences or seminars. The quality decision-making supports the organisational executives in accommodating impacts on growth, creativity, efficiency, goal accomplishments and success. In words of Shamir and Eilam-Shamir (2018), in benefitting the leadership effectiveness, the decision-making and knowledge related to diversity, technology, globalization, teamwork, or policies also manages performance growth, mission and vision of the organisation. Thus, in this way, the implementation of proper decisions and policies influences the organisational leadership management in reviewing the existing standard policies or strategies. Influenced by Thorpe (2016), in maintaining a cooperative environment in the workplace, it is essential for an effective leader to inspire and motivate the workers in strategic improvement of their performance growth. One major challenge for this organisation is to empower and support all the co-workers to act effectively in direction of achieving strategic leadership goals. As stated by Ferris (2018), the effectiveness of a leader depends on the acquired interpersonal skills such as self-awareness, conflict resolution, building empathy, motivating and instructing other co-workers in creating a team framework.  

4.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of the personal development of leadership and management skills  

In a collaborative process, the leadership and management skills develops a visionary or mission-driven strategic plan with standard measures, objectives and milestones. As suggested by Volz-Peacock, Carson and Marquardt (2016), the organisational and business plans needs to allocate the resources required in meeting the performance targets. In order to evaluate the democratic and co-operative leadership skills, it is essential to calculate the efficiency of each and every team member working in a group by providing them certain chances or opportunities. As opined by Smolović Jones, Grint and Cammock (2015), these situational opportunities help the employees to implement their decisions and support them to change their mindset, for the betterment of the democratic leadership. After applying the democratic leadership style to the workers, it is also essential to know the change implications needed to further develop the leadership and management skills. The number of negotiations evaluated per month, by finding the no. of successive and failed negotiations, eventually helps in the development of negotiation skills. The leadership certified training programs focusing on the skills and efficiency, also supports the employees to calculate their self-progress during the training procedures. As mentioned by McCaffery (2018), in order to implement the communication skills, it is essential for an employee to get feedback reports from the customers that helps workers to find the needful requirements. These feedback reports also ensure the employees to know the customer further requirements that, somehow enables them to achieve progress in their workplace efficiency. 

4.3 Analysing the areas for further development and update personal development plan      

After reviewing the PDP, it is important to determine the development objectives that help to prioritize the leadership skills and management skills. In words of Tate (2016), the operational and performance activities needed to achieve the effective leadership objectives that enable an individual in further personal development plan. The establishment of targeted and interactive relationships among the workers helps to accumulate sources on the relevant nonprofits based on the training, learning, emulation and collaboration of the organisation.          

Development objectivesPriorityWhat activities needed to achieve my objectives?What support/resources needed to achieve my objectivesActual date of achieving my  objectives
1.Improvement in decision-making

2Expect advice over important decision-making plan It is important for concern firm to achieve the objectives  and play effectively in decision-making plan25/4/2019
2. Effective Leadership3  Training and practical session over the managing a group is important in this caseIt also helps to analyze the situation and provide an effective role in a management plan28/4/2019
3.Developing interpersonal skills 1
These feedback reports also ensure the employees to know the customer further requirements that, somehow enables them to achieve progress in their workplace efficiency. 



In this overall analysis, the leadership skills are discussed that enables the employees to work as an effective part of the team to achieve the goals and objectives of the Cliveden House. The effective leadership process provides the detailed information about the moral policies and ethical standards to cultivate an effective business model. After observing the personality development and leadership management, the findings indicated that there is a great scope or need for changes among the organisational executives while researching information on globalization, teamwork, diversity, policies and standards. In accordance to the leadership abilities or skills, the implementation of the decision-making process influences the entire business model project for the further progress of the organisation. The leadership and managerial activities are thereby examined that impacts the growth, performance, creativity, success, effectiveness and goal accomplishments in Cliveden House. The problem resolving strategies are also recommended to improve the cost-benefit analysis, provided remediation plans and further examination of possible changes. In this study, the discussions about the leadership efforts are done in an individual profession’s point of view. The analysis of the implemented reviews on the personal development skills and evaluating the effectiveness on the leadership and management skills helps to further objectify the effectiveness of an individual leader.