Personal Leadership And Managerial Development

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Unit 6.7   Personal Leadership and Management Development

Level 6    10 Credits

Suggested resources

The art and science of 360 degree feedback, Lepsinger, Richard; Lucia, Anntoinette D, San Francisco Calif.; Jossey Bass, 2009, 9780470331897 298p

This book provides guidance on preparing to use 360 degree feedback programmes and implementation, including gathering and presenting feedback and creating lasting change by using follow-up activities. Emphasis is given to selecting the best approach to 360 and how to get the most out of the feedback process. Case studies and sample worksheets for feedback analysis are included.

Personal development and management skills, Routledge, Chris; Carmichael, Jan, London , 2007, 9781543981480 208p

This book is designed for students and practising managers who wish to improve and develop their skills. The importance of skills development is explained and the ADAX (Awareness, Decision, Action and Excellence) model developed by the authors is outlined, with examples and exercises to encourage participation. It focuses on key themes and issues related to skills development including experiential learning, brain structure and memory, the part played by 'state' in skill development, the role of the senses in learning, personal characteristics and learning. A matrix of management skills at different levels are included.

Leadership and management developmentGold, Jeff; Thorpe, Richard; Mumford, Alan, London; Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2010, 9781843982449 409p 

This book provides an overview of the field of leadership and management development and reflects the current trends. The purpose and value of leadership and management development are discussed and an overview of practical issues in the field is given, covering strategic management development, theories and models of managerial learning, the assessment of development needs, the measurement of competence and the evaluation of leadership and management development. The text also looks at leadership and management development for particular groups such as women managers and ethnic managers and considers the supply of future leaders and managers and future trends in learning. A new chapter focuses on development within SMEs and interest in distributed leadership. Globalisation is considered throughout the book. Case studies and exercises are included.


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