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MIHM301 Leadership in a Changing World

Subject Information

Purpose of Subject

This subject will focus on the student’s ability to interpret the challenges of balancing global political, workforce, technological and financial considerations along with personal needs in the pursuit of effective, contemporary and ethical change leadership. Through research into the use of leadership theory and the understanding of the multifaceted nature of organisational leadership, the student will synthesise complex information to develop their personal leadership portfolio for application within the international hotel environment. The student will critically analyse and reflect on the theories associated with leading change in the context of the larger hotel organisational culture.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this subject, students will be able to:

  1. Critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of major theories of organisational leadership and change management within the hotel context.
  2. Develop an awareness of the various constructs of leadership and their relevance to organisational effectiveness, change and sustainability.
  3. Analyse and synthesise crucial roles and positive impacts that leaders can make to organisations and their stakeholders.
  4. Develop a higher self-awareness of one’s own personality, values, attitudes and styles along with strengths and weaknesses pertinent to chosen leadership aspirations.

Assessment 1 Outline

Assessment title: Personal Leadership PortfolioAssessment weighting: 40%
Assessment type: Personal Leadership PortfolioWord limit: 2000 Equivalent
Assessment instruction
A journal consisting of students’ personal reflections, personal leadership philosophy, insights gained from your readings, both required and self-directed research, learning from class discussions and completion of a number of self-assessments. Please use references from the prescribed text as well as additional sources.

This assessment allows you the opportunity to review your earlier studies in this subject and take into consideration the following factors:

  • How you perceive your understanding of leading and leadership at this point in time
  • How you see yourself as a leader
  • What you believe you currently possess in terms of knowledge, leadership skills, and abilities
  • An indication of what you believe you need to do to develop your abilities to be an effective leader, in the context of the changes and challenges you are aware of that impact the global hotel industry, then in the latter period (i.e. as you get closer to the due date for this piece)
  • Insights you have gained, as a result of your own research into the aspects of leadership covered in the first half of the subject.
Assessment format
You may write in the first person; i.e., conversational in style yet still using correct grammar and
using correct referencing.

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Answer :

Assignment Title: Personal Leadership Portfolio

Assignment Number: Assignment 1


Leadership portfolio is the reflection of the individualistic traits, experiences, activities, skills and personal achievements, which has significantly influenced developing personal leadership of the person (Northouse, 2015). As opined by Mastrangelo, Eddy and Lorenzet (2014), personal leadership aims at developing the ability to understand one's own skill set and capabilities and use it for channelising the course of life rather than depending on the situation and opportunity to direct the life. The scholar further averred that developing personal leadership skills help the individual to shape their self-image through the activities accomplished. The way a person reacts and lead a situation or people aids in modelling their personal leadership goals. This assignment is about personal leadership portfolio development. Personal leadership traits, as well as an understanding of leading and leadership, is documented in this assignment. Personal leadership portfolio will help me to understand my leadership capabilities in the current point of time and highlight the skills possessed presently.

How you perceive your understanding of leading and leadership at this point in time: 

According to Shaheen et al., (2017), leadership is not only about leading people; it is about guiding and leading the sub-ordinates through motivation. My understanding of leadership is quite the same. I perceive leadership as a duty and a responsibility rather than a position. If I need to lead others, I need to amalgamate with them in such a way that sub-ordinates find a friend, philosopher and guide in me, rather than a boss. Leadership, for me, is not a boss, but being a novel and gentle guide. I believe in the words of Puffer and McCarthy (1996), who remarked that a leader needs to empower their employees and develop a teamwork culture where every employee is encouraged to be a leader in solving issues.

As opined by Bolden (2016), personal leadership is outlined by the phenomena of coaching oneself initially that mirrors individual values, beliefs and aims of life. Accordingly, I believe that I require to understand and analyse my value system and goals of life in order to succeed in work life. I can be a good and effective leader; only my actions reflect the thoughts and preaching, I want others to follow at the workplace. Thorn (2012) elucidated that the beauty of personal leadership is that it is developed from inside out and influences the people around you. It is an essential part of organisational success because, as an employee, I interact with the external stakeholders, consumers and vendors outside the company boundary, where my approach of interacting forms image of the firm. Consequently, developing my leadership skills will determine the perception of the customers, merchants and other stakeholders and help to build brand image.

McCleskey (2014) discussed in modern times, to be successful at business, one needs to build and possess strong personal leadership traits. The author further claimed that having control over one's own emotions, and decisions of life offer inspiration for other individuals, who in the long run tends to follow the preaching and practices of the leader. Personal leaders do not tend to rule over another person rather coach them to follow them through their own practices and achievements. According to Day et al. (2014), mind-set is the most crucial factor that impacts personal leadership skills. Mind-set is the attitude of the person, which guide the reactions and interpretations of a situation and is often predetermined based on the mental setup of the individual. Therefore, possessing a positive mind-set helps a person to have inspiring and perspective towards life and intends to resolve issues progressively, which instils optimistic and harmonic environment at the workplace, thereby promoting greater productivity at work (Spinelli and Adams, 2016). I will emphasise on bringing positive and progressive working culture at my organisation to enhance the quality of work and more productivity.

Another important aspect of developing personal leadership is building a strong support system within the company. According to the perspective of McCleskey (2014), no one is able to succeed alone without proper support. One has to create an environment of mutual trust where each team member believes in the actions of other person and support in their decisions. This will enable to form greater coordination among the group mates and thus transform toxic job situation into a better working culture. I too consider that creating a strong support system will ensure that each member progresses and further, I will have the backing of my colleagues while taking any decision at work. The hotel industry is a service sector business, whose success relies tremendously on teamwork and proper coordination. Therefore, building a trustworthy support system will help the industry to flourish.

How you see yourself as a leader 

In the words of Daft and Pirola-Merlo (2009), a leader needs to be motivational, honest, self-confident and needs to ethical and full of emotional intelligence. Moreover, according to Daft (2018), the necessary characteristics of a leader include delegation and commitment, accountability, confidence, honesty and integrity and a good decision maker. I personally inhibit if not all the qualities, but few of the qualities like honesty and integrity, motivation and a team worker, of course. I like to work in teams, solve team issues like conflicts, motivate others if they are deep down in stress. I always prefer to be accountable for my actions rather than blaming others for any mistakes I do. I understand situations and make decisions that are in the best interest. In businesses as well as in society, decision making is not about making the decisions on the interest of best good, but towards a long term a solution even if the decision is not best interest. It means a leader needs to visionary. I seem to lack this skill. Moreover, communication which is one of the main aspects of a leader to express his/her thoughts seems to be missing in me. 

Besides, Crevani, Lindgren and Packendorff (2010) identified that there are numerous other must-have traits in individuals to develop effective personal leadership qualities, which includes vision, spirituality, integrity, self-discipline, transparent communication, and kindness. Further, Day et al. (2014) substantiated the opinion and added that positive mind-set, creativity, intuition, optimism and courage are another skill set of an effective leader. As mentioned before, if not all, but I will try to incorporate, instil and develop as many qualities as possible to become an effective personal leader and further nurture the skills continuously throughout my life. It is essential to have a clear vision of my goals of life and a job. It will help me to reduce delusion from my mind and further help others to understand my vision and get associated with it without confusion. Thorn (2012) revealed that spirituality is the practice of living and following the principles, one believes that has greater and deeper values than personal benefits. It keeps the interest of other human beings over oneself and explains the meaning behind what we perform. As a leader, it is not necessary to be great spiritual; however, I will keep the interest of my fellow colleagues prior to my personal benefits at the workplace to ensure a progressive working culture.

Integrity is another aspect that I will try to incorporate in my values as a person with firm values are looked upon, trusted and respected by the persons around. Self-discipline is required not only for developing personal leadership qualities but also for enhancing the quality of one's own life. It will help me to grow my strengths and ability to guide and channelise others. Open and transparent communication with the colleagues and other individuals is a base for trust, development and enrichment of relationship. As opined by Bolden (2016), honest communication helps in understanding the views of other people and further aids in communicating leaders' vision to the followers without doubts. As I intend to succeed in the hotel industry, where growth is dependent on the extent of coordination among the teammates, I intend to encourage open communication with my associates to comprehend the issues and resolve it appropriately. Kindness and compassion are the core qualities of a good leader, which I fail to possess. I need to develop it to accomplish greater success and reach the people as it removes disputes, hostility and antagonism.  Creativity and intuition are the two qualities I lack, which will try to develop in future to promote growth in the company and bring something new to the firm.

An indication of what you believe you need to do to develop your abilities to be an effective leader: 

The global hotel industry is seeing huge growth globally. As in 2019, the global hotel industry has reached $1 trillion dollar revenue mark (IBIS World, 2019). With the increase in the hotel business, the role of leaders is non-deniable. In such a scenario, if I need to be a leader in any business in the hotel industry, I need to develop certain skills, especially the communication skills that can help me in developing a good relationship with the customers. Nonetheless, to say, with improved communication skills, I can also be able to develop a good rapport with my sub-ordinates which will be the key to my success in this industry. As identified in the previous section, I also need to be visionary if I need to become a good leader and ride my future, employing hotel towards success.

The current scenario reveals that the hotel industry is growing exponentially throughout the world, and the number of consumers availing the service is increasing each passing day (IBIS World, 2019). With such an expansion, the clients are able to get a large number of alternatives to choose from. The success of the company relies on promoting loyalty among the patrons, which is highly dependent on their satisfaction level that, in turn, it relies on the service quality (Day et al., 2014). According to the opinion of Wu and Ko (2013), service quality is greatly impacted by the mental status and behavioural attitude of the employees. The author further claimed that happy and content staff could serve the customer in a much better way. Therefore, it has become essential for me to keep my employees content in the company in order to deliver premium service to my clients. As I have identified in the earlier section, I lack the skills of compassion and kindness, which are essential as it will guide me understand the issues encountered by the customers and staff. Further, it will remove miscommunication between my teammates and me, and help to develop proper coordination, which is vital for greater service quality. Additionally, I need to work on my creativity and intuitive skills. If I can develop my creativity and encourage others to be more innovative, it will help to offer something new to the clients who visit our hotels. This will attract more patrons and repeat consumers as millennials get bored to the same thing very soon and very easily. Therefore encouraging the staff to try out creativity at work will boost their self-thinking capabilities as well as lure the patrons.


Personal leadership portfolio provides a snap of the ongoing activities, triumphs and necessary skills required for an effective leader. As per my view, the leader did not rule or overpower the followers, instead of in contemporary times, guides and motivated the associates through their own practices. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a set of principles for channelising our own life before setting an example for others. It is further identified that a good leader needs to possess certain qualities such as honesty, integrity, open communication skills, creativity, positive mind-set, vision, spirituality, self-discipline and kindness. However, after evaluating myself, I have classified that I lack a few of the skills, namely, communication, vision, and an appropriate amount of kindness, which needs to develop at the earliest. Based on the analysis, I can say that I have the necessary skills to be an effective leader, but I need to focus on continuous improvement of my skills. At last, as per my assessment, to succeed in the hotel industry I require to develop the skills I lack, which I have identified earlier.