PGBM04: International Business Environment Answer

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Faculty of Business and Law

PGBM04:  International Business Environment

Submission date:  14th January2020

Please also note that
(i) as much as possible your answers should draw on real world examples from the activities of international businesses and national economies
(ii) equal weighting should be assumed for two part questions.
In answering ONE of these questions, please pay particular attention to the assessment criteria set out on the previous page.
1. For  a  European multinational  company  contemplating  a  joint  venture with  a Chinese partner  firstly,  provide  a  critical  analysis  of  the  political  risks  and  cultural  challenges likely  to  be  encountered.     Secondly,  recommend  an  appropriate market  entry strategy to enable the joint venture to be successful.
2. In  the  context  of  globalization  of  the  world  economy,  firstly  critically  evaluate  the argument  that  international  business  has  become  more  regional  than  global. Secondly,  if  this  is  the  case, what are  the  implications  for production  strategies of companies.
3. Firstly, explain why governments advocate  free  trade policies whilst at  the  same  time impose barriers to protect their domestic industries. Secondly, using concrete examples from  the  current  international  business  environment  critically  compare  and  contrast such measures and how they impact on producers and consumers.

4. In a country of your choice, assess the relative merits of the national government policy approaches  to  supporting  the  development  of  building  innovative  capacity  within companies.   Secondly, critically evaluate how these policy choices support the different stages of the business life cycle.

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