PGBM108 Managing Innovation And Technology Transfer Summative Assessment Answer

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ModuleManaging Innovation & Technology Transfer                                

Assignment Code: PGBM108

Module Leader: Derek Watson

Issue date:                                                                             Submission date: 

Contribution to module assessment: 100%

The assessment has been specifically designed to accommodate the students varying commercial knowledge and understanding of module content. Hence: 

Students will be required to conduct either a: - 

Option 1. Research a business related theme from the module scheme of work and produce an individual academic report. 

Option 2. Secure a live organization, to manage an innovation project and produce a        reflective log.


The assessment of this assignment will cover all of the following learning outcomes: 


K1       Critically analyse the management of innovation and technology transfer as a core business process. 

K2       Critically evaluate the choices and challenges in building and managing an innovative organization. 

K3       Reflect upon and critically evaluate the key attributes in capturing learning from Innovation and technology transfer. 


S1       Demonstrate an ability to critically appraise theories of managing innovation and technology transfer in the 21st century. 

S2       Evaluate the assessment of viable concepts, models and techniques in order to identify ease of transmission for the adoption and/or application of managing innovation and technology transfer. 

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