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What is Pig?

  1. Pig is an open source high level dataflow system

Why is it important?

  1. Some form of ad-hoc processing and analysis of all of this information is required.
  2. Higher level procedural data flow language
  3. Similar to SQL query where the user specifies the what and leaves the "how" to the underlying processing engine

Pig Characteristics

  1. A platform for analyzing large data sets that runs on top Hadoop
  2. Provides a high level language for expressing data analysis
  3. Uses both HDFS (read and write files) and MapReduce.

Pig Elements:

Pig Latin: 

  1. High level scripting language
  2. Designed specifically for data transformation and flow expression


  1. The environment in which Pig Latin commands are executed
  2. Currently there is support for local and Hadoop modes.

Pig Interpreter:

  1. Pig interpreter converts Pig Latin to MapReduce

Running PIG


  1. Execute commands in a file
  2. $pig script_file.pig


  1. Interactive shell for executing Pig commands
  2. Started when script file is NOT provided

Pig Data type:

Signed 32 bit integer
Signed 64 bit integer
32 bit floating point
64 bit floating point
Character array in unicode UTF-8 format

Hadoop Pig architecture

client machine (pig job submission)
Pig -> map reduce transformations
Map Reduce Jobs
HDFS(hadoop distributed file system)

Hadoop Pig architecture

Difference between hapdoop mapreduce, pig and hive :

Hadoop Mapreduce
Scripting language
Compiled language
SQL like query language
Highter level of abstraction
Lower level of abstraction
Highter level of abstruction
Comparatively less lines of code than mapreduce
More lines of code
Comparatively less line of code than mapreduce and apache pig
Code efficiency is relatively-less
Code efficiency is relatively-high when compared to pig and hive.
Code efficiency is relatively-less