Pizza Club: Reflection On Leadership Potential

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PART 1 a 2000-word Individual Essay which is brought about by their reflection on how would they curve, enhance, and strengthen their leadership potentials, qualities and styles c1111·ently at work or in the future. The essay must include KSA. Leadership knowledge, Leadership Skills, and Leadership Attitude that will play vital roles in their leadership position and practices.

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The essay is aimed at identifying and analysing the way leadership styles, potentials and qualities of Pizza Club can be shaped, enhanced and strengthened now and in the future. Therefore, the study evaluates leadership knowledge, leadership skills, KSA and leadership attitude that play primes role in the leadership practices and position of the firm. 

Pizza Club- Auckland CBD is one of the branches of the Pakuranga Pizza. The company is known for making tasty pizzas with good quality that differentiate the company from the rest of the pizza organisations. A different flavour of pizza offered by the firm includes vegetarian, chicken, meat, seafood, desserts, sides and pasta. Customers can order by phone or can also buy pizzas in the store of Pizza Club. 

The way in which Pizza Club can curve, improve and strengthen their leadership potentials, styles and qualities presently at work or in future 

Different scholars have defined leadership differently. According to Bolman and Deal (2017), leadership refers to the activity of leading people or a company or the ability to do this. It involves developing a strong vision, involving people in that vision for bringing willingness in them to follow the vision,  providing knowledge, information and processes for realising the vision and synchronising and balancing the contradictory interests of all stakeholders and members. In the words of Tannenbaum and Schmidt (2017), leadership is the ability to guide a group of people or followers or organisational members. An organisational leader is responsible for making effective and sometimes, challenging decisions, developing and articulating a clear vision, setting up achievable aims and giving followers with the necessary techniques and knowledge for attaining those goals. 

In the words of Fairhurstand Connaughton (2014), leadership potential is something distinctive based on the industry, organisation or within the team. However, at its centre, it is the demonstration of a variety of competencies and personalities associated with achievement as a leader. 

For developing leadership potential, some steps need to be followed by Pizza Club. As stated by Antonakis and Day (2017), employees must be encouraged to observe the actions of a successful leader and reflect on those actions and behaviours at the time of decision-making or change or the way they communicate with others. The manager of Pizza Club need carry out discussion with the team members regarding their performance and associated gaps. After identifying performance gaps, they can develop action-oriented goals for fulfilling those gaps. Besides working on weaknesses, leveraging on strengths is also necessary. In the next stage, the preparation needs to be appliedfor practising. It helps in learning and reflecting on own behaviour for better understanding. Here, the manager can help subordinates by guiding their activities as a mentor and helping the identifying their best-suited leadership style. 

For being an effective leader, it requires having or acquiring some qualities that need to be adopted by the leader of Pizza Club for better running the organisation and making it successful. The organisation must know, without the guidance of an efficient leader no small business can progress over time and organisation can be run profitably and effectively for a long time. According to Heifetz and Linsky (2017), a leader must know the way, show the way and go the way along with team members for achieving the goal. He/she is the difference maker between failure and success. Honesty, integrity and confidence are some of the prime qualities that leaders must have. For being successful and expecting the followers,to be honest, the leader must stick to his/her core beliefs and values for promoting ethics within the organisation. Confidence is the quality that makes others following the leader’s command. If a leader does not feel confident about his/her own qualities and decisions, the subordinates will never follow him/her. The leader must show some decisiveness and swagger for gaining respect. 

Hence, the leader of Pizza Club must be honest and confident in guiding the present as well as future activities and plans of the firm for business growth. 

As stated by Tourish (2014), inspiring others is the most challenging task for a leader. It can be done by making a decent example for the followers. When the subordinates face a difficult situation, they look up their leader and try to find how the leader handles the situation. A leader must be passionate and committed toward achieving the business objectives as well as he must be a good communicator too. When subordinates see that the leader is getting his/her hands dirty, they become even more committed and try to give their best performance. Moreover, the leader must have the ability to communicate the vision and strategies to achieve it clearly to the team members.

Therefore, the leader of Pizza Club must show positivity in every situation and the positive attitude must be noticeable through his actions. It will help him encouraging the team members doing their best. In the website of the company, no information regarding the company, its employees, customers, approaches and vision, mission or aim is provided. It may discourage the employees to work hard. For bringing inspiration in them, the leader must improve the company website and communicate the vision of the company a clear with all the staff for managing their actions toward a specific direction. 

Leadership styleis defined as the approach and technique of giving direction, executing plans and process of motivating people. A number of leadership styles include autocratic, bureaucratic, democratic, charismatic, laissez-faire and relationship-oriented leadership style. However, no single leadership style is suitable for adopting in every situation for a leader — different circumstances in a business demand different leadership styles (Lewiset al. 2017). Therefore, Pizza Club must adopt a variety of leadership styles based on the situations. 

According to Klenke (2018), managers of restaurants, who follow autocratic leadership, can make decisions quickly without discussing with the subordinates. They try to self-direct the restaurant. For example, such leaders can add a new dish to the menu without consulting with the cook. Further, restaurant managers adopt democratic leadershipfor engaging staff in the decision-making process. In situations, managers let staff deal with bad-tempered customers or follow their own process of taking orders and supplies. Consultative leadership style is a combination of democratic and autocratic leadership styles. Here, employees can make smaller decisions and managers handle the bigger decisions. 

Thus, at the time of making quick decisions, the manager of Pizza Club can practice the autocratic leadership style. In terms of dealing with customers, receiving their orders and delivering the pizzas, the manager of Pizza Club can adopt the democratic style for consulting with the staff and make collective decisions. The manager can also adopt the consultative leadership for asking staff on how they can improve sales and avoid displeased customers. However, the manager needs approving the process before implementation. 

In the field of human resource, KSAis the abbreviation for Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. It is most frequently used for defining the requirements of a job post and comparing job applicants for making the final selection. For being an effective leader or manager, specific knowledge, skill and attitude must be there in an individual (Jones and Jones, 2017). As commented by Fiscuset al. (2018), communication is one of the most importantknowledge andskills that a leader must have. A leader must have the ability to communicate everything to the team members starting from organisational goals to particular tasks for achieving them. Leaders must have expertise in all types of communication including departmental, one-to-one and full-staff and communication via email, social media and phone.

Hence, In Pizza Club, there must be a practice of regular communication between the leader and team members for discussing problems and concerns. Besides communication, active listening, business storytelling, public speaking, non-verbal communication, reading body language are also must be in the leader. 

Singhet al. (2017) stated that leaders must be able to identify the skills and attributes of every employee and delegate each of them tasks accordingly. By assigning different tasks to different members, the leader of Pizza Club can focus on other important areas. Positivity is another important leadership skill that helps to create a healthy and happy working environment. Hence, the owner or manager of Pizza Club must acquire the above-mentioned skills for leading the organisation toward success. 

However, Klenke(2018) focused on strategic thinking skill, which is an essential skill of a successful leader. It helps leaders seeing the bigger picture and not being distracted by minor details or side issues. A leader is a person who can plan and delivery skills. While it is crucial to be individually prepared and motivated, it is more important to develop and execute plans for the business. Further, a leader must have time management skill, so that effective decisions can be made and tasks can be completed on time. They must also have people management skill. Without members, there is no leader. Hence, leaders must have the capability of working in collaboration with the team members for handling different types of situations effectively. Next comes, innovation and change management skill. Change management can seem like a strange acquaintance to people management. However, leadership is often specifically important during the change. A leader needs understanding chance management for leading a company through the method. For instance, change management needs the development and communication of a convincing vision. It also needs the change to be driven onward decisively and leadership to make it stick if the company is not returningwithin a very short time. A leader must also be able to persuade and inspire others by using different tools. 

For doing this, the leader can use emotional intelligence for developing a positive interaction with the staff of Pizza Club and inspiring them toward achieving company vision. For bringing changes smoothly, a strong relationship must be there between the leader and the staff members, so that they follow the guidelines and do not resist any kind of change proposed or planned by the leader. 

According to Jones and Jones (2017), attitude is a belief or feeling that immensely control the way people observe their environment, behave and conduct things. Great leaders provide much more than strategy and knowledge. They know the process of building trust and empower team members. There people skills are things that make them distinctive. Efficient leaders respect the opinion of others before making final decisions. Further, they have a risk-taking attitude that facilitates leaders making differences, innovating and creating value. Leaders should have a friendlyattitude so that it becomes easier to influence others. People like working with leaders and following them with whom, they have a positive relationship. It influences people achieving hard goals. 

Hence, to show the right attitude toward staff in Pizza Club, the leader needs building trust in the employees by identifying and meeting their needs and empowering them to make decisions.Currently, the lack of leadership is evident in every area of the business. Before making any ultimate decision, the leader needs consulting with the staff, as they have a better idea regarding the changing demands of customers. This is because, the staff are the people, who communicate directly with the consumers regularly and thus, can understand their changing needs better as compared to the leader of the organisation. For expanding the business, the owner of Pizza Club must also show risk-taking attitude and must not be afraid of failure. They should remember that without taking risks, it is not possible going beyond the competition and developing a sustainable position within the marketplace. 


Leadership is about not only leading people or organisation by directing their attitude, behaviour and performance. It is much beyond just directing. Therefore, for curving, enhancing and consolidating leadership position in Pizza Club, the leader must adopt different leadership styles at different situations based on the needs of the situations. Further, leadership potential must be developed by mentoring staff and helping them identifying their gaps and overcoming those gaps successfully. The manager needs also develop necessary leadership skills and attitude for leading the current and future business practices efficiently.