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Political Science Assignment Help  

It is branch of social science which studies the various aspects and forms of political issues, political policies and every other political change that happens in a country.

  1. Political science is a branch of the social sciences.
  2. Political scientists are biased towards pluralism.

Branches of political science assignment help

  1. Political Theory: is an interpretive and analytic
  2. International Politics: International relations is the study of politics beyond the nation state
  3. Domestic Politics: There is a hierarchical relationship. Units stand in formal differentiation of authority and function.
  4. Local Politics: Local politics = Conflict over rival visions of land use
  5. Public Law: Public law is concerned with the legal relation between the state and the individuals.
  6. Comparative Politics: Compare political events and pose questions to learn about the event.
  7. Political Statistics: Statistics is the science of dealing with data.
  8. Public Administrator: Protect the decedent's property from waste, loss or theft.
  9. Political Philosophy: The oldest field of study in the discipline
  10. Political Dynamics: Budgeting takes place in a broader political context.
  11. Comparative Government: Field within political science that focuses on domestic politics and analyzes patterns of similarity and difference.

Public Policy May:

  1. Regular Behavior
  2. Organize administration and partnership for service provision
  3. Distribute benefits or extract taxes
  4. Inform and educate

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  6. Political Philosophy 
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  2. Public Law 
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  4. Comparative Politics 
  5. Political Statistics 
  6. Public Administrator 
  7. Local Politics 

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