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Information about Polytechnic West 

Polytechnic West is an institute of State Training Provider that was established under the section 35 of the Vocational Education and Training Act 1996. It was formerly known as Swan TAFE based in Western Australia. It is one of the largest training providers of Perth teaching and providing instructions in various areas of trade-based apprenticeship related to business, finance and aviation. 

The institute is spread across and operates on eight campuses like Carlisle, Bentley, Midland, Balga, Thornlie, Jandakot and two other campuses in Armadale with one equine training centre.

Polytechnic West offers as many as 400 courses generating a strong education interest among students all around the world offering them providing them with attractive employment choice. All the faculty members of the institute are all the best in the subject that they teach. Not only that but the staff members of the institute helpful as well. Most of them are well attuned to the separate set of difficulties faced by local and students and are more than happy to sort things out. It is not just because how good they are at their job but also because they are in the education field for a long time and has a better grasp at how easily things can turn from bad to worse. Their watchful eyes keep things at check.

The principle goal of Polytechnic West is to create a better pathway for their student’s future by broadening their scope of knowledge and providing practical means to expand their life experiences that is best in creating the next generation of leaders in the Technology sectors over an array of various industries. The Polytechnic West offers its students an interactive learning environment fostering modern learning ways of using their academic knowledge in a fruitful manner. 

A crash course on the courses offered in Polytechnic West

Polytechnic West courses are in line with the AQTF or the Australian Quality Training Framework, as it is more commonly known as. This particular Australian accreditation offers some reverend titles and standard levels of courses that are all across Australia. 

The qualifications provided by Polytechnic West currently include –

  • Associate Degree
  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma
  • Certificate I
  • Certificate II
  • Certificate III
  • Certificate IV

Here are the courses a student can take in Polytechnic West -

Certificate Courses

Agriculture & Horticulture

  • Certificate II in Agriculture
  • Certificate III in Agriculture
  • Certificate IV in Agriculture
  • Certificate III in Horticulture

Animal Care & Vet Nursing

  • Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing
  • Veterinary Nursing Pathway
  • Certificate II in Animal Studies
  • Certificate III in Captive Animals
  • Certificate IV in Captive Animals
  • Captive Animals Pathway

Building, Construction & Trades

  • Certificate I in Construction
  • Certificate II in Construction Pathways
  • Certificate IV in Building and Construction
  • Diploma of Building and Construction
  • Diploma of Building and Construction 
  • Certificate II in Electrotechnology 
  • Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation

Business Administration & Management

  • Diploma of Business
  • Certificate III in Customer Engagement
  • Diploma of Human Resources Management

Real Estate

  • Real Estate Agent Pathway - New South Wales
  • Real Estate Agent Pathway - Queensland
  • Real Estate Agent Pathway - Victoria

Project Management

  • Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
  • Diploma of Project Management

Design & Photography

  • Diploma of Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design Pathway Program
  • Certificate IV in Interior Decoration
  • Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration
  • Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging
  • Certificate III in Information, Digital media and Technology

Information Technology

  • Certificate IV in Information Technology
  • Certificate IV in Programming
  • Certificate IV In Web-based Technologies

Community Service

  • Certificate IV in Leisure and Health

Diploma Courses


  • Diploma of Logistics

Human Resources

  • Diploma of Human Resources Management

Community Services

  • Diploma of Community Services


  • Diploma of Leadership and Management

Early Childhood

  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care


  • Diploma of Beauty Therapy

Building, Construction & Trades

  • Building and Construction 
  • Diploma of Building and Construction 

Marketing and Events

  • Digital Marketing Pathway
  • Diploma of Event Management
  • Diploma of Social Media Marketing

Project Management

  • Diploma of Project Management


  • Diploma of Counseling

Graphic & Digital Design

  • Diploma of Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design Pathway Program

Interior Design

  • Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration


  • Diploma of Business

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