Portfolio Management: Stakeholders Support

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Question :

Knowledge Activity 1:

Securing support of different stakeholders

Consider the internal and external stakeholders that are impacted by your budget. What is

important to each of them in relation to the budget? How might you secure their support for

your budget? Make notes in the box below.

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Answer :

Knowledge activity 1: Securing support of different stakeholders

Identified stakeholderInternal or external?What is important to them?How will you secure their support?
Government bankExternalTrust and   honesty of budget and also security of lent money By showing   that budget is consolidated and has no loophole
Financial   AdvisorInternalObjectives of   formulating budget and efficiency of budgetBy asking for   best advice based on similarly successful budgets
MediaExternalInformation   regarding progress of budgetBy asking   them to create live coverage of progress made in budget processes