Poster Making On Topic: Salvation Army Victoria Or Australia

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Hong Kong College of Engineering

Code: B3C30

Write the title on "salvation Army Victoria or Australia".


1) Demonstrate respect for the dignity of each individual and for human diversity

2) Recognise your responsibility to the common good, the environment and society

3) Work both autonomously and collaboratively

4) Locate, organise, analyse, synthesise and evaluate information

5) Demonstrate effective communication in oral and written English language and visual media

6) Utilise information and communication and other relevant technologies effectively

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Answer :

Introduction & mission: 

The mission of this organization is to bring salvation to the poor and they help them as much as possible. They will satisfy all the spiritual and physical need by the poor by offering then food and shelter.  

The group has certain believes that the scriptures of the old and new Testaments were given by inspiration of God and by that they will follow the Christian faith and practice.

 It is running in 127 countries and immensely helping the poor and the deprived persons for the goodwill. The organization run many charity shops and arranges shelters for the poor people who does not have their homes or any other place to stay 

During any natural disaster, it is very essential for them to get a place to stay and get foods to survive. Salvation Army is the place for the humanitarian aid along with the help of the poor in various ways  

This group follows the typical evangelical protestant that is mainly directed to create the benefit of the society and fulfill their need by giving them shelter and food. 


Projects they focus on:

They focus on serving the poor people foods and place to stay in any crisis management. The people who are related to this group start operating this group as Salvation Army group.

 This group has become by joining one by another people and their focus is to adjoin people who are alcoholics, morphine addicts and prostitutes and some deprived persons.

The group grew rapidly in the 19th century. The administrative purpose of this group is to geographically scattered in various places and then help people and then sub-divided into various divisions.

 The territorial department has an administrative hub and people are working from there. The administrative hub work with a group of people and it is known as territorial headquarters.

The commander in the head quarter receives orders from the other people and they work as per the instruction they get from the administrative department.  

The officer in the head quarter named as the colonel who ranked in the top. Colonel is the main person who keeps all the information regarding the total process and work as per the requirement. 


Places they work:

The group of people works worldwide and globally they have many places and from there they operate the whole work.

 More than 127 countries are under their supervision and provide services in 175 different languages. Geographically the people work in the territories. All over the country, get help from this salvation army group.


My professional contribution:

As the Salvation Army group concentrates on serving to the deprived people so here I connect with the different groups of people and ask them about their need. Connecting and generate a networking system is very essential so to achieve it with success meeting different types of people is necessary. 

The work is mainly connected with the various types of people so salvation will operate by meeting people around the world. By lifting spirits, appropriate encouragements communication and providing comfortable for the work structure will create the base for this type of charitable work. Charitable work needs proper supervisions and along with that it is directly connected with the well-being of the people to help them improve the quality of life who are with disabilities.

 This work will concentrate with dealing people need and help in all possible way. The people with need will get the proper assistance and the procedure to get help from the organization so for that knowing the need of them and delivering things keeping that in mind that eventually it will help them to get ultimate help.  

Meeting with the hierarchy is also very important in this matter because the entire work will take some procedures and by taking their help, the job will become easier.

 As networking is the prime thing here, so the day-to-day activity is to check how many people need help, in which geographical area the need is generated from and the people in need taking support for food or shelter.