Pre-Placement Reflection In Public Health Assessment Answer

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Pre-capstone reflection. This task will enable students to acquire knowledge about their practice readiness including areas in which they require further preparation and training.

In this assessment students are asked to (a) identify their current skills and knowledge and identify and reflect on the additional skills and knowledge they need to complete the placement; (b) link the new skills and knowledge they will obtain to existing frameworks within the scientific literature and public health practitioner competency standards.

Weighting:                                          20%

Length and/or format:                       800 words (excluding references)

Purpose:                                             To enable students to identify and reflect on the skills and knowledge needed to complete the placement and how these relate to the scientific literature.

Learning outcomes assessed:           2, 3

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Public Health Management

Pre-Placement Reflection in Public Health

The purpose of this assignment is to recollect my experiences from an educational journey and develop myself for being integrated into the public healthcare business. My education experience provided me with the confidence to prepare for the professional challenges awaiting in my future. I would utilise the clinical research within public knowledge to enhance my own understanding of the competencies within the public health sector. I would like to document the specialised knowledge and skills needed to successfully provide public health services in the current day and age. I would enunciate my personal skills and knowledge and measure them with respect to my future plans. The healthcare industry in the public sector is in the height of their challenge with the increasing age of the population, the incidence of chronic or tropical diseases and the economic burden on the people in general. It is my duty as an aspiring public health professional to ensure that the challenges are reduced.

My master’s degree in public health has taught me, and I was provided with the opportunity to utilise my educational journey. I learned the importance of contemplation, congeniality, peace-making, humility and adopted these lessons as a personal core value in order to pursue public healthcare (Graham, Mackie & Sibbald, 2016). The importance of these qualities was something I believed myself, which is the reason for taking an interest in the public health career. Upon completion of the 40 hours' worth of community service to help the public health, I was intrigued by the competencies needed in the public health sector. My service value was tested when I was provided with the responsibility of handling patients and adhering to the standards of practice. I find myself lucky to be able to help in the development of community health and contributing to sharing the responsibility of the healthcare industry. 

In my educational exposure to the public health provided me with the knowledge of the disease and the approaches of management. It is essential that I maintain sterility in my clinical practices to ensure the health and safety of the patients. I learned the importance of self-hygiene to ensure I don't contribute to the spreading of diseases in the healthcare environment (Kato, Jaarsma & Gal, 2014). This would reduce the public health burden contributed by the hospital-communicated diseases. I intend to maintain this with the adoption of good hygiene, especially hand-hygiene. I participated in the hand hygiene adoption workshop where I practised approaches of adoption of better hospital hygiene. I was exposed to the healthcare duties, where I acquired the importance of patient handover management. In regards to providing improved and continuous health outcome, the maintenance of the ISBAR form and accuracy in documenting the patient information is essential (Williams, 2019). I possessed the communication skills, which was advantageous in communicating with the incoming or preceding handover nurses in my situation. I was able to screen for the patient's diseases and accurately document the diagnostic test results for the incoming handover nurse. I completely understand the importance of constant patient monitoring for which I treat the critical patients thoroughly. I make sure to ask the previous nurse regarding the requirements of the patient's assessment and monitoring as well as medication to prevent any form of practice error. I am also careful in administrating medication or injection to the patients. I make sure to keep a note of the administration pathways for the medications, vaccinations and other injective fluids with myself for reference (Rosenthal et al., 2016). This is essential in the prevention of diseases and minimising the impact of disease complications. I also ensure that I communicate with the patient as well as their family when they have a chronic disease condition. Managing the lifestyle of the patients is a critical factor in contributing to the reduction of poor health outcomes. I utilise my communication skills to educate the patients as well as their families in the management of their lifestyles.

I would like to address that there are certain areas where I still need to improve and facilitate public health contribution. In my professional expire, I would like to learn about financial management. The financial aspect of education was not clear when it comes to public health. I would like to utilise the financial management skills to represent the stakeholders to implement healthcare programs successfully within the community (Choi, Blumberg & Williams, 2016). I would also like to gain more knowledge regarding the implementation policies and regulation for obtaining an administrative position in future. My future accomplishment would require me to expand my knowledge base through evidence-based practice and continuous learning. In future, I would like to work with government official and regulatory bodies to protect the public health.  I would like to learn about the voluntary organisation sector and gain professional experience in order to achieve this. In addition to this, I would like to increase my technological skills to engage myself in advanced public health.