Pre Placement Task

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Deakin Business School
Code: MWL303

Task 1: 

How did you obtain this placement?  Who is it with and what will you do?

Your response should include coverage of the following:

• Describe the application/negotiation process to obtain your placement including the challenges you faced.

• Identify any issue involved in the internship negotiations with your host.

• Identify the value of networking and how this impacted on you obtaining your placement.

• Comment on the relevance of the internship to one or more of your major sequence.

• Provide an overview of your host organisation (including what they do, what is their mission, where they are based, staffing profile, industry relevance).

• Describe the organisational unit/department hosting you (the ‘group’ within the organisation you will be working with if known now).

• Describe the range of activities you expect to be involved in during your internship.

• How do you feel about the range of activities you are to undertake?

• What will you do to prepare for your first day?

Task 2: 

Research employer requirements for your ideal graduate job and evaluate where your gaps are.

Your response should include coverage of:

• A description of your career objective indicating clearly what sort of work you want after you graduate.

• Provide two relevant (current) job advertisements which you would consider applying for if you were about to graduate. You should include a copy of the job advertisements as an appendix to this assignment.

• In relation to the responsibilities to be undertaken what knowledge, skills and attributes are these employers looking for?

• Reflect on your current level of each of these skills, attributes and knowledge.  

• Identify where your potential gaps may be.

• Specifically discuss how this placement may enable you to work on closing these gaps.

Task 3: 

What are your aspirations and objectives for this internship? Will critical reflection help?

Your response should include coverage of:

• Define in your own words the terms: aspirations, objectives, critical reflection

• How may this placement help you improve your self-management?’ You may consider such things as: ability to contribute to discussions; goal setting; time management skills; self-assessment.

• What benefits do you think you offer your host organisation?

Develop and provide indicators of success:

• From the perspective of the student and

• What you expect would be the host’s perspective

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Answer :


Internships in well known business units provides better opportunities to proliferate one’s future prospects associated with the career. Current assignment sheds light on the self-study and self-experience regarding an internship programme and evaluates several aspects of the programme including various processes that are significantly related to the internship programme.

Task 1

Obtaining the placement and overview of the internship provider

Description of the application process

Internship process helps to enrich one’s CV for better career opportunities. Navanti Holding Pty Ltd is one such company that provides opportunities for business management students to enrich their experience as an intern that can be successfully indulged into enhancing the employee skills. 

The application process for this particular internship has not been much toilsome. As per an advertisement the scope of the internship was informed. This company advertised their THINK TANK internship program in several social media platforms along with in its official website. The advertisement clarified the perks of the internship programme along with it provided a brief overview of the internship programme. The advertisement also contained the email address of the HR of the company in order to submit one’s CV to that address. The application was submitted directly to the provided mail address in order to inform the subsequent company about my interest of joining their internship programme (Navanti Holdings Pty Ltd, 2017).

Issue involved in the internship negotiations

In the internship application process the issue that had been the matter of primary concern was selecting an area from their several activity internship programmes. The business unit provided ample scope to attend several internship areas which included business plan development, branding strategies, competitive analysis and system implementation. Because of confined period it had not possible to join more than one internship programme. Another issue faced in the negotiation process was getting selected for the internship programme (Navanti Holdings Pty Ltd, 2017). As this provides a great opportunity for the business graduates several students of business management opted for the programme. It indicates that the number of aspirants were high in this case. Therefore, getting selected in the basis of the CV and the provided reason for applying to enjoy the internship programme was problematic.

Value of networking

Internships often provide the opportunity to attend several meetings and events. These meetings and workshops provide the opportunity to interacting with several professionals that are necessary in order to gain new connections and access to several relevant business personnel. It also helps to build a professional behaviour and paves the path for being able to communicate in a professional business environment. This is one of the prime most learning that can be gained through this internship programme.

Relevance of the internship

This internship is significant as it provides the current university students and graduate freshers with a potent opportunity to gain work experience and knowledge. This internship also provides an opportunity for the graduates to acquire work experience across a number of business units of Navanti Holdings (Navanti ,2017). The trainees and the chosen aspirants are to acquire valuable knowledge in several operational activities like Business plan development, Branding strategies, system Implementation and Competitive analysis of several companies.

Overview of the host organization

The Host organization is Navanti Holdings Pty Ltd which is a multinational holding company that is consisted of 14 subsidiary companies which are operating in Australia. This group is associated with various industries including property, business incubator, flooring chemical, interior designing, printing and branding agencies and so on. Some of the famous subsidiaries are Xynergy realty, N-Cubation, IM Home and Navanti Finance. The main headquarters of the enterprise is located at 525, Collins Street, Melbourne in Australia (Navanti, 2017). 

Description of the organizational unit

NTT (Navanti Think Tank) is a research and advisory department and it is formed in order to assist the Board of Directors of the company. This internship is significant as it provides an opportunity to delve deep into the business operational activities and understanding the market and business analysis process that the analysts team does in order to collect data and information related to the contemporary issues and trends. The knowledge is used within the organization and shared with selected clients and relevant stakeholders.

Range of activities during the internship

This internship is going to provide a scope for learning various business activities and that includes Business Plan Development, System Implementation, Brand strategies, Competitive analysis of the companies and also helped in learning the implication and influence of different internal and external factors in the industry (Navanti, 2017). 

Reflection on the activities

The activities that have been offered in the internship programme are significant for future entrepreneurs as well as aspirant employees of multinational companies. The activities that have been offered in this programme have been immensely helpful for a better understanding of several business operations. It is a well-known fact that one needs sound knowledge of several organizational operations and needs professional training in order to appear as a sound employee. Therefore, a proper training of the mentioned activities has helped to form a clearer view and real-life experience that can help me potently 

in future.

Preparation for the first day

Before appearing in the venue for the first time I plan to prepare myself mentally so that I can use the opportunity of learning at the most. Along with that I plan to do my initial studies regarding the enterprise and their operations. I also look forward to having a positive, professional and cordial approach towards the trainer and the fellow trainees of the programme.

Task 2

Employer requirements for my ideal graduate job

Description of my career objective

As in future I aspire to acquire the post of a CEO or branding manager of a company, I plan to undertake every possible step seriously. In order to reach my objective, it is important to have a sound knowledge of the operational activities of any subsequent business organization. Along with that this objective requires enough knowledge and skills. The skills that are required for the post needs practice and it is of prime significance to gain experience in order to reach a position of a brand manager or a CEO.

Relevant job advertisements 

Two of the job advertisements that I found to be relevant are fresher assistant manager who are to be provided necessary training.

Job advertisement 1

The David Jones company are looking for assistant sales manger that does not require any experience in the field. This company is looking for graduates who are energetic, enthusiastic and has leadership skills. This job can be relevant for achieving my career objective and enhance the managerial and leadership skills that are required for the position of a CEO or a brand manager (Graduate Marketing & Communications Jobs in All Australia, 2017).

Job advertisement 2

ProForce which is one of the leading graduate placement firms of Australia is offering a 12-month training prior to its job role as an assistant manager in the sector of marketing and communications. This is another significant option that can facilitate the employee skills and also help in acquiring relevant knowledge regarding progressive workplace culture (Graduate Marketing & Communications Jobs in All Australia, 2017).

Employer’s requirement

Employer 1

As per the first job advertisement the employer is looking for three primary skills and they are associated with;

  • Driving the department’s performance along with achieving set target
  • Managing several situations with the help of personal experience
  • Motivating others

The employer is looking for creative leaders who can prove to be inspirational to their teams.

Employer 2

The second advertisement does not reveal much of the required skills, but it needs a person who can adapt with different workplace cultures. The employer is primarily looking for fresh graduates who can be trained into entry-level corporate position.

Reflection on the current level of the skills

As per as my individual skills are concerned due to my university team work activities I have acquired the skill of working in a group. Study of leadership theories and motivational practices have also generated few leadership attributes in me. Apart from that the skill that is required to achieve target is the time management and that is my strength. 

Current level   of expertise 
Management skills 
Time management 
Motivating others 
Communication skills 

Potential gaps

The potential gap that I have realised is the problem of interacting and communicating effectively with new people. Working in any firm requires sound communicational skills and it can be developed through activities and training programmes. The leadership skill also needs skill to interact effectively (Hathaway,  Rosen,Myers & Laws, 2017). Therefore, it is important for me to work on the development of this skill.

Potency of the current placement in meeting the gaps 

The acknowledged gap can be met through the participation in this internship placement as it is a well-known fact that this company in this programme scope for several group activities. The trainees are to come from various universities and it is evident that I will have the opportunity to interact with several people that have different perspectives and also belong to a different cultural dimension. Therefore, along with enhancing the technical skills required for a brand manager this placement can also facilitate my management skills and communication skills (Cohen, 2014).

Task 3

Aspirations and objectives for the internship and role of the critical reflection

  • Aspirations in my terms is the dream or the particular objective that I want to achieve. Aspirations are the moot motivators for achieving success.

Objectives are the aim of that I work for. Objectives are the driving force that helps to look at a particular goal and working hard in order to achieve that.

Critical reflection is the indicator that helps in understanding where is the scope of improvement and the gaps that lie within me. It is also the indicator of the challenges that can hinder me from achieving my objective as well as the key skills that can be my prime strength and motivation in order to achieve success (Brush, Hall, Pinelli & Perry, 2014).

  • This placement can prove to helpful in understanding the operational activities and have a real-life experience. It also offers group activities and participating in seminars and workshops. It helps to be participate in discussions.
  • The major benefit offered by the host organization is the opportunity work primarily in their firm and acquire the position of an analyst.
  • Indicator’s of success

My perspective 

  1. Successfully completing the programme
  2. Achieving a positive experience certificate

Host’s perspective

  1. Effectively participating in the internal and external analysis of different firms
  2. Prove to be productive for the organization (Calvo & D’Amato, 2015)