Prevention Of Depression In Elderly In Age Care Facility Assessment Answer

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Hurdle requirement

Written Capstone Placement Proposal will enable students to acquire knowledge informing the aims, activities, and proposed outcomes of their project within the placement site. 

Purpose:   Written task requiring students to demonstrate knowledge of the aims of their placement project

Task description and instructions-

A systematic review on prevention of depression in elderly in age care facility between age group (75 and above) in Australia.   

In this hurdle requirement students develop a placement proposal. Include a title of the project within the cover page, and use the following subheadings within the proposal:





Main outcomes,

 Analysis plan, 




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Answer :



Depression is the most common health problem and it is also the most neglected health issue in case of the elderly people. Depression is the most serious mental illness which severely affects someone's emotion and feelings. But this condition can be cured if it is diagnosed at an early state (Liu, Gou & Zuo, 2016). The depressive state of mind comes from various reasons like chronic illness, serious physical injuries, losing dear ones and mostly loneliness. Depression is a state of mind where someone loses their interest from socialising; people become hopeless and loose energy for doing their everyday activities.  During depression people suffer from lower self-esteem, sleep disorder, less appetite, etc (Lok, Lok & Canbaz, 2017).  Australian people belonging to the age of 65 are mostly affected with depression either due to some chronic health problems or loneliness. According to the survey, 20% of elderly people in Australia are suffering from this chronic depression including anxiety and some other psychological disorders.


This proposal aims to find out the prevalent reason behind the depression among elderly people. This secondary aim of this research is to find out the proper interventions, medical treatment and the roles of nurses for the betterment of the mental conditions of the depressed people (Andreas et al., 2017). With the help of this study, we can briefly analyse the reason behind their sufferings and their health condition due to this mental health disorder.


  • To find out the meaning of this clinical depression.
  • To find out the main reason behind the sufferings of these elderly people.
  • To find out the factors which are the reason behind the increasing prevalence of the depression among the elderly people.
  • To find out the role of nurses to reduce the risks of this depression among elderly people. 


To identify the primary objectives we need to collect some data from some relevant articles. To identify the reasons for this issue we need to survey some elderly people who are suffering from this depression (Cao et al., 2016).  With the help of this survey, we can also find out the strength, weakness, and gap of theme and topic. This research proposal must have some theoretical framework and approaches to this specific issue. After analysing the articles and survey report we can understand the reason and risk factors of this depression which are rapidly spreading among the elderly people in Australia, the primary symptoms, the nursing interventions in case of this depression.   

Main outcomes:

The main outcomes of the survey help in identifying all the possible root causes of this depression and their severity. From this survey, we can understand that most of the elderly people in Australia are facing the loneliness issue (Ma et al., 2015). Most of them have recently lost their loved ones which moved them towards the rage of their emotion. Some of them attempt suicides also as they cannot handle their grief and rage. Some people are mentally depressed due to suffering from some chronic diseases like cancer, ulcerative colitis etc. and unable to do their regular activities. (Elsayed, El-Etreby & Ibrahim, 2019).

Analysis plan:

This analysis must be performed by some graphs and tables to understand the percentage and ratio of the people who are suffering from this disorder. This analysis must be categorised according to the age, socio-economic status and health condition (Veronese et al., 2017). With this detailed analysis, we can easily interpret the research work and rationale about this topic and this analysis can provide us a brief and presentable idea on this depression which is rapidly spreading among the elderly people.  


After evaluating this research and survey we can understand that depression is a psychiatric disorder which can be treatable if it is diagnosed at a preliminary stage. The treatment can reduce the risk factors of these disorders also. When a person is suffering from depression for a long time, the person will automatically get affected with some other psychotic disorders like schizophrenia, anxiety, a bipolar disorder which eventually affects the standard of life and it also hikes the death expectancy (Domènech-Abella et al., 2017). People, who are suffering from depression lack interest to indulge in any kind of social interactions, even lack the interest to perform their regular activities. Untreated depression can also lead a person towards some kind of physical and mental disabilities, even leads to commit suicide. In such cases, they need proper care and psychological treatment, rather than medication. Nurses should play a major role to reduce the risk factors by treating the patients with care, kindness, and empathy (Ma et al., 2015). Nurses should spread some positivity towards those persons and must support them to overcome this situation.


This research report will be disseminated by the government of Australia. To prevent this kind of situation the government should take some effective promotional measures and should organise some events to spread awareness among the people.


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