Prevention Of High Employee Turnover: Case On Kafe Neo, Kogarah Assessment Answer

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Assignment 1 – Research Project Details


Use the template below to present your research project idea. Responses need to be written in full sentences, not in bullet points. You must attach a letter from your industry partner which should include the following details – (i) company name and address, (ii) name (KRISHNA), position(CHEF) since 2018 and contact number of the owner/manager approving your proposed project, and (iii) student name approved for undertaking research in their organisation. Submit this assignment through Turnitin.

Template( fill the template too while doing assessment )

Report titleWhat is your report’s title? High staff turnover
Industry partnerWho is your industry partner? (My industry partner is Kafe Neo, Kogarah please search on goofle about my cafe)
Note: If you want to keep your industry partner’s name is KAFE NEO confidential, just say Company X. Provide an overview of the organisation's background (industry, number of employees, your connection to the organisation, etc.)
Research fieldWhat is your research field/discipline?( high staff turnover)
E.g. Marketing/Human Resource Management/Knowledge management/….
Overarching problemWhat problems is your industry partner facing?
What specific problem will your research project explore and try to resolve?
Why is it important to solve this problem?
Overarching research aimWhat does your research aim to explore/investigate?
Here you have to translate your industry partner’s real problem into a specific research aim, which will guide your project. 
Research questions(s)What are your research question(s?
Based on the overarching research aim, formulate research questions that will guide your project.
Literature review: Keywords used for literature searchWhat keywords will you use?
These keywords should help you find relevant literature in the area of your research problem.
Literature review: Name 2 relevant articlesProvide full details (in Harvard style) of at least 2 relevant articles/reports you will use for your literature review.
You must only use (peer-reviewed) journal articles. If you are doing a feasibility study, you may cite industry reports published by credible sources.

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Answer :

Southern Cross University


Student Name:KRISHNA
Student ID No.:
Unit Name:Industry Research Project
Assignment No.:1
Assignment Title:Short written response

Report titleCauses and Prevention of High Employee Turnover within the Hospitality Industry: A case study on Kafe Neo, Kogarah. 
Industry partnerKafe Neo is small yet beautifully decorated café in Kogarah, Sydney that serves a range of other delicacies other than excellent coffee beverages. These include smoothies, sandwiches, kids' menu, breakfast and lunch. The café is located at 58, Rocky Point Rd, Kogarah, Sydney, New South Wales 2217 which provides it with a prime location in East Sydney for local customers as well as tourists. Moreover, due to its location right on the side of the busy main road, this place is always heaving which the staff members are able to manage with their excellent customer service. I was appointed as their chef in early 2018 and have been working for them since the last two and a half years. 
Research fieldThe research field is the high staff turnover in the hospitality industry and deals human resource management as it might be the reason behind such a high turnover rate.
Overarching problemThe prime location of the café ensured that it was always crowded with customers and the friendly staff members and their excellent service further helped build a loyal customer base. Despite being small in size, the ambience inside the café and the delicious food was well-known in the area. However, since the last 2 years, the café is struggling to retain its experienced staff members and as a result of this their customer service quality has also deteriorated. Newly recruited staff members lack experience and require training and getting adjusted to the extreme crowd and by the time they are equipped to serve, most of them leave for larger cafés in Sydney. As the staff members are crucial to its excellent customer service, mitigating the issue would help the company provide a high level of service that they used to.
Overarching research aimThe primary focus in the research is to identify the causes of high turnover and provide necessary mitigation methods. The aim of the research is to determine and explore the reasons behind high staff turnover and prevent them to ensure consistent service by Kafé Neo.
Research questions(s)The research questions that would be answered in the research are as follows.
  1. What are the major reasons for high staff turnover in Kafe Neo?
  2. Why does the café management fail to retain employees?
  3. What are the underlying theories of high staff turnover and employee retention strategies?
  4. Why is it necessary for Kafe Neo to retain its employees?
  5. Is the human resource management of the café capable of addressing the problem?
Literature review: Keywords used for literature searchThe keywords used in the research study and not limited to are as follows.
Keywords: hospitality industry, working environment, employee turnover,manager-employee relationship, leadership style, employee retention strategies, labour turnover.

Date: 18  March 2020

Approval Letter


The General Manager,

Kafe Neo,

58, Rocky Point Rd, Kogarah, Sydney

New South Wales 2217

Sub: Requesting authorization to conduct research on high staff turnover.

Dear Sir,

I am a student at The Hotel School Sydney under Southern Cross University and is currently pursuing a capstone unit in my Master’s degree named “Industry Research Project”. As a unit activity, I have been asked to investigate an industry problem by working with an industry partner.

For carrying out the research, I need to conduct interviews, surveys and personal observations and identify the reasons behind the industry problem which is High Staff Turnover. Moreover, I would also have to collect information from primary and secondary data sources which will be conducted as per the ethical guidelines.

It is my humble request to authorize me to conduct the research in Kafe Neo as your assistance will be highly appreciated.



Southern Cross University

Bill Johnson

General Manager

+61 49866543

(Approval Signature)