Principles Of Management: A Study On Carrefour

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Q1. Impact of technology on  managerial communication.

Q2. Corporate social responsibility events.

Q3. Best practices on business ethics.

Q4. Leaders in the organization, and their traits.

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Carrefour S.A. happens to be one of the largest supply chain hypermarkets across the globe. Majid Al Futtaim is one of its pioneer operant in the UAE market. It has been able to acquire several retails across 30 countries in the continent of Europe. In this regard, the current study wishes to evaluate the influences of technological expertise appointed in managerial communications against the performance characteristics of the respective organization. Furthermore, this study also caters the purpose to evaluate the impact of CSR events on the underlying society that Carrefour has been extensively involved in along with the unique leadership that the subordinates of the unit has been able to maintain.   

Explaining technological influences on managerial communication

As it was an established fact, that ineffective communication is potent enough to pose considerable hindrance in the way of seamless managerial communication, almost every organization imparts a considerable vehemence on the aspect communication. Furthermore, in this advent of technological expertise, management are prone to embrace those as the effective means of communication, both in terms of interpersonal and organizational communication (Casterline & Snyder, 2014). In this regard, Carrefour appears sound in terms of managerial communication, as they have been able to discern their channels of conveying and percolating a certain message successfully.

Domino's stock in 2017

Figure: Overview of Managerial Communications

Source: (Casterline & Snyder, 2014) 

 Apart from that, as it is imperative for such a hypermarket like Carrefour to avail immediate update of the happenings in each of the stores across the globe, they decided to improve their decoding apparatus while reducing the chances of noise considerably. As the notion of noise is chiefly associated with the distortion of messages supposed to be conveyed, the managers of Carrefour have decided to employ multiple channels in order to retain the requisite seamlessness while communicating since the multiple channels have been able to reduce the proportion of distortion considerably. 

The brand has ensured consumer satisfaction and convenience in the a suitable blend of offering unparallel value for consumer’s money. Furthermore, one of the prime requisite of decoding is sound skills, which is integrated with the socio-cultural upbringing of the recipient of the immediate message. In this regard, the management of Carrefour have exhibited prudence while recruiting their subordinates simply by scrutinizing their skills, knowledge and depth of expertise in order to ensure the same (Kobersy, Barmuta, & Muradova, 2013). Moreover, in this regard, the Carrefour S.A. can be instructed to develop the acumen that can be employed as a reliable measure of the capacity of accepting of intricacy of the information as the processing of the yet-to-be-send is one of the imperative criterion that the management must abide by.

Description of Corporate Social Responsibility event

In this regard, the establishment of the Carrefour Foundation can be recalled which is destined to project them as a philanthropic fund and has been established in 2000. The prior agenda of this charitable fund is to provide financial and moral support to the social welfare programs that are oriented with the chief business interests of Carrefour. These exponents of social welfare programs are chiefly the prospective retailers of Carrefour across the globe along with the global suppliers located within the same domain (Rozdolskaya & Ledovskaya, 2015).

In terms of CSR governance and the expected CSR performance, Carrefour has been able to a robust methodology while pursuing their social responsibilities and investing the substantial amount from their annual revenue. In this regard, the governing pursuits can be classified as follows,

  • They are dedicated to reduce their amount of wastage through tackling their usage wisely
  • They appear very much concerned regarding the aspect of restoring the ecological balance while conserving the biodiversity of the respective planet
  • The main purpose, as it was mentioned before, of Carrefour foundation in order to provide the requisite moral and financial support to their suppliers across the globe
  • To support their respective subordinates from every aspect 

Evaluating the impact in the society

It is very evident that Carrefour S.A. from their agenda of corporate social responsibility that the major cause that they wish to cater is directly associated with serving the welfare of the underlying society. As it was one of the paramount duties of any concern to serve the biodiversity and the notions of eco-sustainability, Carrefour is availing this by the means of reducing the domestic and municipal wastes (Morden, 2017). Moreover, as they possess an embedded desire to provide financial and moral means to their prospective suppliers across the globe, it can endow the respective hypermarkets with the availability of standard products within a reasonable price. The company boasts of its product portfolio including a product line of 100,000 products. Carrefour’s product line indicates to products of electronic, clothing, fresh fruits and specifically local produced items. This will retain the aggressive synergy of demand and supply in an efficient and healthy way.    

Best business ethical practices

Ethical business practices are supposed to be evaluated in terms of the principles of societal marketing, and in this regard, Carrefour appears to be up to the mark. In an elaborative tone, it can be easily identified that Carrefour S.A., being a hypermarket of food retails intends to repackage their food products whenever those are transcending their expiry dates. This, apart from assisting them to tackle their amount of wastage, endows the entire market with the availability of foods. Though the respective unit has been accused of bribing their respective subordinates in order to exchange food in terms of placements, they have immediately taken the decisions some of their tainted managers in order to survive with ethical soundness (Casterline & Snyder, 2014). Apart from everything else, the same unit has been alleged of imposing shocking expenses regarding the cost of each products that has emerged as an paramount financial issue as well as inconvenient to the working ambience. In this regard, by sticking to a scheduled financial estimate and the intervention of the headquarters in some of their sub-concerns, has been able to overcome that a little bit.

Since it is a primary requisite for every organization to employ a sincere and critical leader in each phase of the established hierarchy, Carrefour has been able to maintain that. Apart from that, the leaders has been able to inspire their respective employees consistently that might assist them develop their exclusive individual skills that, in return, might assist the respective organization to avail the projects and assignments of higher merit. 


In the light of the above study, it has been able to conclude that in order to retain the soundness of managerial communications; Carrefour has been able to install the requisite technological expertise and skillful staffs. Furthermore, although having issues regarding ethical business practices and societal marketing, they have also been able to retain a profound image regarding their social responsibilities.