PRJ5107 Pecha Kucha Case Study Presentation Assessment 2 Answer

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Assessment Brief: PRJ5107 Venture, Project Economics and Finance Trimester 1, 2021

Assessment 2: Pecha Kucha Case Study Presentation

Word count/Time provided:
20 Slides, 20 seconds per slide - presentation in class
Unit Learning Outcomes:
ULO 2; ULO 3; ULO 4

Assessment 2 Detail

Pecha Kucha is loosely translated from Japanese as ‘chit-chat’. Groups of 3 or 4 will be formed in week 2 and will be selecting a case study their own. The Lecturer/Unit Coordinators approval will be required before proceeding. The assessment is designed to assess your technical, financial, economic, and analytical skills in planning, evaluating and implementing a project effectively and efficiently. Your team will complete a project viability presentation on the case.

You need to provide written case study. However, your work will be assessed and marked through your presentation only. The written case study will be used as a reference for the presentation. Rather, teams will present their case study in a Pecha Kucha format i.e.: exactly 20 slides (not including the title slide) deliver in a time of 6 minutes 20 seconds for the presentation (average of 20 seconds per slide). Marks will be deducted for reports that do not meet these criteria.

The presentation should cover all the aspects of the case study like the description of the project, alternative approaches if any, assumptions, risks, financial analysis, sensitivity analysis and recommended action.

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