PRJ5107 Venture, Project Economics And Finance Presentation Assessment 4 Answer

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Assessment Brief: PRJ5107 Venture, Project Economics and Finance Trimester 1, 2021

Assessment 4: Presentation

Word count/Time provided:10 Minutes
Unit Learning Outcomes:ULO1; ULO2; ULO3; ULO4

Assessment 3 Detail

As an project manager you will need funding to complete your project/venture. A corporate decision has been made that all funding is internal. You may, however, argue that alternate sources may be appropriate (i.e. banks, angel investors, micro-finance organizations, crowd funding, etc.).

You will need to presentyour ideas in a succinct, coherent and persuasive report, to assess the viability of your project.

This assessment simulates this professional practice, where you present the key analysis to persuade your potential key stakeholders to invest in your project in a safe environment.

You should consider the following:

  • Identify the stakeholders you are presenting to in this assessment. In this case assume that the lecturer is the manager of the company.
  • Introduce the project idea. Include what the idea is and why it matters to the business. You are free to make any assumptions about the business as needed – provided they are logical.
  • Provide details of your business plan, competitor study & analysis, economic, market, marketing and financial analysis and assessment of the project viability. Ensure that you consider the key risks and the results of sensitivity analyses.
  • Close the deal. Why should the manager approve the project? Be persuasive.
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