PRO100 Information Systems Project Management Assessment 1 Answer

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Subject Code and Title
PRO100 Information Systems Project Management
Written Report
1500 words (+/- 10%)
Learning Outcomes
The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
  1. Describe and analyse PM knowledge areas and process groups
  2. Differentiate between PM methodologies and discuss relevance for Information Systems (IS)


In the first two Modules of PRO100, you learnt some of the core concepts in project management including the definition of a project, and how a project is different from repetitive and routine work as well as the environment in which a project operates, and how to select a project. You were also introduced to the processes in the initiating process group, and how to identify and categorise stakeholders and manage stakeholder engagement.

In this assessment, you will demonstrate your understanding of:

  • the concept of a project;
  • the role of a project charter;
  • the concept of a stakeholder; as well as your ability to
  • identify a project and the objective of a project;
  • develop a project charter;
  • and perform a stakeholder analysis and develop a stakeholder register.


  1. Please read the PRO100_Real-World-Scenario-Project.
  2. Complete the following assessment tasks:

Task 1.

Develop a business case for this project in a Microsoft Word document using no more than 400 words. The business case should include a cost and benefit analysis using the NPV model over the next 10 years. Use 2% as the discounting factor. Apart from financial criteria, are there any other non-financial criteria to consider?

Please note that you are required to make reasonable assumptions about this project to develop a business case for it, for example, the initial investment of this project, the operating cost of the system, the cost the University would be able to save, etc.

Task 2.

You are now appointed as the project manager for this project and your first task is to develop a project charter.

The project charter (in a Microsoft Word document) must contain, as a minimum, the following:

  • Title page
  • Project purpose and justification
  • Project objectives and product characteristics
  • High-level requirements
  • Project assumptions, constraints, high-level descriptions and boundaries
  • Project success criteria
  • High-level risks
  • Summary schedule and key milestones
  • Summary budget
  • Stakeholder list and the type of each stakeholder
  • Project approval requirements and approval authority
  • Project manager assigned to project
  • Signatory block

You are also required to identify key stakeholders in this project and compile a stakeholder register (in a Microsoft Excel document). The register must contain the following columns:

  • ID
  • Name
  • Organisation
  • Contact details
  • Internal/External
  • Unaware/Resistor/Neutral/Supportive/Leading
  • Role in the project
  • Interest level (1-5)
  • Impact level (1-5)

Please note that some of the information has not been explicitly outlined in the hypothetical project case study. You will need to make reasonable assumptions about such information.

Task 3.

Develop a WBS and the associated WBS dictionary. The WBS must have at least three layers. The WBS dictionary needs to contain the following information for each of the node in the WBS.

  • WBS element ID
  • WBS element name
  • Work description

The Microsoft Word document should contain a graphical representation of WBS and the WBS dictionary entries for each element in the WBS.

Word Count and Layout

  • The total word count for the written assessment should be no more than 1200 words.
  • Please provide all your answers to the tasks in following format:

Task 1

Business case – Microsoft Word document

Task 2

Project charter – Microsoft Word document Stakeholder register – Microsoft Excel

Task 3

WBS dictionary - Microsoft Word document

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