PRO100 Information Systems Project Management: Consultative Report Assessment 2 Answer

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Question :

Subject Code and Title
PRO100 Information Systems Project Management
Consultative Report
2000/3000 words (+/- 10%)
Learning Outcomes
The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
  1. Differentiate between PM methodologies and discuss relevance for Information Systems (IS)
  2. Apply PM concepts to IS projects within various organisations

Total Marks
100 marks

Task Summary

In Assessment 1, you developed a business case and project charter for a real-world scenario project. In this assessment, you will progress the real-world scenario project from Assessment 1 and develop a project schedule for that project. You are required to answer questions related to project schedule management, cost management, resource management, risk management, communication management and stakeholder management.


In response to the case study provided, write a consultative report focusing on the various processes in project knowledge areas, including the management of project schedule, cost, resources, risk, communication and stakeholders.

This assessment requires you to apply various tools and techniques you have learned in managing project schedule, cost, resources, risk, communication and stakeholders to a real-life case scenario.

Assuming the role of the project manager, you will progress the real-world scenario project from Assessment 1. You will be asked to go through a number of processes in the project knowledge areas and generate outputs including subsidiary plans of a project management plan for those processes.

This assessment provides you with an opportunity to view the various processes in managing a project and develop an appreciation of schedule-cost-scope-risk trade-off and the importance of communication in managing stakeholders.


Please read the PRO100_Real-World-Scenario-Project.

You are required to complete the following tasks for this assessment.

Task 1 (15 marks)  Produce Project Schedule and Cost Management Plans

  • Refer PRO100_Real-World-Scenario-Project for detailed task instructions.

Task 2 (10 marks)  Produce a Project Resource Management Plan

  • Refer PRO100_Real-World-Scenario-Project for detailed task instructions.

Task 3 (20 marks)  Produce a Project Risk Management Plan

  • Refer PRO100_Real-World-Scenario-Project for detailed task instructions.

Task 4 (15 marks)  Produce a Project Stakeholder Management Plan

  • Refer PRO100_Real-World-Scenario-Project for detailed task instructions.

Task 5 (20 marks)  Produce a Project Communication Plan

  • Refer PRO100_Real-World-Scenario-Project for detailed task instructions.
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