Problems And Solutions: Turkey Farmers Association Of Australia

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BUSN20017 Assessment 1, Term 3, 2018 Practical Assessment: Professional written communication Task Description

Length: The assessment must be between 1000-1500 words in length. Two marks will be deducted for assessments that are over or under by 200 words. Cover sheet: The assessment must include a cover page that contains your name, student number, resident campus, assessment title, and name of lecturer and/or tutor. Style: The assessment must be single-spaced, 12 Point; Times New Roman. References: The assessment must include 5 academic references. You must use the APA reference style. Other: This assessment is aimed to assess your written communication skills. Students who do not perform well will be highly recommended to consider training with Academic Learning Centre (ALC). The assessment is aimed to ensure that you have an advanced level of writing skills before you proceed into other units in the postgraduate course. The assessment will also assess the integrity of your work. Given all students will do the same assessment, plagiarism will be monitored to ensure that your submitted work is original and not purchased or copied from other students. Where assessments are found to be similar, penalties may apply in accord with University policy. Task description: In this task, you will write a memo in response to the case study provided below. The memo must be logically structured, free of grammatical errors, professionally styled; in addition, follow the writing conventions for memos as discussed in the lecture and supporting material.

Case study: You are the President of the Turkey Farmers Association of Australia, which consists of sole operators, small producers and four big producers who have their own marketing teams. The Turkey Farmers Association of Australia wants to launch an Australia-wide media campaign to encourage Australians to think of eating turkey every day and not just at Christmas, so that turkey producers can expand their sales. Turkey would be portrayed as a healthy alternative to red meat and chicken while being an inexpensive and versatile meal. Each member of the Turkey Farmers Association of Australia were asked for their opinions about the ideas for the campaign. Most smaller producers were happy to go along with the others, but the four major producers submitted marketing proposals. “Company 1: There is so much advertising these days, if we really want people to put turkey on the table they need to see or hear our ads several times so that the message sinks in. Company 2: Most people do shopping on Thursdays or Saturdays so we should use the budget to run radio ads on those two days so people will hear it on their way to the supermarket. Company 3: The goal should be to get as many people as possible to see our ad at least once. We should compare the CPM (the advertising bought on the basis of impression) across TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, and pick options that gives us the biggest bang for our buck and then schedule ads evenly across all days of the week. Company 4: A combination of direct marketing, in-store samples, and a Facebook group would help us develop an ongoing dialogue without customers. Also using those media would make it easier for us to track the success of the campaign” (Sharp, 2017, p. 547).

The solution you decide to implement as the President is entirely your decision, you may choose one of the suggested company strategies above or combine up a maximum of three different strategies due to budget constraints or make an executive decision which uses none of this information. It is the communication from you, as President, to your members that is the important consideration, not the actual marketing strategy itself. Issues you need to address in your memo to your members: 1. Members have previously complained that they were not being asked for their opinions and decisions made by the Turkey Farmers Association of Australia were not communicated to members, as the first members knew a decision had been made, was when members saw the decision being talked about or advertisements were shown in the media. Therefore, the Turkey Farmers Association of Australia has issues of internal communication. 2. Members of the Turkey Farmers Association of Australia are located throughout Australia which also makes communication difficult and holding a meeting of all members at the same time almost impossible. However, each member’s opinion was sought for the new campaign and each member had a month to comment and give feedback on this campaign to the Turkey Farmers Association of Australia. 3. Emails sent from the Turkey Farmers Association of Australia are also seen to be unprofessional. Due to budget restrictions, many staff are casually employed and student work placements, where students are not paid for their work, are very important to keep the office of the Turkey Farmers Association of Australia running.

With these problems in mind, you undertake research in order to understand these problems more specifically and come up with logical and practical recommendations to solve these problems. As you refine your knowledge of these problems you narrow each one down to one specific issue. So for example for problem one, the issue could be that the members do not understand why decisions are being made. For problem two, the issue could be that members do not feel comfortable asking about decisions made by the Turkey Farmers Association of Australia. As you develop your recommendations you make sure that you clearly link the problems to the solutions (as articulated within the recommendations). Having this information, you now write a memo to all of the members of the Turkey Farmers Association of Australia. You will write the memo based upon the following structure. 1) Opening a) To: b) From: c) Date: d) Subject: 2) Objectives and background a) Describe the communication audit process b) Specific purpose c) General purpose 3) Problems a) Problem one—quantitative and qualitative significance b) Problem two—quantitative and qualitative significance c) Problem three—quantitative and qualitative significance 4) Action steps to solve the problems a) Problem one b) Problem two c) Problem three 5) Closing a) Briefly outline a synopsis of the memo b) Explain the benefit of compliance to the member/employee and/or organisation. c) Offer assistance and provide contact details 6) References—APA style. This is a structural guideline that helps you develop your assessment and does not need to be included in your final submission. Reference: Sharp, B. (2017), Marketing: theory, evidence, practice, 2nd ed., Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

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To: Members of Turkey farmers association of Australia

From: President of Turkey farmers association of Australia

Date: 6th December 2018

Subject: Problem faced by the Turkey farmers association of Australia and its solutions

Objective and backgrounds:

Communication audit process refers to the process of identifying the external and internal communication-related strength and weakness (Karanges et al. 2015). There are various sole operators along with small and big producers of Turkey under our organisation. Now, we wanted to receive an opinion from every producer under them to increase the sales of turkey. Though this time, we have decided to receive the opinion from the members there have some communication issues among the members and the turkey farmers association. There are some weaknesses regarding internal communication. Other issues that are faced by our organisation and the member mainly include the difficulties in arranging a meeting among these two because of distance related issues. Another communication issue mainly includes our organisation sends unprofessional emails to the members that also creates dissatisfaction among the members. The specific purpose of this memo is describing various communication issues that are faced by the turkey farmers association and developing the solution of the communication issues. The general purpose of this memo is identifying various communication issues and its solutions.


The first problem that has been identified here is mainly related to internal communication. Members (includes four big producers, and several small producers) has a complaint that we are not properly communicated to them even while making any decisions, and the members came to know about the decisions from other members of the associations (Men, 2014). Therefore, according to their opinion, it can be said that during or after making any decisions, we do not make any communication with the members involved in the board. This issue has created the highest level dissatisfaction among the member. This situation creates confusion among the members because deciding without involving the members creates difficulties for them in understanding the purpose of change.

The second problem is mainly associated with the distance problem to make good communication.  It is seen there is a huge number of sole operators, four big producers and several small producers under our farmer’s association who are spreading across Australia. It has been observed that the members of the Turkey farmers association of Australia are located throughout the entire Australia that has created difficulties for the members in making regular communications or holding a meeting among them to develop some effective decisions to increase the rate of Turkey selling. Due to the distance related issues, the members may not feel comfortable asking about the necessity of change. This is because, for conducting a meeting, the entire set of members needs to come to a single place from various places that create difficulties for them in maintaining their business with efficiencies. 

The third problem is mainly associated with the budget constraints that have made hiring the unprofessional staff that are associated with developing some unprofessional written communication. The members have raised a complaint that the emails that are sent by our organisation are completely unprofessional and sometimes the members found several errors in the emails. The main reason behind it is due to the budget constraints, our organisation hires students as a staff or hires casually employed staff where the students are not adequately paid for their effort, but they are highly important to our organisation because those casual employees help our organisation in maintaining operation (Henderson, Cheney & Weaver, 2015).

Action steps in resolving problems:

For resolving the first issue, it is necessary for our organisation in developing better internal communication among the members so that the members can understand the necessity of the decision made by the board. For reducing the internal issues, we need to maintain open communication with their members so that the members can offer their opinion regarding a particular change or decision and involve them in providing suggestion during making decisions (Mishra, Boynton & Mishra, 2014). Along with that, it is important for our organisation in developing a collaborative approach during the planning, and they need to develop the best foundation to share the plan with the members. For improving the internal communication among the members and us, it is necessary for our organisation in setting a strong objective, and then they must implement a standard framework to develop a better communication among our members and us. Moreover, we think that it is needed to clearly describe the market condition and their intended goal to the members so that the members can understand the necessity to make the decision.

The second problem is related to make communication on a daily basis. As the members are spreading over Australia, therefore, it is difficult for them in maintaining communication or holding a frequent meeting. For resolving the issues, we need to take the help of digital technology, and the members and the turkey association of Australia need to conduct a frequent meeting with the help of video conferences (Ellison, Gibbs & Weber, 2015). In that consequence, our organisation need to make a partnership with Skype that must be the professional version of the software to make a good communication on a regular basis. Along with that, it is also necessary for the members and our organisation to use the video conferences to make decisions by taking the suggestion from the members so that the members can effective receives the decision taken by the Turkey association of Australia. Moreover, our organisation and the members need to make good communication over telephone regularly so that the entire business can be operated with efficiencies.

On the other hand, for resolving the third issue that is budget-related issues, we need to identify some investors who can heavily invest in the sector. Along with that, our organisation need to develop a better marketing strategy that can motivate the public to consume turkey on a regular basis so that the association can receive more money to operate their organisation. After resolving the budget-related issues, our organisation need to hire a set of professionals who have an efficiency regarding the written communication so that the professional can develop professional email and sent it to the members of the turkey association (Ellison, Gibbs & Weber, 2015).  This professional email not only creates a good overview regarding our organisation among the members but it also helps the members to be motivated to create more productivity.


It can be said from the discussion that we have some issues in our communication strategy and budget which we will try to rectify. For the communication-related issues, the members do not feel comfortable to share their thoughts with the turkey associations and feel neglected because according to them we do not consult the members while making decisions. Moreover, due to the budget constraint, we face issues in hiring the permanent staff that have professional skills. For resolving the entire issues, we need to maintain open communication among our association and the members. Along with that, we must identify the investors for getting adequate fund. This memo can help our association in identify the best strategy to resolve the issues that are faced by us and increasing the decision making efficiencies so that better productivity can be generated. On the other hand, the memo can help the member in establishing their opinion to the turkey associations so that it can help them to be motivated by understanding their value on the turkey associations. For any further assistance please feel free to contact. Contact- President of turkey farmers association of Australia, turkey farmers association of Australia, contact-XXXXX