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Kellogg’s is an international food company and established in 1906. Kellogg’s products are produced in 21 countries and sold in more than 180 countries in the world. Kellogg’s company manufacture cereals and convenience food such as cereal bars, fruit flavored snacks, granola bars and bites, cookies, crackers, ready to eat cereals and so on. Company sold their products by well known brands as Frosted Flakes, Corn Flakes, Pringles, Eggo, and Cheez-It. 

My product is Sultana Bran Cereal it is available in different flavors. It is communicated as a solution for digestive problems and healthy breakfast option. It is easily available in super markets and mums prefer this cereal to give their kids in breakfast as well as in lunch box as it has nutrition’s, minerals and no artificial color added.

1.Kellogg’s vision is

To enrich and delight the world through foods and brands that matter. (“Our Vision,” n.d.)

Their purpose is 

“Nourishing families so they can flourish and thrive. (“Our Purpose,” n.d.)

Their Values are 

“Our values are part of our DNA. They guide the way we work with our business partners, within our communities and with each other.

 Through integrity, accountability, passion, simplicity we have created a … culture where ideas can blossom, people can thrive, and success can flourish. (“Success starts here,” n.d.)

Sultana Bran cereal comes in different flavors to attract kids. It also provides a wide range of products to children from which they can choose their favorite one. Sultana Bran have been advertised as being a healthiest Breakfast item which children love and enjoy the most. As this cereal is high in fiber so mothers are also happy to buy this product for their kids. With this, now a days, Breakfast has become an easy task for the mothers. Kida are so happy to take it in their lunchboxes as a snack. Sultana Cereals also contain Calcium, Iron and other essential nutrients and there are no artificial colors in it.

After visiting the 3 stores Pak n Save, Countdown and New world we find the competitors are as follows:

  1. Sanitarium 
  2. Uncle Toby’s
  3. Pams 
  4. Hubbards
  5. Vogel
  6. Be Natural
  7. Healtheries

Every Band has a different idea to promote the product as Sanitarium is advertising its product as Light and tasty. Uncles Toby’s uses the whole grain and pams says about its product that is a good source of fiber and so on. As kids watch the Tv and they like the advertising then they inform about the product to their parents and when we visit the supermarket that eargerly ready to by that product when they realise it is a healthy food for their kids.

2. Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is a technique to maintain their relationships with customers, increase their sales and achieve more profit. It is helpful for company to retain their existing customers and gain new customers. CRM is a tool to analyse customer interaction and data to improve their  customer service. Social media play an important role for every company to advertise their products and grow revenues.

There is a need for CRM because of the following reasons:

To build good and trustworthy relations

To convert the seasonal brand consumer to brand loyal 

To maintain strong and healthy relations with consumers

It has been observed that kelloggs has no any company account on facebook there is separate page for each product. For other companies each product have there seprate account on facebook as well as there company account available but for Kellogg’s it is very unusal.

After research it Has been analyse that that kellogg’s does not have any presence on google+, and that is very unique for any business. Kellogg’s need to have a account on google+.

Kellogg’s company products available on social media like facebook, linkedin, Instagram etc. 

They post their products videos on you tube to attract the customers. by posting these videos on You tube they get to know how many people watch their add and how many likes and dislikes. Some people put their reviews on the videos if they want some changes in same product. For company it is the best way to survey for their product. 


                                                                                                                                                            Source: You Tube

Facebook is other social media application that company use to advertise their products. This is best way to communicate with their customers and company also find their potential customers by this source. When customers engage with the company then they eager to use their product. 


                                                                                                                           Source: Facebbok

Here is my experience with the company

I do call in the kellogg’s company customer care number that is given on the company’s website 800881889. Brandon received my call on the other side. He was very polite. 

My query was Sultana Bran have a best before date, but I did not notice this and 3 weeks later ate some and they tasted good, any issue if eating after best before date?

He was very quick and reply as best before dates are very different from expiry dates. Best before date passed it does not mean it is harmful, but it lose the flavor and texture.

call details

I sent mail to Kellogg’s company on 3/11/2019 at 8 am and there was automatic reply from them same time on my email. My question was about which Cereal is best for diabetics people? 


3. Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is the relationship between brands and sub brands. It is the process to manage the brands internally that helps customers to access and to relate themselves with the brand. When the customers are able to form their opinions and perceptions about a particular brand that means that company has a successful brand architecture (Gilman, 2017).There are three types of brand architecture such as branded house, houses of brand and Hybrid or Endorsed brand.

Kellogs have Indiviula product brand but still they are linked to a master brand. Kellogs have endorsed brand or a hyrbrid structure.

When kellogs starts manufacturunf of their products then kelloggs name was to appeared on that. ITR IS A VERY STRING BRAND AS ITS BREAKFAST CEREAL is one of vgthe most popular breakfast fir the kids as well as the adults. It is one of the most consumable treat in the morning. It is also very much kind of First food for the day. Healthy breakfast makes a day happy. As it is very strong brand so it is easy for the consumers to picked it from the market without any hesitation and any query. We have seen consumers who are very confident in their buying for this particular product. All of this happen because people are more aware about their brand and it has a very good image in the market.

Different product brand

kellogs products

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Answer :

Product Development and Brand Management

1) Critically discuss how effective has your chosen FMCG brand/firm been in applying the principles of brand vision to its brand positioning about the competition.

The Kellogg’s brand vision is focused on providing an enriched and delights global food. (Du Preez, 2018). The organization is focused on how to would be able to provide a better set up of delivering its promise and possibilities to its customers. The company brand vision also includes how there can be a mindful and committed ideal, that can help to provide a better dedication to the employees, customers, and stakeholders. The brand position itself to promote the environment by exercising a better sustainable practice.

The brand is positioned itself as a healthy product and an enjoyable cereal breakfast. The product is shown as an edge in slimming down and positions itself in providing a control over the nutrition (Flint, 2016). The product has also positioned itself as a customer purchase decision aimed at purchase a decision that aims at deriving psychological and physical benefits from the given product. It even positions itself in the mindset of the customers as, by prolong use of the product can help in deriving more benefits, focuses on the improvement in health and makes a loyal customer base. 

The brand vision and the positioning have directly impacted its competition, by creating a distinguishing product, and have impacted the customer in terms of the physical and the psychological effects of the benefits derived from the given product.  The product has also been able to edge and provide a better support system in terms of the profit potential brand and growth in market share (Chernev, 2018). The direct competition is affected due to the brand vision and position as follows:

Dieting trends: As per the recent consumer trends, how the cereal has better aimed at controlling weight and also losing it. The posting is directed to impact consumer behavior augments and derived benefits in the target market selection (Heding, 2015)

 The popularity of Health food: The product is known to be healthy food, which has aimed at making themselves as a purchasing functional food. 

Dealing with the obesity levels: The product has also aimed itself in the target markets which are obese or overweight, to make the customer realize their worth and derive a better positioning (Flint, 2016).

 Grocery shopping: Making itself a breakfast cereal that contains all the essential nutrients has helped in creating an edge in the demand and the existing distribution channel of grocery chains. This has impacted the consumer behavior where one can see being visually appealing and readily available would help to sell out more.

The brand vision and positioning has certainly aimed at providing a better edge over its competitors.

3) How it compares with direct competition to your brand. 

Kellogg’s bowl of cereal has been considered as a "visual center point" that is been sold extensively in the brand’s portfolio market. The brand has so far known as a “cereal” ambassador and with the better brand architecture, it has placed the Kellogg’s as a central to the category leader. It certainly related to the direct competition, with the brand as now only it has provided an edge in the contemporary and having a clean new look, but the brand is correctly been recognized as a valuable brand. It has provided an edge that could distinguish the brand as a simplified new designed product and aimed to provide better clarity (Rosenbaum-Elliott, 2015). The brand architecture has also aimed at making the brand distinguished from its packaging providing valuable information such as nutrition insights, facts, and constructive information.  The direct competition is been sent a message of renovating the brand with their staple product "cereal". It does not miss out on the outlook of the muddled and mixed messaging, which would lead to losing its identity (Kelley, 2015). The product aims at providing a distinguishing identity by being labeled as “natural grains”, and it includes in-depth information about the production aimed at the cereal. The overall strategy with the direct competition speaks a volume about the brand and helps in providing distinguishing identity. It also speaks how the brand has been known to create a robust and an ability to grow and adapt (Veloutsou, 2017).