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Question :

Complete four tasks:

1. An online profile using LinkedIn, gradconnection or Wordpress

2. A research activity requiring you locate and analyse two jobs that you feel you would be able to apply for soon after graduation.

3. A written activity that requires you to discuss key employability skills and reflect on your capability to demonstrate these skills

4. A compilation activity in which you select a number of additional items for your portfolio that you feel support your skills, knowledge and abilities

Question 1: The modern workplace requires staff who have excellent written and oral communication skills. Why?

Question 2: Why is teamwork is a valuable workplace skill?

Question 3: Critical thinking is a valuable skill but many people do not understand what it is. Explain what critical thinking is and why managers would want you to have this skill.

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Answer :


            The professional portfolio helps the employee to present the entire working in a presentable manner in the company. In the professional portfolio, there lies with the job research, written activity and compilation activity. 

Job Research:

JOB 1:

Capture-job 1.PNG

Job Title- 

Rogan Family Care has mainly restricted their concern within the Childcare sector on which they are dedicated to provide excellent education in terms of intellectual care. On that note, Rogan Family Care is supposed to administrate extra academic and conventionally non-curricular interests to the children under their sincere surveillance while proclaiming to provide diverse engaging services in terms of Outside school hours care. Recently Rogan Family Care is looking for new recruits under the designation of temporary teaching staff who are supposed to provide quality education in a part time basis. On that note, the respective childcare education institute is adamant to provide the desired proportion of personal and professional balance as per the plea of the staff. Furthermore, Rogan Family Care appear extremely stringent about the eligibilities for the proposed designation as they expect to accomplish all of the required criteria from the staff as it is impossible for them to respond to the vast volume of applicants for the vacant designation (Akchurina et al. 2014).

Job Location- 

The headquarters of Rogan Family Care is located in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.


Other personal   qualities
  1. Prudent        organizational aptitude
  1. Sound        and Profound knowledge coupled with practical first hand experience in        the incipient years of learning frameworks
  1. Certificate        of First Aid
  2. Certificate        of CPR
  3. Certificate        of Asthma
  4. Certificate        of Anaphylaxis
  5. Certificate        III in Childcare services
  6. Eligibility        proof of citizenship in order to work in Australia (Verified visa or        birth certificate) 
  1. Caring        and sincere approach towards children
  2. Default        knack in educational and other non-curricular activities
  3. Sincere        interest to working with children
  4. Sound        capability in unbiased policing
  5. Prevalent        experience of working with a varying range of age group (6 weeks to 6        years) 

Probability of Application-

In accordance with job profile and the requisite qualifications and attributes, the respective applicant appear apparently eligible to apply for the corresponding job (Sharp & Webre, 2014). Since the aspirant has been able to meet all the governing criteria in terms of medical fitness, requisite credentials and testimonials, relevant skills and educational aptitude along with sound personal interest in childcare and education, the applicant stand clean to apply for the corresponding designation. On that note, it seems imperative to address that the underlying dispute that is going on regarding the renewal of the CPR certificate which enables a virtual user to enjoy unimpeded access to the digital archive can be posed as a potential hindrance during the application of the job (Babo & Villaverde, 2013). As Rogan Family Care seems very stringent about the recruits to justify all the requisite attributes of eligibility in order to evade the excessive rush of respondents of the corresponding advertisement, the above mentioned issue regarding the renewal and consequent approval of CPR Certificate can be a considerable impediment that may get in the way of applying for the job for the respective aspirant.

Job 2:

Job Title- 

Tasman Bouncily that mainly operates under the Tasman Municipality is recently willing to hire a Compliance and Weed project officer in fixed term full time to serve the government and defence sector of the respective municipality. The major task that is assigned to this designation is to identify and investigate the violation of the Council Bylaws and legislations consequently expected to report the appointed Building and Development Services Manager. Furthermore, the recruit is supposed to carry out the relevant authoritarian duties and liabilities regarding the animal management (Bezukladnikov & Kruze, 2015). This opportunity is supposed to endow the respective aspirant with the chief liabilities of handling ferocious animals and especially dogs. In addition to that, the new recruit is supposed to report the ongoing Weed projects and must perform their assigned duties until the completion of the project. 

Furthermore, the aspirant is expected to join the respective team developed by the Tasman Bouncily as an active performer and needs to participate in the project. The management bouncily appear adamant to endow the recruit with substantially exciting remuneration within the range of declared wage. On that note, the respective enterprise sounds committed to provide the recruit with four weeks of annual leave that might enable the recruit to restore proportionate work/life balance (Suárez-Ojeda, Agustí & Galán-Mañas, 2016). 

Job location- 

The headquarters of the proposed job is located in the southeast coast of Tasmania within the Tasman Municipality. To be quite specific , the major office is situated in a township named Nubeena which is approximately close from the White Beach (Peddle, Jokwiro, Carter & Young, 2016).


Other Personal   Qualifications
  1. Sound        communication and interpersonal skills.
  1. Comprehensive        awareness about the relevant codes, policies and governmental        legislation
  2. Relevant        experience of weed control techniques
  3. Prudent        animal handling capabilities (especially dogs)
  1. Current        resume 
  2. Cover        letter issued by the respective authority
  3. Systematically        constructed selection criteria
  1. An        inherent knack to enjoy working in individual and collaborative work        experience
  2. Prudent        communicational capabilities and intercultural aptitude


Probability of Application-

As the respective aspirant has acquired the ability to meet all the expected selection criteria, the aspirant simultaneously gained a advantageous status to apply for the current designation. Since the aspirant owns a sincere attraction towards animals that might facilitate the process to deal with animals, the personal attribute transforms the aspirant into indispensable for the current job. Furthermore, since the aspirant belongs from the educational background associated with the legislative studies, these competitive advantages consolidates and justify the decision to apply for the current job (Campbell, Melenyzer, Nettles & Wyman, 2013).  

Written Activity:

Question 1: Why it is recommended to implement written and oral skills in the modern workplace

            In the high growth of the company there is a requirement to maintain the written and oral communications skills among the staff members. In the workplace, it is important develop the written and oral communication skills for the employee to enhance the better working. The demand is always high at the time of carrying out both written and communication skills that enhance the growth of the organizations. This further helps to develop the personality of the person by implementing these two important skills. The skills and abilities of the employee could be determined from the STAR format. This format includes with the Situation, Task, Actions and Results to enhance the abilities and skills among the employee. It could be further described as:

i) Situation:

            The situation lies with the place where the employee is presently working. This describes the condition of the present scenario that helps to develop the skills at the time of implementing from the firm (Cheng & Chau, 2013). 

ii) Task:

             The task determines the employee is currently doing in the company. This includes with the fixed goals that needs to be achieved by the staff members at the time of working in the firm. 

iii) Actions:

            The actions lie with the performance made by the staff members to increase the productivity of the firm. The firm needs to develop better action that could easily develop the written and communication skills among the employee by carrying out the proper training activity. 

iv) Results:

            The results determines the outcome arise from the employee after carrying out the effective training activity. This results in the better enhancement of written and communication skills among the employee that further develop the growth of the company. 

           The employee needs to carry out the writing and speaking ability at the time of working in the firm. This provides the confidence among the staff members to complete the allotted task. However, the capability of the speaking provides the clarity for making understand of the situation. This could further increase the analytical skills that arise from the oral activity. The communication and writing skills helps the employee to present the situation among several other persons (Chertoff, 2015).  

Question 2: Describe the importance of the teamwork to improve the work in the workplace. 

            It is important to consider the teamwork that helps to develop the skills at the time of working in the firm. Working in the team helps to understand the weakness and strength that exists among the team members. The main benefit lies with the working of the team is that the engaging of the members and leaders. It is important to implement the leaders and member for the proper planning of the entire work in the team in a systematically manner. Teamwork creates the potential to develop the entire working and provides benefits to manage the resources in an effective manner (Murphy, Staffileno & Carlson, 2015). The company needs to introduce the entire working in the team by providing the positive impacts to complete the work in the allocated time. The excellent team working could be achieved with the various ideas from the team leaders. There are certain tools implemented to develop the team in a better way. This are followed as:

i) Developing of various directions to set the vision (Clinch, Ginty & Doherty, 2014).

ii) There is a necessity to establish the set goals in team. 

iii) Developing the goals based on SMART objective.

iv) Providing a place to carry out the entire team working. 

v) The performance could be easily improved at the time of working in the team. 

            However, the required skills that lie in the communication and written areas could be easily improved at the time of working in the team (Trede & McEwen, 2015). The working in the team helps to provide the chances to make the growth of the skills. The firm needs to carry out the entire working with the help of team members that provides the success for the future aspects. Teamwork in the firm provides the staff members to know about each other members and helps to learn more about the skills. These important skills could be enhanced at the time of working in the team members. The working in the team helps to mitigate of various problems that arise at the time of working in the firm. However, the communication and writing skills could be easily develop at the same time at the time of working in team. Various ideas and planning arise from different team a member that provides success for the organization for running in the long term aspects. This provides the better outcome at the time of implementation of team (Turns et al. 2014). 

The teamwork could be determined with the help of STAR format, which are followed as:

i) Situation:

The situation lies with the present status of the employee at the time of working in the team. The situation is known at the time of recruitment of the employee.

ii) Task:

            The task is the daily working carried out by the workers after joining the company as allocated by the management. 

iii) Actions:

            The actions lie as the work performed by the team members on the basis of the performance. 

iv) Results:

            The results lie as the outcome received by the company at the time of carrying out the better performance. 

Question 3: Discuss the critical thinking on valuable skills and why managers want to engage this skill

            The valuable skill is that type of skills that lies among all the person and needs to be identified. Many people do not understand the importance of valuable skill and needs to be thinking critically. The critically thinking of valuable skills helps to understand the ability and make it more rational (DiPaola & Hoy, 2013). The people need to critically think about the valuable skills to identify the potential capacity. The proper critically thinking helps the person to learn various types of skills that reflects the ability to learn more. However, the critical thinking helps to develop the skills by following the entire thinking in a positive manner. This are followed as:

i) Reasoning.

ii) Evaluating

iii) Solving the problem.

iv) Making of proper decision

v) Analyzing 

            Every person needs to think critically to develop the valuable skills. This valuable skill is useful for the company to make the growth of business. The critical skill helps the company to achieve the success and provides the better outcome (Mills, 2016). The organization manager needs to introduce the valuable skills among the team members. This could increase the production of the firm by engaging the skills of the employee. It is important for the employee to think critically and develop own skills that increase the high productivity. At the time of working in the team, the individual skills help to provide better service among the customer. In this case, the writing and communication skills are the significant things that might be focused by the employee at the time of working (Jones, 2016). However, the critical thinking on these skills makes the high chances of interaction among the other persons. The manager needs to identify the valuable skills that are available among the customers. 

The exact identification of the skills belonging to that employee makes the person to engage on that particular depending upon the capacity. It is important for the company’s manger to identify the skills available among the staff members. This helps to increase the production and reduces the chances of error at the time of working in the firm.Hence engaging that staff members on the basis of the skills is essential for the making the growth of the firm.  These two skills lie as the main critical skills that make the entire personality of the individual. The manager as well the staff members need to recognize the critical skills that are useful for making the growth of firm (Katsikitis et al. 2013).  

            The valuable skills could be determined with the help of STAR format and are followed as:

i) Situation:

            The situation could be easily managed, if the employee would able to identify the valuable skills available on them. 

ii) Task:

            The valuable task determines the after identifying the valuable skills provide the better performance of the work allocated among the employee.

iii) Actions:

            The actions could be easily achieved from the valuable skills that make the better performance. 

iv) Results: 

            The result determines the outcomes that arise from the valuable skills retaining among them. This provides the positive result after identifying the valuable skills.  

Compilation Activity:

            In the excellent portfolio lies with the various ability, skills and knowledge of the staff a member. The professional portfolio provides the organized manner of the data that makes the talent and skills of the particular employee. It is important for the employee to manage the professional portfolio that makes the growth of the professional field. A professional portfolio makes the creation of the profession that could provide the skills improvement (Webb, Wong & Hubball, 2013). The professional portfolio is divided into two sections based on the working of the professional and presentation of the skills. The professional portfolio makes the process that enables to demonstrate the qualification of the employee. However, this determines the philosophy and goals that makes to get the desired target audience. This provides the important tool that develops the professional activity, interview activity and developing the growth of professional areas (Kilgore, Sattler & Turns, 2013). There are certain important components that lie in the professional portfolio. This are followed as:

i) Cover

ii) Table of Contents

iii) Introduction

iv) Credential

v) Highlights of leadership

vi) Outcome arise from the project work

vii)Projects collaboration and team working

viii) Awards

            The employee needs to develop the portfolio for the better working of the professional field. However, this makes the person to present the portfolio in a presentable manner. In every company, there is a high necessity to maintain the professional field that develops the career of the person. The professional portfolio helps to demonstrate the entire employability of the person. The skills, knowledge and abilities could be developed by carrying out the entire activity in a proper manner (Mary’s, 2017). The person needs to develop the professional portfolio, so that the person could easily recruit that individual on the company. The company needs to follow the entire professional field with the training and educational activity that makes the better working. The various activities lie with the working of volunteers might develop the entire professional portfolio. This includes with the personal interest of the individual that could lie as the hobby of the person. The professional portfolio determines the all the important factors that makes the growth of the entire resume of the person. The individual needs to represent the best professional portfolio that could be different from the other person. The professional portfolio helps to meet the skills, ability and knowledge of the employee and could be enhanced by the proper employability. This provides the opportunity to develop the skills of the person in a presentable manner (Meek, 2016). 


            It has been concluded that the professional portfolio helps to develop the skill, knowledge and abilities. The proper employee needs to implemented to increase the working. However, the engagement of the team work implements the better working.