Professional Skills In Information Communication Technology

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PORTFOLIO_1: Annotated Bibliographies for Assessment 3 - Report


Use the ARE and Triple R framework you learnt in Weeks 2 and 3 to research and select 5 Academic references you would use for your Assessment 3 (Report) – do not use the references you used for PA 3 in Week 6. All references must be from the last 5 years (dated 2012 onwards) and must be selected using the Triple R framework.


Most of the students will complete the presentation as a Group while some of you (Distance students) will complete the presentation as an individual assessment. If you are an internal student, write reflectively about your group experience as a part of this assessment. If you completed the presentation as an individual assessment, reflect about the experience as an individual presentation.Describe the experience including your contribution for the outcome. Demonstrate what you have learnt from the experience, describe how you would handle assignment presentation differently in the future, and evaluate the positives and negatives of the experience.

Write under the relevant headings:

1. Include a brief description of the experience relating to your Presentation.

2. Reflect on how you contributed to the experience. Focus on group experience if you were in a group, or your own experience if you were not in a group. Include positive and/or negative contributions you made in this situation – this is not about what any others did but what you did.

3. Demonstrate what you learned from the experience.

4. Describe how you would handle the experience differently in the future or why you may not have to do anything different.

5. Evaluate the positives and negatives of your presentation/group experience in COIT20249.

PORTFOLIO_3: Responding to an Ethical Scenario


Understanding who you are and how you relate to others in both your personal and work life can make you aware of the values that are important to you as well as the values that you may need to work on to improve your professional standing. This portfolio item is designed to make you think about how to respond to an ethical scenario as a good ICT professional. As you are training to be an ICT professional you should refer to the ACS Code of Ethics and/or ACS Code of Professional Conduct in your response.


You are currently working as a trainee database administrator in the same organisation where you are studying for a qualification. You are working hard to pay your fees and study expenses while managing your personal finances as well with an annual income below the average wage in Australia.  A few weeks ago, you were undertaking some maintenance work in the student and finance databases of your organisation. While doing that you found that your organisation has given a lucrative scholarship to a student who you do not think as having the required level of academic performance to receive that scholarship. You have access to the marks of the students undertaking the same study units as this student and yourself. The scholarship guidelines clearly state that eligibility for the Scholarship is based on academic performance. Some of you think that the parents of the student who has received the scholarship may know some senior staff in your organisation. 

You are not happy that you and the other high performing students who also have financial concerns have lost the opportunity to lighten your financial burdens that impact on your studies while you believe that a potentially less deserving student has benefited due to personal links. You can do nothing and continue with your maintenance work as required, or report your concerns to your supervisor, or inform the other students about what you uncovered and even go public with this information. You are clearly unhappy with the situation as you believe your employer has not done the right thing but wondering what to do since you work in that organisation.

PORTFOLIO_4: Successful Completion of COIT20249


This portfolio item requires you to justify that you have successfully achieved the Unit Learning Outcomes and to provide feedback about your experiences with the Unit. The response should have two parts.

Part A – Justification

The Unit Profile provides a list of Learning Outcomes you are expected to have achieved after completing this Unit.

From the Unit Profile:

On successful completion of this Unit, you will be able to:

1. Describe the basic principles and importance of effective interpersonal communication, active listening and reading for meaning.

2. Demonstrate teamwork skills.

3. Communicate ideas effectively both verbally and in written form using appropriate language.

4. Create and deliver effective oral presentations.

5. Argue the importance of ethics, codes of behaviour, and societal, privacy and legal issues within the ICT industry.

6. Demonstrate an understanding of common work practices and values operating in the Australian workplace.

7. Assess how ICT can be used to improve organisational processes.

8. Evaluate the application of emerging technologies to communication and collaboration.

Write a reflective analysis that demonstrates you have satisfied all eight (8) learning outcomes that are listed in the Unit Profile for COIT20249 Professional Skills in ICT. Justify how the work you have completed this term has satisfied all eight (8) Unit Learning Outcomes. 

Respond under the following themes (use relevant headings) and refer to relevant Learning Outcome/s from the above list. Use examples from the assessments you have completed in this Unit and/or the competencies you have achieved after completing the Unit. You might refer to some Unit Learning Outcomes more than once in your response.

1. Describe an example where you used interpersonal skills along with listening and verbal communication skills effectively.

2. How did you use reading skills to effectively develop an academic document? Provide an example.

3. Provide an example of using your teamwork skills during your presentation. Provide specific examples of what you did and which teamwork skills used. What other skills from the above list did you use in this situation?

4. Provide an example of an assessment where you discussed the importance of ethical behaviours, and social, privacy and legal aspects within the ICT domain. Explain how this task helped you to understand ethical behaviours, and social, privacy and legal aspects within the ICT domain.

5. Discuss how you learnt the skills to work with staff and/or students from different cultures and demonstrate the knowledge of cultural diversity. Use example/s from COIT20249.

6. Describe how you learnt to evaluate ICT technologies to improve organisational processes. Give an example of an assignment/topic and the technology from COIT20249.

7. Describe two examples of communication and collaboration technologies you learnt after completing this Unit. Briefly explain how each of these technologies could be used in an organisation and their potential benefits.

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Answer :

Portfolio 1: Annotated bibliography

            Information and communication technology is considered as the newest invention in the field of technology. The organizations regardless of their size can implement this particular technological aspect into their account. This can easily enhance their communication process. It also helps the employees to have a suitable relationship with the top-level management. Along with that, it also improves the external communication process with the clients and suppliers of the organization. Therefore, it is very much important for the business organizations to consider this aspect. In addition to that, the proper usage of the information and communication technology can enhance the performance of the education sector. It is helpful for the students to learn through the digital media. That helps them to remember the facts for a long term. It is more helpful in case of science education as it deals with many diagrams along with different type of theories and models. Therefore, the educational institutes may use this aspect in order to enjoy its benefits. Along with that, it also reduces pressure from both the students and the teachers, as they are able to find out the class lectures in the web portal. That is why it can be said that the educational institutes should implement this technology in order to enhance their overall performance.

            Technology is upgrading day by day, therefore it is necessary for the organizations to upgrade their selves in order to incorporate those technological aspects into their account. The global information technology report of 2014 said that, there are many emerging technologies that can enhance the performance of a business organization. One of them is the big data technology that is very much helpful for data analysis purpose. In addition to that, the information and communication technology is also in the list. This is mainly helpful for the business organization to maintain healthy and positive internal and external relations. Along with that, the different parts of information and communication technology can also be considered such as the use of social media platforms. 

This can also make the business organizations popular enough to make their customer base strong. In addition to that, it is also helpful in order to retrieve the feedback from the customers. Based on those set of feedbacks the business organizations can take their decisions that can enhance their performance and make the customers satisfied. In addition to that, when it comes to the extraction of the customer feedback, the data mining technique can also be taken into consideration by the business organizations. Therefore, it can be said that all the recent technologies are very much linked together and the business organizations need to use these technologies as per their usage.

            The information and communication technology has made its mark in different sectors. One of those sectors is the banking sector. Banking sector is introducing new and different kind of products for their customers that can attract the customers to have a look at those. However, earlier they found it tough to produce the products in front of those customers because they were lacking of the communication medium. It was not possible for them to hire some people, make him or her run to every single home, and demonstrate the feature of the different banking related products such as the loan schemes and the other kind of accounts. Therefore, they have used the information and communication technology as a broader aspect so that they can easiy reaches out to a huge amount of people and demonstrate the features f their products and services. They can use the bank’s website to demonstrate the products along with the services. In addition to that, the management of the banks can also use the different third party web sites to produce advertisements regarding their products. Along with that, the management of the bank can also use the social media platform for their marketing purpose.

            Every aspect has its two sides. These are positive and negative. When it comes to the usage of the information and communication technology in the field of education, the teachers and the instructors needs to be aware of the negative aspect of the technology. They need to derive the areas through which they can make the proper use of the information and communication technology. Moreover, the teachers also need to make sure that the students are properly using the information and communication technology and they are exploring all the positive aspects of this particular technology. They can use the file sharing from different workstations that can enable to have a look at the different methods that are related to their studies. Moreover, the students can use the intranet and internet platform for their studies the usage of emails makes them able to share the different files with their peers. This ensures the proper communication in between the students that can easily enhance their productivity. In addition to that, it also enhances the sense of positivity in terms of relationship when it comes to the relationship in between the teachers and the students. Therefore, it can be said that the teachers need to play a vital role when it comes to the proper implementation of the information and communication technology in the field of education.

            As it was said earlier, that the information and communication technology is making its mark all over the different kind of industries, therefore the students needs to be very much aware when it comes to the choice of career. They can explore the different areas from which they can select their career options. Along with that, it can also be said that the students also need to understand the areas that can help them to identify their needs and requirements. Based on which they can also select their career option. In addition to that, the information and communication technology has its different wings that are the link to the social media platform, use of the intranet and other platforms. Therefore, the students need to be sent percent sure while making a choice regarding their career in terms of information and communication technology.

Portfolio 2: Reflective writing

            When it comes to the personal experience regarding the preparation of the presentation, it was quite good actually for me. It enhances my presentation skills regarding the information and the communication technology. Along with that, it also makes me able to find out the different areas that can help me in my near future. Therefore, it has taken this aspect very seriously. Therefore, that it can help me in order to choose my career.  Along with that, it also helps me to extract the different areas that are related to the information and communication technology. Such as I was not aware of the fact that the information and communication technology can be used in such large segments in the different industries. The impact of information and communication technology can be seen in the different industries that enhances the level of performance of those sectors. 

In addition to that, i have also found that the proper utilisation of the information and communication technology can make a particular industry much productive than they are earlier. Along with that, i have also evaluated one particular thing that the sharing of files and the other kind of valuable resources are also easy if the organisations use this particular technology. The organisations can use the intranet and internet platform for file sharing through the emails. On the other hand, it has also been evaluated that the information and communication technology has its impact over the health care sector also. It enhances the proper cess of communication in between the patients and the service providers. That makes the patients to understand the fact that what has actually happened to them. I have also evaluated one thing that the information and communication technology can also be used in the education sector in order to make it more attractive for the students. However, the teachers need to be aware of the different negative aspects that are related to the information and communication technology. 

While making my presentation I have find out an issue that it is tough to find out sectors needs to be implemented when it comes to the calculation of the impact of information and communication technology. Then I have evaluated an ample amount of web pages to find out the suitable sectors that can come under this point. It can be said that this particular incident makes my curious to know about the different sectors and how they are generating impact over those sectors. Along with that, it also enhances my knowledge regarding the aspect of ICT and its importance. However, if next time this kind of situation arises then I do not think that it would be an issue for me as i have gathered an ample amount of knowledge regarding this aspect and I have also kept a proper backup of the data set that I have retrieved. 

Portfolio 3: Response regarding ethical scenario

Ethical dilemma is considered as such aspect that human beings faced when they are in such situation where they find it tough to take certain decisions. More specifically, it can be said that they are not sure to take the next step regarding the situation that they have faced. The scenario that has been described here is very tough for a student like me who is making all the hard work in order save a single penny. Here I am seeing that the less deserving people are having and enjoying the features of the scholarships that reduce their educational expenses. As a trainee database administrator, I have discovered this aspect and I am very depressed by having this information. I think I should inform all of my friends regarding this particular situation. Therefore, they also become aware of this kind of accidents inside the administration body. This cannot be termed as a fair practice by the management. Therefore, it is necessary that every student came to know this particular case. 

That can derive a transparent distribution of the different kind of scholarships. On the other hand, by keeping the reputation of our school I could also meet with my manager and ask him or her regarding the exact cause of this scenario. Based on his or her answer I should take my next steps. However, this kind of incidents demoralises a bright student and makes him feel bad regarding his situation. Along with that, it also reduces the interest in studies for the student who is not getting his appropriate value. If I find the answers provided by my manager satisfactory, then I would not uncover the scenario to my friends. However, if the manager provides a set of lame excuses, then I should inform the students regarding the situation. Still,, it generates a sense of ethical dilemma whether I should discuss this aspect with my friends or not. If I discuss this then it would automatically hamper the reputation of the school and on the other hand, if I do not discuss this then it would continuously provide the scholarships to the students who less deserve than us. Still I would discuss this with my friends because of the fact that as a deserving set of candidates we should not left our rights to the other students who are not deserving to the scholarships. By not informing, my friends this issue makes me feel low regarding their situation and I should not make them unaware of their positions and values. This is why I would discuss with them this matter.

Portfolio 4: Completion of COIT20249

Part A: Justification

            When it comes to the justification regarding the fact that whether I have developed the knowledge regarding every sector that it was said earlier, I would say yes to it. As it develops a proper sense in between me regarding the different aspects regarding the ICT, therefore I would provide positive feedback regarding this matter.

Basic principles along with the importance of the effective interpersonal communication

            After going through this particular unit, I have developed a proper sense of the different areas that are related to the ICT. ICT can be used as a tool that is very much helpful for the people to generate a proper interpersonal communication process. 

Demonstration of the skills regarding teamwork

In this unit, we have to make a presentation that should be done in the groups. Therefore, I have learned the effect of teamwork and how this teamwork can enhance my level of performance.

Ideas of communication

            This unit make me able to identify the different areas through which we can make a proper communication with our peers. Those type of communications can be used anywhere whether it is an educational institute or an organisation.

Generation of effective presentation

            As we have to make a presentation regarding our topic, therefore I have learned the fact how we can make an effective presentation. The skills regarding the presentation has been enhanced that can help me in my near future.

Argument regarding the ethics and code of behaviour

As I have learned the different parts of the ICT therefore o have developed the sense of argument regarding the ethics and codes of behaviour.

Understanding of the work practices and values in the Australian workplace

            In terms of Australian workplace, the employees need to be very much aware regarding their duties and need to make a clear process of communication with their peers. I have understood this aspect after going through this unit.

Usage of ICT in order to improve the organisations performance

            The social media platform can be considered as a tool that the organisations can use in order to improve their communication process both internal and external. The emergence of ICT in different sectors make y understood this fact properly. 

Application of the emerging technologies that can enhance the communication

            The organisations can use the different type of marketing concepts through the ICT. The attractive nature of the advertisements can make the proper communication with the customers of an organisation.

Part B: Feedback

          When it comes to the two different things that I liked most in this unit, the first thing I should say that the introduction of the social media platform in our studies. As a part of young generation, we are very much attracted towards the social media and when it is associated with our studies, it makes it more attractive. Another thing that I have liked in this unit, it makes us able to communicate with the person who is unknown to me and generate a proper relation with that person.

            On the other hand, the unit can make some sort of improvements regarding the demonstration of the different tools that can be used for the communication purpose. Along with that, the unit may also take out the importance of the ICT in different sectors such as the education along with the health care.