Professional Skills In The Field Of Human Resource Management

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Question :

Task 1:

Professional skills in HR industry:

  1. Analysis of a company
  2. Professional skills for 2-3 roles

Task 2:

Professional skills

  1. Identification of three opportunities
  2. Evaluation of the opportunities
  3. Ways to maximize the opportunities

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Task 1

Professional skills in HR industry

It is important for a graduate in HR to have particular skills in accordance with his or her employment opportunity. The employer in this particular industry seeks several skillsin a competent employee of the organizations. It is important for a graduate of this field to have ability to analyze several aspects of a company and also needs to have the capability to employ or recruit necessary people in the organization. 

Analysis of a company

Introduction and overview of the company

In any organization or corporation, the department of human resource majorly deals with the manpower of the production system. Therefore, it manages all aspects which are associated with personnel that includes recruiting employees, training and career development, overseeing the compensation packages along with that managing the benefits plan and other areas that are instrumental in better productivity of the company.

Human resources professionals are generally employed into one or two areas such as large or moderate sized companies in any industry and personnel consulting firms as well. In this study in order to understand, the effectiveness of the HR professionals Adecco Employment Services has been selected for the company analysis.


Adecco is considered to be one of the largest recruitment agencies of the world. it has effectively employed a number of skillful employees to the companies that operate globally. This company primarily started by providing the offices with temporary employment services and gradually developed with its increasing popularity over the world.


Service type

Adecco is a public employer that has served more than 100,000 clients from more than 5,500 offices worldwide. It primarily provides with temporary staff services and also offers permanent employee placements (, 2017). Their service includes project assistance, outsourcing and other human resource related services.

The moot area of concern of this service agency is to provide the companies with core industrial and office staffing services. The professional lines that Adecco maintains are:

  • Engineering and technical
  • Finance and legal
  • Medical and scientific
  • Sales 
  • Marketing 
  • Events 

Operation system

It has a public operation system that directly serves the companies or the offices with efficient employees and significantly provides both temporary and permanent employees. It has developed through mergers and acquisitions.

This company has several branches and each of the branch is consisted of a branch manager and a manager of client. Along with that it also operates its management through the client program manager who is responsible for keeping record of the clients and the employees that they suppy to most of the offices (, 2017). 

Market analysis of the company

The chief or the main branch of the company operates from Melville, New York and it has a huge market in the HR industry all over the world. it is a significant fact that the company has effectively supplies several companies from all over the world with necessary employees. The market of their services has grown gradually.

It is an important fact that worth to be mentioned that there are several other agencies that also provides recruitment and employment services (, 2017). The competitive advantage of this particular company lies in the fact that they offer both temporary and permanent recruitment services to the offices and henceforth the offices that require temporary services along with the companies seeking for permanent recruits trust this company with their services.

As it provides recruitment for several professional lines the client base of this company is huge and has helped in the significant growth of their services all over the world. 

Professional skills for 2-3 roles 

Technological advancement has replaced the conventional operational methods of a company with new techniques and it has changed the roles of the HR as well (Kooij et al, 2013). Human resource manager plays multiple roles in an organization and it is true that the function of Human resource has undergone significant changes in the recent years.

HR managers used to be restricted to handling basic data work and routine record keeping. The situation has changed and the HR managers are exposed to evolving nature of the diverse workforce complexities, the legal obligations, organizational goals and strategic management.

Recruitment and training are the primary roles that are played by the HR manager. These two roles require certain professional skills. The skills can be summed up as following:


In order to offer effective recruitment service to any organization it is important for a HR manager to have certain skills and they are:

  • An HR manager requires to be responsible and one of the major responsibilities of the Hr manger is to recruit right people in the organization.
  • It is important for an HR manger to have the proper recruitment skill which include ability to judge a required candidate and selecting a right candidate for a particular job role.
  • Another important factor is to ability to explain the recruits with the delegated job roles and also choose certain employees from the aspirants who can perform that particular role effectively. 
  • The employer branding aspects have become significant as it owes to the new age media and awareness of the employee right (Oladapo, 2014). Therefore the HR manager needs to be appealing enough and competent enough to attract talented employees for any organization.
  • Communication skills are one of the moot criteria for operational success of the HR manager. In order to recruit and select efficient and necessary employees it is important for the HR manager to communicate with the applicants effectively in order to understand their capabilities.
  • An Hr manager needs to have tactical knowledge in regards to the complex situational handling. As the HR manger directly deals with the employees of the organization it is important for the Hr manger to have skills to communicate and handle issues that are faced by the employees.
  • An Hr manger needs to have sound knowledge of the legislation that are related to the rights of the employees and the business policies of the organization.
  • A HR manger needs to be confident and convincing in order to find relevant recruits for the organization.

Training and development

Training and development is another area of concern for the HR manger. It is important for the employee manger to train the employees accordingly so that their employee skills can be developed to certain extend (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). Effective employee skills indicate organizational success and it is one of the major responsibilities of the HR manger to provide sound training for the skill development of the employees. In order to provide training for the employees the HR mangers needs to have the following skills:

  • An HR manger needs to have identification skills. It is necessary to identify the development needs of the employees. In order to provide effective training sessions to the employees it is important for the HR manager to identify the development needs of the employees.
  • After identification of the skills it is important to organize training sessions like proper grooming of the employees and arranging seminars and presentations for the employees in order to make them understand the organizational work pattern.

Along with the above-mentioned skills it is important for an HR manager to be motivational and assist the employees effectively so that they can work accordingly (Stone and Deadrick, 2015). It is important for an HR to have the ability to assess the training program and grading the employees accordingly and it plays a major role in the employee retention of an organization.

Task 2

Professional skills

The professional skills that are required for an effective HR manger can be identified by a SWOT analysis commenced on oneself. It effectively identifies the development needs of an individual which can be further developed by a professional development plan based on the identified development needs of that particular individual. A graduate in the HR industry has several opportunities that can be availed by a student of this field.

Identification of three opportunities

A graduate in HR management can avail several job opportunities regarding the HR operational works of a company (Renwick et al, 2013). The three opportunities that can be availed by a graduate in the Human Resource management are:

  1. Get jobs that are directly related to the graduate degree of this  field.
  2. Get employed in business and financial sector
  3. Further study for higher employment opportunities 

Evaluation of the opportunities

The three opportunities that are identified have their own significance in the professional development of the HR graduate.

Job options

The job options with an HR bachelor degree are vast and diverse. The first option is to get directly involved in jobs related to the HR degree that are human resource officer, office manager, training and development officer and occupational psychologist (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).

Other than these jobs there are also several other occupations that can be availed because of the degree and these are business adviser, career adviser, data scientist, higher education lecturer, management consultant, recruitment consultant, operational researcher, risk manager, sales executive and Trade union research officer.

Ways to maximize the opportunities 

It is possible to increase the opportunities and maximize the opportunities significantly. Many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject but work experience always maximize the opportunities of recruitment. Development of interpersonal skills can maximize the job opportunities related to the HR management. Another important factor is to do internships in order to increase recruitment opportunities. Further study is another way to avail better recruitment opportunities. It develops the knowledge and understanding of the HR management, which helps in facilitating the professional success.