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What is Programming Language?

Formal language designed to communicate instruction to a computer. A programming language is a language used to write computer programs. For examples: C++, Basic, assembly etc. 

Programming and Scripting Language Difference: Programming Language Assignment Help

Scripting Language
Programming Language
It is type of programming language.
Artificial   language that can be used to control the behavior of a machine, particularly   a computer.

Programming language that controls a   software application.
Must be compiled into executable code before it can run. The source   code cannot be run directly.

Types of Languages: Programming Language Assignment Help

Programming language is three types i.e.

1) Machine Language: A simple definition of machine language is that it is a low-level programming language written in a binary code that a computer can understand it. 

For example: Binary codes


2). Assembly Language:Assembler is a collection of low level programming languages. One to one correspondence with the machine instructions. set of symbols and letters.

3). High Level Language: It is machine independent language. A high-level language is a programming language that uses English and mathematical symbols, like +, -, % etc.

C# Language: Programming Assignment Help

  1. Component Oriented: native support for(namespaces, versioning, attributes driven development)

  2. Structured Language
  3. General Purpose Programming Language
  4. Efficient Programs
  5. Part of Dot Net Framework
  6. Object Oriented
  7. Easy to Learn
  8. Multithreading

OOP (Object Oriented Programming Language): Programming Assignment Help

  1. Classes

  2. Data Abstraction

  3. Encapsulation
  4. Information Hiding
  5. Inheritance
  6. Polymorphism

C Language: Programming Assignment Help

  1. Portable: just needs a system with a C compiler
  2. Structured: Pascal, Ada, C++, C, java
  3. Rich Library: provides a lot of inbuild functions
  4. Simple: rich set of library functions, data types etc
  5. Memory Management: dynamic memory allocation
  6. Fast: low level expressions and operators=>efficient and fast programs
  7. Pointers: use pointers for  memory, structures, functions, array etc
  8. Recursion: call the function within the function
  9. Mid-level: low level programming

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