PROJ6009 Business Process Management And Systems: Assessment 2 Answer

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Subject Code and Title
PROJ6009 Business Process Management and Systems
Assessment 2: Business Process Improvement Reflection (2 parts)
  • Part A: Presentation: Comments on Best Practice of BPI Case study
  • Part B: Reflection Report: Best Practice of BPI case study (Incorporating the feedback from the cohort)

Individual and/or Group for both Online and Face-to-Face delivery
Words limits
Part A: 8-10 minutes (Group presentation)
Part B: 1000 words (Individual reflection report)

Learning Outcomes
  1. Critically analyse the role of management information systems in sustaining successful organisations.
  2. Critically evaluate approaches to business process management and systems, their associated risks and implementation processes.
  3. Establish and justify governance processes for business process management change to ensure that all stakeholders are considered in technology change decisions


This assessment is to evaluate students’ critical thinking and analytical skills, as well as public speaking and personal reflection. The assessment requests students to deliver a presentation in class or via a teleconference, and provide a commentary on a selected Business Process Improvement (BPI) case study. Feedback from the cohort must be collected, analysed and incorporated in the  personal reflection report, which is the second part of the assessment.


In this assessment, the students will begin with reading a selective case study of Business Process Improvement practice, which is issued during Module 3 study. This assessment contains TWO parts.  To prepare for this assessment:

Part A: Presentation: Comments on Best Practice of BPI Case study

  • Review Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4;
  • In a team of 4 people, intensively read the case study and conduct extra research when necessary;
  • Coordinate with team members to design, prepare and rehearse the presentation;


  • Maximum 10 slides (Excluding references and appendices), 8 -10 mins presentation delivered in class;
  • Online presentations could be delivered via teleconference (Zoom or Skype); Upload on the Youtube as an unlisted video is an option with lecturer’s consultation and permission;
  • Critical analysis and evaluation on the BPI practice of the case study;
  • All team members should be presenting and sharing the workload equally;
  • Actively listen and provide feedback on other teams’ presentation.
  • Marks criteria and feedback form will be used to assess the presentation.

Part B: Business Process Improvement Report

  • Review All modules;
  • Familiarise with reflection report writing style.

In continuum of Part A, students are required to compile a personal reflection report. The report should incorporate the feedback from cohort on Part A presentation, and personal learning journey through this subject.


The BPI Reflection report should cover:

  • Brief description of the case study and comments from Part A;
  • Review and Analysis on the feedback from the cohort;
  • Individual learning journey through the subject. Can follow “Before, During, After” or “What, So What, Now What” format;
  • Other personal thinking and feeling.
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