PROJ6016 Project Management Capstone C: Assessment 5 Final Report Answer

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Subject Code and TitlePROJ6016 Project Management Capstone C
AssessmentFive – Final Report
Length2000-3000 words
Learning Outcomes
  1. Chart a course for a substantial industry project
  2. Ensure the project bridges theory and practice
  3. Integrate technology into learning environment


In the course of this subject the student will be responsible for bridging theory and practice while undertaking a substantial body of work above and beyond their normal academic and/or employment duties. The culminating deliverable for this subject is this final assignment in which the student demonstrates how the ‘Project Management Capstone’ subject has allowed them to integrate knowledge gained from previous study into their capstone project.


Students will use their fortnightly logs as a starting point to drive the development of a final report. The objective of the report is to detail the specific theories and frameworks from their previous studies that were tested and validated in undertaking the project. Students will also document their lessons learned and how the capstone project experience benefits them professionally. Students should produce a professional report including an executive summary, introduction and conclusion and be prepared to cite several academic references.

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